Pool Academy

Academy Information

Please find below details of the trust company that is responsible for the Academy:


Governing Body:


Mr F W Baker (appointed 4 April 2011)
Mrs J Gill (appointed 10 February 2011)
Mrs Z Hill, Principal (appointed 10 February 2011)
Mr R Humphreys., Responsible Officer (appointed 10 February 2011)
Mr P Jones (appointed 4 April 2011)
Mr N Lake (appointed 4 April 2011)
Mr M Moyle, Chair of Governors (appointed 10 February 2011)
Mr N Hamblin (appointed 28th March 2013)
Mrs G Tonkin (appointed 28th March 2013)
Mrs M J Thomas (appointed 4 April 2011)
Mrs S York (appointed 1 October 2013)


A statement of accounts can be downloaded here (pdf)

The articles of association can be downloaded here (pdf)

The funding agreement can be downloaded here (pdf)