Counting down the days

Well, we’ve been checking the weather and things are looking positive for my launch on Thursday (Sept 28).

We are drawing up final plans and if all goes well I will be going up into space at 6pm.

I’m a little nervous about it all but I am also very, very excited.

This time round I have better equipment and more experience so I am sure my next adventure will have even better results.

Phil Jones, Head Geek at Pool Academy, has told me there could be lots of children coming along to wave me good bye. It would be so wonderful to have a big crowd to see me off.

I hope you all can come.

Thank you to everyone who entered my competition. Just reading all those entries gives me hope that I will be in safe hands.

I look forward to meeting the winners Miss Meakin picked too.

See you soon.

Buzz the Bear taking it easy in the grounds of Pool Academy before Thursday's launch

Buzz the Bear taking it easy in the grounds of Pool Academy before Thursday's launch

Things are revving up for my launch next week….

Buzz in pocket.jpg

The competition winners have been selected (although I’m keeping names under my hat for now) and all winners will be given a stunning Certificate of Excellence.

The winning engineers will be invited to Pool Academy on Wednesday from 10am until 2pm and the winning presenters will also be invited in at the same time to record their reports.

T-shirt designers and reporters will also be invited to the school on Thursday for some activities.

All winners are welcome to come to our school from 3.30pm on September 28th in time for the final countdown before I fly up and away.

It’s a tough job…

Well, this afternoon I have been looking through all the competition entries and they are amazing!

Buzz sifting through all the competition entries.

Buzz sifting through all the competition entries.

There were hundreds and I have looked at every single one.

I have seen so many great ideas from you guys. Some included putting planets and rocket ships on my t-shirt. The engineering check lists were fab and they had items such as a tracker, rope and a spare set of clothes.

Principal Miss Meakin and Head Geek Phil helping me look through all the competition entries.

Principal Miss Meakin and Head Geek Phil helping me look through all the competition entries.

I also think Cornwall is the place to be if you are a budding reporter or presenter. There is so much talent here.

Well, I now feel safe in the knowledge that I am going to have an excellent team behind me during my next mission.

Pool Academy’s Principal Claire Meakin will now be contacting the primary schools to let them know who the winners are.

I hope to see you all come and support me at my launch on September 28th. It would be lovely to see a big crowd as I wave goodbye to planet earth to go on my mission.

I wonder where I will land this time….?

Thank you everyone!

Wow. What a lot of wonderful entries to my competition.

For the last couple of weeks I have been searching for people to help me with my next space mission on September 28th.

I have been asking children to send me ideas on how to design my t-shirt, to show me their reporting skills and their engineering talents so I can select my new team of helpers.

I have been amazed by the amount of entries that have been sent in. They are such a high standard that I am going to find it really hard to choose the winners.

I am planning to look through all entries this afternoon so watch this space to see if you are the lucky winners……



Exciting trip to Pencoys School.

What a brilliant way to end the week!

Mrs Hutchinson, Headteacher at Pencoys, invited me to lead the whole school assembly this afternoon.



I was a bit nervous that there would be so many children but they were super lovely to me.  I loved hearing them sing their school song and I hope I can visit again soon so I can learn the words and sing along too.

Phil told all the children about my last adventure and said he was really hoping that they would enter the competition and be part of my next launch team.


There were lots and lots of questions at the end of the assembly.  One student asked whether Phil could find me a jetpack.  I think that’s a great idea although I will need lots of training to make sure I’m safe using it – maybe I need to save that for the next mission.

Mrs Hutchinson said she really hoped lots of children entered the competition.  She is really proud of all Pencoys students and knows they would be a great addition to my launch team.  She wished all of them lots of luck.

My visit to Portreath Primary School


It was bright and sunny this afternoon when I arrived at Portreath Community Primary School.

This was the last school assembly I was scheduled to visit to promote my fab competition. I need to find a designer, reporter, presenter and engineer  to help me launch back into space on September 28th.

Selfie with a frog...had to be done...

Selfie with a frog...had to be done...

On my way into the school I saw a lovely stone statue of a frog which I just had to get a selfie with before I went inside.

