CEW 2019

We would like to present the activities information for Curriculum Enrichment Week 2019.

The week is about learning outside of normal lessons where students can join activities that they have a real interest in or select an activity that they may never had the opportunity to do before.

It is a fantastic week where students get to learn, build confidence, make new friends and have fun. We have tried to offer a broad range of activities and this year, students can choose to do one activity all week as usual or alternatively select different activities to do throughout the week.

Activity Prices
There are a range of activities this year providing an opportunity for all to participate:
£5 - £50 To be paid for in full when place is confirmed on the activity
£50 - £100 Non-refundable deposit of £10 needed once place confirmed on activity, then instalments by pre-defined dates
£100 + Non-refundable deposit is needed once place confirmed on activity, then instalments by pre-defined dates.
Please confirm the deposit amount with the activity leader.
All activities will need to be paid in full by 1st June 2019

Choosing the Activity:

The list of activities is available here

Please go through the information together with your child and choose which activities they would like to participate in.

The form is now closed

Please enter your choices on the Google form here
You will need to sign in with your child’s school Google account to access the form.
This will be the same information they use to login to Gmail or Google Classroom.

Should a pupil not have an iPad or access to IT then computers will be made available to them during registration times.

Pupils should choose:

EITHER SECTION 1 Choose one activity from this section to attend all week.

OR SECTION 2 Choose from the range of activities in this section which would give one activity per day (the same activity can be repeated on a different day if numbers and availability allow)