Pool Academy chosen for worldwide research project

Pool Academy has been chosen to be included in a worldwide research project about how maths is taught to students.

The project is called the Teaching And Learning International Survey (TALIS) and is run by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED).

The group will be carrying out its research around the world on how Maths and Algebra is taught in different countries.

Only a few schools in each country have been selected and Pool Academy is one of them.

A spokesperson for the school said it had been selected because it is ‘continuously developing in the maths teaching using new ideas’. They believe Pool Academy was chosen because they were a good example in the UK.

The research team will be coming into school and videoing some of the Year 10 lessons where algebra is being taught as well as conducting some post-survey visits.

Alastair James, Head of Maths, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for us as a school to demonstrate the quality and dedication of our teachers in the teaching of Mathematics and, in particular, algebra.

“It recognises the hard work and high standards that our teachers aspire to in delivering the very best to our students.

“We will be sharing our practice with the rest of the world and in turn be able to bring examples of good practice from other countries into our teaching to raise standards and attainment even higher.

“We are very honoured to have been selected and see it as a positive reflection on our ethos in striving to establish and maintain the highest standards of teaching for our community.”   

The research will be shown at a conference at a later date.

The (OECD) works to promote policies to improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world.

Young runner representing Cornwall praised

A Pool Academy student has been praised after a successful run in Devon representing Cornwall Schools.


Jemma, Year 7, travelled to Stover School, near Newton Abbot in Devon, recently to take part in the South West Schools Cross Country Championships. She was representing Cornwall Schools and was one of 70 athletes from across the region.

The race was 2,200 metres with a route that went through a field and a wood.

She came fifth out of the Cornish team of 10 and 49th overall.

Jemma took part in a race last month in Newquay in order to qualify for the SW Schools Cross Country Championships.

Dave Buzza, teacher at Pool Academy, said: “Jemma represented Cornwall Schools and finished an excellent 49th out of 70 athletes and 5th out of the Cornish team of 10, in very muddy conditions. 

“She ran very well.”

Jemma is a member of the Cornwall Athletics Club.

She said: “I like running. I have been running a long time. I have done a lot of races. I don’t know exactly how many because I have done it for years.

“My dad runs and I go out on runs with him.

“I would like to be an Olympic runner when I am older.

“My family were really proud of me taking part in the cross country championships.”

Students learn internet safety

Pool Academy created a special online quiz featuring school mascot Buzz the Bear to celebrate Safer Internet Day.

Students were urged to take part in a number of activities on February 6 aimed at raising awareness on how to stay safe whilst online.

School mascot Buzz the Bear got in on the action after he was included in a quiz which saw him going on some e-adventures. Questions in the quiz included; ‘Since his trip to space, Buzz has lots more followers. What’s a good idea for him to do?’, ‘Buzz is out with friends and they take a selfie. Before he uploads it, what should he check?’ and ‘Whilst on a website, Buzz stumbles on something that makes him nervous. What should he do?’.

Phil Jones, IT Manager at Pool Academy, said: “Being aware of internet safety is vitally important for everyone. Students use the internet for study and social reasons. They can spend a lot of time online so they need to be aware there is a good and bad side to it.

“A day like this is a fun way to get a serious message across and we are proud to be part of the global event.”

Safer Internet Day 2018 has been given the hash tag #StartsWithUs.  People across the globe took part in the event which used the slogan ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you’.


Pool Academy student praised for ‘improving the lives of villagers’ in Ecuador

A Pool Academy student has been praised for ‘improving the lives of villagers’ after returning from a trip to Ecuador and Galapagos.

Callum Thrussell, who left Pool Academy last year, travelled to South America over the summer holidays, in 2017, with the Camps International Group to help people.

Mr McKenzie and Mrs Neesham, Pool Academy teachers, presented with a certificate for the school from Camps International.

Mr McKenzie and Mrs Neesham, Pool Academy teachers, presented with a certificate for the school from Camps International.

This term Mrs Neesham and Mr McKenzie, Pool Academy teachers, were presented with a certificate for the school from Camps International in thanks to Callum's efforts in the expedition.

Callum was the only student from Pool Academy taking part in the project so joined a party from Truro. Together they helped by mixing cement, plastering and painting school facilities and joined in with environmental projects.

Callum raised a considerable sum of money by himself in order to finance the trip.

Mr McKenzie said: “We were presented with the certificate for Pool Academy in thanks to Callum’s involvement in the expedition which included voluntary project work to benefit the local communities visit.

“Camps International will now offer Year 9, 10 and 11 students a similar opportunity to Callum when its representatives take assemblies at Pool Academy in the week after February half term.”

Julie Lax, Schools Support Coordinator for Camps International group said students had ‘made a huge and lasting positive impact on the lives of many rural communities’.

