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The school's governing body over sees the entire school through regular board meetings, smaller specialist committees and individual visits. They support the aims and objectives of the school and promote the interests of the school and it's pupils through out the local community.

A good governor has many skills and qualities including:

•    An ability to respect confidentiality. 
•    An interest in education. 
•    Communication skills. 
•    An ability to absorb information. 
•    Tact and diplomacy. 
•    An ability to work as part of a team. 
•    A willingness to give your time. 
•    A commitment to equal opportunities. 
•    An open mind.

Governors are expected to:

•    Support the aims and objectives of the school and promote the interests of the school and its pupils within the local community.
•    Attend meetings of the governing body and its committees.  The Full Governing body generally meets once a term and its committees meet once a term.   Usually a governor belongs to one committee.
•    Attend the school on a regular basis through a planned programme of visits.
•    Recognise that you and the governing body are accountable for your actions.
•    Act as a member of the governing body and not as an individual with personal interests.
•    Keep informed about developments within the school.
•    Attend training to increase your knowledge, skills and ability to deliver your duties and responsibilities.

The term of office for being a governor is 4 years. 

The school governors are made up of a wide selection of people with an interest in the school- from parents and staff,to local FE colleges and business leaders. You find out more about them on the governor biography page here. You can contact them through the chair of governors contact details below:


Mr C Bramley

Chair of Governors