Pool Academy

What's Outstanding about Pool Academy

Some of our students receiving awards


Pool Academy is a small, close-knit learning community, where each individual is valued and encouraged; we have worked hard to earn a reputation for building strong relationships.

This was highlighted in our recent Ofsted inspection, which rated us as “outstanding” and this puts us in the same category as the very best schools nationally. It is a pleasure to see that so many of our core values have been recognised as contributing to our current success.

I believe that any successful school is built upon 5 main foundations. These are Teaching & Learning, Behaviour for Learning, Safety of our children, Links with the parents & carers, Links with the community.

Regarding learning, our Ofsted report said “lessons have pace and challenge, tasks are accessible and engage students who in turn can articulate ideas fluently and with confidence”. They judged our students’ progress “outstanding”. The report also judged our teaching here as outstanding, and said “teachers have excellent subject knowledge and are well versed in what makes an outstanding lesson”.

Work Experience

Behaviour for learning was also judged outstanding. The inspectors said “behaviour in lessons is a key factor in the students learning. They are attentive and excel in debate and group activities. Newcomers to the college, both staff and students, commented about the friendliness and openness of the students”

The Ofsted report was also very glowing about our commitment to safeguarding children, saying “The procedures to ensure students safety are exemplary, records are meticulous and all current safeguarding requirements are met and in many instances exceeded".

With regard to engaging with parents & carers, we also received a grading of outstanding and the report said that from the point of view of parents “the large majority agree that their children enjoy coming to college and the vast majority believe that their children are kept safe!”

Our community work was also praised: “there is a total commitment to community cohesion and a rigorous analysis of the college catchment area”... this means that “the resulting action plan is inclusive of all groups of students and residents in the vicinity” 

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