She said: “Living in or close to the local communities has enabled students to really appreciate how tough daily life can be but at the same time how resilient and strong the human spirit is in order to overcome the adversities that life throws at us. 

“Not only have they worked hard at improving the lives of villagers they have been digging and planting indigenous saplings in order to redress the huge deforestation issue that is rampant in Ecuador.

“We hope they have learnt many lessons from this and will carry them in their hearts to pull out, dust down and use whenever they may need them in the future.

 “From the deepest core of everything Camps International stand for we would sincerely like to thank Pool Academy and its student for their incredible hard work, dedication, joyous spirits and a whole bunch of great laughs and mind-blowing memories.”

Plastic art to encourage recycling

Pool Academy students hope to transform unwanted plastic waste into art pieces to help bolster GCSE portfolios.

Kate Forster with a bag made using plastic fusion techniques.

Kate Forster with a bag made using plastic fusion techniques.

Kate Forster, from the Art department, is keen to get children interested in alternative ways of recycling with Plastic Fusion workshops.

The idea is to turn the household waste, such as carrier bags and fruit nets, into creatively designed book covers, wallets and more.

The technique will see students placing different shapes, made of different coloured plastics, between two sheets of grease proof paper. This is then ironed to make art pieces. The multi-coloured designs can be layered or used for screen printing.

Ms Forster said: “The plastic can be made into anything from iPod covers to phone covers and book covers.

“The GCSE students have got plastics as their theme for the exams.

“Plastic fusion is about recycling.  Using the plastic in this way is amazing and it can help teach students about recycling.

“It doesn’t really take that long to make either.”

Ms Forster hopes to run a workshops in half term holidays for the students. She is calling for people to donate their unwanted plastics to the school ready for the sessions.

She said: “Please could you collect plastic bags from shops and wrappers from around food like bread, baked beans - especially the outer wrappers of Heinz Baked Beans.”

It is hoped parents, students and the wider community would donate the plastic items in to the school’s main reception in time for the plastic fusion workshops.

Student praised for his skills at top Chef competition

Officials have been praising a budding chef from Pool Academy who took part in the Cornwall finals of a cooking competition.

Max at the competition

Max at the competition

Max Wilton, Year 10, took part in the Springboard’s FutureChef’s Chef of the Year 2018 competition recently.

During the Cornwall finals he was given just an hour and a half to create his course menu of scallops and a strawberry cheesecake tower at Rick Stein’s Cookery School.

Max came second and still has a chance to go to the next round if the first place student pulls out.

Officials from the competition have praised Max’s cooking abilities.

Gemma Edmonds, Head of South West for The Springboard Charity & Springboard UK Ltd, said: “Max has a huge enthusiasm for food and it came across in the dishes he created at both the Local and the Cornwall Final. 

“I was delighted to see the progress he had made and how he had developed his dishes for the Cornwall final at Rick Steins under the mentoring of Head Chef Paul from the Mullion Cove Hotel. 

“I do hope Max keeps cooking and I look forward to seeing him for FutureChef 2019.”

Paul Stephens, Head Chef at Mullion Cove, was a judge at the local finals and was so impressed with Max’s efforts he offered to mentor him before the Cornwall Finals.

Max jumped at the chance and spent two Sundays learning tips from Mr Stephens, who has previously worked at The Ritz and The Fat Duck in Bray.

Mr Stephens said: “Max impressed me with his enthusiasm and ability to learn and pick up what I was teaching him.

“If he carries on the way he is, and if he continues in a career in catering, I can see big things for his future.

“During the competition his seasoning and presentation were very good. He also learnt after the previous heat not to try to do so much. Instead of doing three ‘ok’ desserts he concentrated on one with more success.”

 Max said that it had really helped him to have a mentor and taking part in the competition was a great experience.

He said: “I would definitely recommend others to take part in the competition next year.

“I think I will enter more things like this in the future.”

MP grilled at Q and A session

MP George Eustice was grilled during a Q and A session when he visited Pool Academy to help launch flagship new awards for students.

The MP arrived at the school at 9am, on February 9, where he took part in a promotional video to mark the start of the Citizenship Awards program.


He then recorded a question and answer session with students before given a tour of the halls.
Questions fired at the MP from students included ‘At what age did you become interested in politics and how did you get into it?’, ‘Are the young people of Pool important to the Government of the UK and if so why?’ and ‘Can you remember your first political speech? Were you nervous?’.

Nick Hamblin, from Pool Academy, said the students enjoyed questioning the MP and found Mr Eustice’s responses informative. He said it was wonderful the MP was so interested in the school’s new Citizenship Awards programme and that he wanted to get involved.

Mr Hamblin said: “We are grateful to Mr Eustice coming to help us launch the Citizenship Awards which have been created to help prosper our students.