Once inside I met the Head teacher Mrs Pamplin and she showed me the beautiful Kindness Tree on the wall in the hall.

The beautiful Kindness tree

The beautiful Kindness tree

All the children recognised me as soon as I came in through the door. It was brilliant they remembered me. I last visited them in June when we showed the video of my space adventure.

Miss Meakin told everyone that Phil, who talked to the pupils about me, liked to be called Head Geek. This caused some laughter.

She also said that Portreath was the fifth school we had visited this week!

She hoped they would all be able to enter the competition in time because the deadline, September 19th, seems to be getting closer and closer.

It was also revealed this afternoon that whoever wins the presenter section of the competition will follow my journey in the minibus and collect me from where I land. It’ll be nice to have a friendly face to take me home.

More than half the pupils in the assembly put their hands up to say they wanted to take part in our competition which made me happy.

Pupils at Portreath Community Primary School listening to Phil, Head Geek, about Buzz

Pupils at Portreath Community Primary School listening to Phil, Head Geek, about Buzz

I can’t wait to see all the brilliant ideas everyone has for my next mission.

Mrs Pamplin, Portreath Primary School head teacher said: “Portreath Primary School can’t wait to take part in this exciting competition.”

Mrs Pamplin, Head Teacher, said the children were excited to hear about Buzz and his competition.

Mrs Pamplin, Head Teacher, said the children were excited to hear about Buzz and his competition.

Rosemellin Primary School visit.

This morning I visited Rosemellin Primary School.


It was exciting to meet Mrs Finn in her new school. We had a chat as we waited outside the assembly hall.

Mrs Finn with Buzz at Rosemellin Primary School

Mrs Finn with Buzz at Rosemellin Primary School

I looked through the glass windows and saw children singing ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands’. It sounded very good.

I was having a quick peek at the trophy cabinet when I met Mr Rice who asked if he was allowed to go into space with me. Unfortunately, I think he is probably a bit too tall to fit in my spaceship.


We watched as the next classes all filed into the assembly hall before Phil spoke to them about my space mission and the competition.

He also brought a 360 camera with him to show the children. This is a new piece of equipment I will be taking into space with me.  It will take videos and photographs and will show all you lot back on the ground what I will be seeing when I am in the air.

The children seemed excited about taking part in the competition and some wanted to get started straight away.

Ellie and Senara, from Year 6, said they might work together to make a new logo which could end up on my t-shirt.

Ellie said: “It was exciting to see Buzz and we want to do the designing competition.”

Ellie and Senara with Buzz

Ellie and Senara with Buzz

Senara said: “I really want to design Buzz’s t-shirt. It would be cool to see our design on the t-shirt.

Mr Rice told the pupils: “I want to see the launch. I need some of you guys to win the competition so I can get a minibus and take you. I want to be there so I need you guys to enter.”

He told me afterwards he was looking forward to dropping off lots of entries from pupils when he comes to visit Pool Academy on Monday to see our 3D printer.

Mr Rice was excited to see Buzz

Mr Rice was excited to see Buzz

Competition entries are coming in

This is brilliant! We have had our first competition entries come in from Roskear Primary School and Illogan Primary School.

Thank you so much. I can’t wait to start looking at them – and all the others due to come in.

You guys are coming up with so many great ideas that I am buzzing. I wish everyone who enters good luck!

Don’t forget to email entries to before 12pm on September 19th.

Visiting Roskear School


I have had a very interesting few days. Instead of helping Pool Academy’s IT support team I have been going on tour around local primary schools.

Today I was whisked off to Roskear Primary School because Mr Riches had invited me to speak to Year 5 who are learning about space. It was my first time visiting the school and it was wonderful to meet so many children there.


They loved hearing about my space adventures and watching me flying thousands of metres into the sky on a big screen during their lesson.

I could see so many of them were excited about taking part in my competition.
Miss Meakin, our Principal, said we needed as many children as possible to enter the competition. 
She said she was searching to find someone to design me a new t-shirt to wear on the next space launch. If not I may have to go to space naked!! Oh dear, I really hope not because the higher you fly into space the colder it gets. I was very grateful for my warm t-shirt last time I went up.

