Geography is about the World we all live in. It explores the interactions between people, the planet on which they live and the natural forces that shape the Earth.

It allows pupils to discover how they are able to influence these systems and encourages the development of environmental responsibility.

Pupils learn and use a range of geographical skills, which enable them to appreciate the patterns around them. Mapwork, fieldwork, investigations, data collection and presentation are linked to a study of the local environment, its physical, economic and historical development. This allows pupils to develop a greater understanding of their area as one part of the “Global Village”.

The GCSE course has four main components, each component is worth 25% of the final grade:

Unit 1—Geographical Skills and Challenges
Unit 2—The Natural Environment
Unit 3 The Human Environment
Unit 4 Investigating Geography

The course is a new and exciting syllabus with fieldwork being an integral part. The amazing part of the world in which we live affords us fantastic opportunities for fieldwork visits throughout the course,

Miss A Sparrow

Head of Geography


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