“The awards are for all our students in Years 7, 8 & 9. They can work up from Bronze, through Silver and up to Gold by completing a number of tasks. For example, to achieve the Bronze they must identify three things they can contribute towards Pool Academy during their school year. This could include representing the school in a sport, helping with assemblies, productions, members of the choir or helping with the open evening.”

Mr Hamblin said he acknowledged that many students were already make significant contributions both in and out of school. 

He said: “These Awards will ensure we celebrate existing activity and further encourage all of our students to make a contribution to school and community life, whist developing themselves.

 “We hope too, that they will go on making significant contributions to the school, the community and beyond as they further develop into young adults.”


Treasure hunt at Pool Academy heralded a great success

Pupils from Pencoys Primary School visited Pool Academy to take part in a mathematical treasure hunt.

Groups of children were seen hunting the hallways for clues. They were helped by members of Year 8 students. The teams raced around hoping to be the first to solve the riddles and complete the challenge.

Hattie Butt and Bethan Monk, from Year 8, wrote about their experience helping the primary school children.

They wrote: “Pencoys Primary School came to Pool Academy for a maths treasure hunt. They were put into groups with a Pool Academy Year 8 student.

“It was a competition to see who could compete the maths challenges the quickest. There were maths question hints all around the school and each answer lead to the next clue.

“We had a really great time as did the primary students.”

The students are returning to Pool Academy again frequently for the next few months to try a range of activities, from computing to PE and Science.


Budding chef impresses judges at top competition

A student from Pool Academy impressed judges recently after taking part in a top chef competition at Rick Stein’s Cookery School.

Max's dishes

Max's dishes

Max Wilton, Year 10, took part in the Cornwall finals of the Springboard’s FutureChef’s Chef of the Year 2018 competition last week.

Max in the kitchen after creating his menu

Max in the kitchen after creating his menu

Max was given an hour and a half to create his two course menu of scallops and a strawberry cheesecake tower.


He was in competition against six other finalists from across Cornwall in front of four judges. Max said he kept his cool and was awarded second place. This means he still has the chance to go to the finals, in London, if the Cornwall finals winner drops out.


Max said: “I am very happy with the results and the night went well.

“My parents were very proud of me.


“It was good to be in Rick Stein’s Cookery School kitchen. I had a plan and I worked to the plan. I was pretty relaxed.

“I didn’t do as well with the shortbread as I would have liked.

“We had to plate up the food for the judges to taste. I got to see them tasting my food but we had to keep our distance.

“The judges then went away and decided who would be the winner.

“I came second so it might not all be over yet. If someone pulls out, then I can go through to the finals. I just have to wait and see.

“It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend others to take part in the competition next year. I think I will enter more things like this in the future.”

Before the regional finals Max was mentored by Paul Stephens, Head Chef at Mullion Cove Hotel.

Sam Strana, teacher at Pool Academy, said: “Max did really well and came second. The competition was very tough.   He is now on standby for the south west regionals.”

Judges tasting the competitors creations.

Judges tasting the competitors creations.

The finals will be hosted by Westminster Kingsway College, in London, judged by industry and celebrity chefs. During the finals people will be asked to cook three portions each of a two course meal including a hot main course and a hot or

cold dessert.

Food to become art in latest competition

Students are being urged to turn their pancakes into artwork in the latest competition at Pool Academy.

Sam Strana, DT Food teacher, dreamt up the idea after seeing people showing off creative ways to make food on Youtube.

She has now joined forces with Art teacher Natalie Ellis to find the student who can come up with the most colourful and creative pancake art.

The competition is open to everyone in Year 7. They are urged to design their own piece of artwork that can be transformed into a pancake. They also have to be edible too.

Mrs Strana said this is the first time staff at Pool Academy have run the competition.

She said: “My daughter was watching some pancake art on Youtube and I thought it looked cool so I approached Mrs Ellis to see if we could do something.

“It is an exciting opportunity to combine Art with Food and we are hoping lots of students give it a go.  Any design will be considered.”

Mrs Ellis said the design can be anything you like but it can only use four colours.

She said: “I am really excited about the cooking competition and I hope every student in Year 7 gets involved and has a go at designing a pancake.

“I'm looking forward to seeing all the design entries but most of all seeing them being turned into pancakes to be eaten.”

All entries must be handed into the art department by Thursday February 8.

The top 10 winners will be invited to cook their designs on Monday February 19 at lunch time.

Pancake Poster.jpg

Bake sale to boost prom coffers

Pool Academy students will be putting on their aprons again to bake an array of sweet treats to help boost prom coffers.

They plan to cook up scores of cakes, brownies and muffins to sell in classrooms during school break and lunch time on Friday, February 9.

The last time they held the event cakes were sold for 20p or 50p each to teachers and children and £130 was raised.

The sale was organised to raise funds for a professional photographer and a photo booth at the prom.

