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At Pool Academy, students experience PSHE Collapsed Curriculum days, where the timetable is dedicated to Personal, Social, Health and Economic education for a whole day. Opportunities are also provided through weekly tutor-led discussions, assemblies, National Curriculum subjects and one-off projects that enrich each pupils’ understanding of their personal and economic wellbeing today and for the future.


The PSHE Curriculum is delivered by both form tutors and external agencies. The course is designed to help pupils to deal with the difficult moral, social and health related issues that arise in their lives and in society.


Key Stage 3 and 4 cover all statutory and many non-statutory aspects of PSHE Education allowing for a broad and balanced curriculum that is suited to each year group. Topics covered range from E-Safety, Careers, Crime, Sex and Relationship Education and Diversity to Drugs Education and Healthy Lifestyles. The emphasis is on active learning throughout with enterprise tasks, work experience placements and pupil-led initiatives allowing for hands-on experiences. PSHE helps to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding pupils need for the future to live, confident, healthy, independent lives as individuals, parents, workers and members of society.



We've had great success with using yoga during our PSHE days.

Yoga improves physical fitness, health and emotional wellbeing.

Improves levels of flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.

Fully inclusive and non-competitive, all pupils can enjoy and see personal progress.

Emotionally balancing, improves concentration and behaviour.

Builds self-esteem, confidence and self-awareness.

Strengthens the back and core to facilitate sitting, which leads to enhanced breathing and increased learning capacity.

Find our more here: www.helenclareyoga.com/yoga-in-education-project/secondary-schools/ 



PSHE Day November 22nd
On November the 22nd pupils will be exploring different themes to promote their Personal, Social Health and Economic Wellbeing. The topics that pupils have been looking at in their PSHE lessons will be put into action with the help of several external guests.

Year 7 will be working with the Red Cross to create artworks that will share their anti-bullying messages across the school. The company ABC Anti Bullying will explore the subject of imagery and the internet with tutors leading Peer Pressure and E-Safety workshops.

Personal Safety

Year 8 will be attending a drama production that provokes Personal Safety questions. They will be working with local fire-fighters and learning basic first aid skills.

Choices and Consequences

Year 9 will explore Internet Safety, Self Esteem, Relationships and Sex Education as well as attending a workshop assembly from the NHS Company Brook.

Year 10 will explore the complex dilemmas surrounding pornography, personal relationships and Sexting with the Brook Bitsize programme complimenting lessons led by tutors. Drugs and alcohol education will be included on the day as well as a series of Yoga sessions to help pupils consider ways of dealing with stress.


Year 11 will be keeping their options open for the future! Inspirational speaker Alan Jones will be talking to pupils about their motivation for personal goals and ambitions, pupils will complete their CVs and attended workshops on financial capability. There will also be a chance for all pupils to try out different career skills with over 10 employers running 'Have a Go' workshops. The Local employers will give pupils the a taster session allowing them to try out work-based skills. Year 11s will be able to find out about careers and the pathways to a dream job, including further education and apprenticeships.


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PSHE Important Dates 

July 8th 2014



Scheme of Learning- PSHE

Year 7

Autumn Term

Friendships and Relationships

Spring Term

Charity Enterprise

Summer Term

Healthy Relationships with CLEAR
( clearsupport.net )
Legal and Illegal Drugs

Year 8

Autumn Term

Law and Order
Options (Making choices about the future)

Spring Term

SAS Enterprise
Healthy Relationships with CLEAR
( clearsupport.net )

Summer Term

RNLI staying Safe
Drugs and Alcohol

Year 9

Autumn Term

Age and the Law (Discussing Crime)
Self Esteem

Spring Term

Stop Stigma Mental Health Awareness

Summer Term

Healthy Relationships with CLEAR

( clearsupport.net )
Attitudes to Risk (Drugs and Alcohol)

Year 10

Autumn Term

Choices and Consequences (Relationships and Sex Education)

Spring Term

Self Esteem

Summer Term

Work Experience
Healthy Relationships with CLEAR

( clearsupport.net )

Year 11

Autumn Term

Preparing for the Future
( Cvs, mock, interview day, careers education )

Spring Term

Next Steps
( Finances , exams, stress busters, revision techniques timetables )


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