Luckily Mr Walsh, headteacher at Roskear Primary School, said: “Buzz's adventures are so exciting. We are looking forward to entering the competition and can't wait to see him launch on the 28th!"

Tomorrow I will be visiting Rosemellin Primary School and Portreath Primary School. So maybe I’ll see you there….


My visit to Illogan Primary School




I was given a lovely welcome from the children at Illogan Primary School today.

I arrived a little early for their assembly so was able to spend some time browsing their books.

Before I knew it the pupils were all filing into assembly so quietly. 


Our Principal Claire Meakin said hello to the children and then Phil, who was one of the people running my Project Infinity space mission, introduced me.

He showed them all a film of my journey.

It was fun to see their faces light up with excitement as they watched me lift off the ground. They all laughed with amazement as they saw me flying over roads and fields. I even heard one little boy whisper: “That is awesome.”

Yes, he was right, it was.

Another child wondered if I felt sick when the helium balloon popped and sent me spiralling to the ground.

Miss Meakin told the Illogan Primary School pupils all about our competition.

She said Phil only had two weeks to get me back up into space and so we needed all the help we could get.

She told them: “Buzz is not going to be able to go back into space without your help.”

Well, that’s made me a little worried so please children, please enter the competition today…

Ros Powers, acting head at Illogan Primary School, said: "I think the competition is going to be excellent. The children are very excited and we are looking forward to being part of it."


My visit to Treloweth Primary School


It was lovely to meet all the pupils at Treloweth Primary School this afternoon.  

Treloweth is the first school I’ve visited this week to promote my brand new competition.

I need to find some talented children to help me on my second mission to space. I want girls and boys from across the community to enter the competition so I can pick the most creative and skilled youngsters out there.

I am looking for an engineer, a designer, a reporter and a presenter to help make my second launch, on September 28, amazing.

Mr Callaway met me when I arrived at Treloweth just in time for assembly. While I waited to be introduced I said a quick hello to fish swimming in their tank outside the school hall.


Then we went into to meet all the children. Miss Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, and Mr Jones, told them all about my last space adventures.

It was lovely to be passed around all the pupils and get to meet them.

I really hope they are thinking about how they are going to win the competition.

Mr Callaway told me that he was super excited about the competition. He thinks that his pupils are going to beat all the other schools and win all the top prizes.

We will have to wait and see…

Mr Callaway said: “After hearing of Buzz the Bear’s adventure last year, Treloweth were excited to learn about his next planned mission into Space. This is an exciting opportunity for our children to become engineers, designers, reporters and presenters for this wonderful project and we look forward to getting our entries to Miss Meakin.”

Tomorrow I will be  visiting  Illogan Primary School so watch this space….

Buzz xx


Let me introduce myself...


My name is Buzz. I’m the first bear from Pool Academy to travel up to the edge of space.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I heard I had been chosen to be part of Project Infinity.

buzz@joseph1 (1).JPG

On May 12 I was strapped onto a helium balloon and launched 20 miles up into the air. My mission was to take photographs and video footage of earth from space and I managed to get some great shots.

It was such an amazing feeling floating all the way up there. It was cold and very high and I did feel a little bit nervous.

But then the balloon carrying me popped and I spiralled back down to the ground. My whole life flashed before my eyes!

When I crashed into the sea near Bude I thought I was done for. I floated around on the waves in the cold Cornish sea.

Eventually I was washed to shore and a kind lady rescued me and brought me home to Pool Academy.

I thought that was the end of my adventures and I was so pleased to be back home in the warm.

But it wasn’t the end. In fact, it was only the beginning…

It turns out my adventure into space was actually quite exciting for everyone and I was being talked about on the radio, on BBC and ITV!

I was also invited to make celebrity appearances. Who would have guessed a little bear like me, who lives under a computer screen in the IT Support office, would become such a star?

Well after a little rest I am now raring to go and I can’t wait to get out and about again.

Read my blog to see what adventures I get up to next.


Buzz xx