Head Girl with some of the cakes on sale at the bake sale last term.

Head Girl with some of the cakes on sale at the bake sale last term.

Kirstie Conway-Baker, Geography teacher, said: “Prom planning is going great and we are going to be hosting another cake sale soon.”

It is hoped students will donate cakes for the next sale in a bid to raise even more money than last time.

This year the Year 11 prom will be held at Tregenna Castle Hotel, St Ives, on Thursday July 5.

Students will be given a three course meal and then there will be a disco.  The dress code for the evening is formal.  

A photo booth will be provided during the evening which will take unlimited photos.

Students are being offered a place on a bus which will travel to and from the prom.

The evening is organised each year for students to celebrate the end of school and say goodbye to friends and teachers.

Professional football coaches set to visit Pool Academy

Plymouth Argyle Roadshow is coming to Pool Academy to give children a day of football during half term.

The event will take place on February 12 and is open for those aged 5 to 15 years old.

It will take place from 10am until 3pm and will see professional Football Association coaches leading activities.

This is the first time the football club has come to the school and Pool Academy teacher, Mark Fuller, hopes this is the start of further links between the school and the football club.

He is excited about the event and said the day will see children learning football skills, techniques and take part in competitions and small sided games.

“We are really looking forward to the coaches coming,” Mr Fuller said. “It is going to be a great day to get the local community playing football.

“This is the first time Plymouth Argyle have arranged to come to the school.

“There will be fully qualified Football Association coaches teaching skills and there will be football matches too. It will be a full day of football for only £8.

“This is the first time we have managed to secure Plymouth Argyle to come to Pool Academy but we are looking at doing something a lot bigger with them.”

Anyone taking part will need to bring their kit, football boots, trainers, shin pads, packed lunch and plenty to drink.

People interested in taking part can  visit www.argylecommunitytrust.co.uk

Signed Plymouth Argyle football shirt donated to Pool Academy

Plymouth Argyle First team members have donated a signed football shirt for Pool Academy to display in memory of a former student.

Photograph Caption: Mark Fuller with the shirt to be displayed at Pool Academy.

Photograph Caption: Mark Fuller with the shirt to be displayed at Pool Academy.

Keen football player Callum Dunmore was a student at Pool Academy last year before starting a plumbing course at Cornwall College.                                                                                        

He passed away suddenly in 2017 after suffering from a fatal asthma attack.

Family, friends and Pool Academy staff held a football match in his memory followed by an auction of various donated items to raise money for the Treliske Care Unit and Asthma UK.

The main attraction of the auction was a Plymouth Argyle signed first team shirt which was eventually sold for more than £700.

Pool Academy staff were outbid so Plymouth Argyle kindly agreed to provide another signed shirt which will be displayed in the school in memory of Callum.

Mark Fuller, who coached Callum at Pool Academy and also at Plymouth Argyle’s Cornwall Centre of Excellence, said: “I would like to say a big thank you to Plymouth Argyle for being so kind to donate the shirt to the school.

“It is going to be displayed proudly in memory of Callum who played at the Centre of Excellence.”

Daniel Greenough, from Plymouth Argyle, said: “It was such sad news to learn of Callum’s passing and the club wanted to help raise as much money as possible to support the day.”

A significant amount of money was raised at the game and the proceeds will be shared between Asthma UK and Treliske Care Unit.

Students practice before national gaming competition kick off

Pool Academy students have been practising hard before the start of a national gaming competition.

Teams of three from across the school have been using their lunch times to up their game as they practice for the Esports Tournament run by The Digital Schoolhouse.


The students will be battling it out against each other using the computer game Overwatch.

Each team will go against each other and the winning team will be the one who doesn’t lose their lives in the virtual world.

The top team could then be taken to Bristol on March 12 to take part in the regional finals.

Tim Bareham, IT teacher, said: “The students are using their lunchtimes to get used to the controls. People have played the game before on PlayStation or X Box but we are using the school computers.

“The students have had a week and a half of practice.”

Mr Bareham believes the best way to win the games is good team work.


“The team that wins overall will be the team that plays best together,” he said.

The Esports tournament has been created to introduce students to careers education for the video games industry.

The tournament will be split into three heats. The first runs in schools until March 1. The second is the regional qualifiers in March and the third will be a Grand Final event during April 1-15 during London Games Festival. A presentation ceremony will be held in Trafalgar Square on April 5.


Students praised for ‘perfect’ behaviour at health event

Pool Academy students attending a health event were praised for behaving ‘perfectly’.

A group of 11 Year 10 children were selected to visit an event last week to learn more about possible future careers in healthcare.

There was information and practical demonstrations at the event in Wilson Way, Pool, to illustrate what it is like to work in sectors including mental health, sexual health and volunteering.

Nikki Grenfell said: “The students were able to look at what jobs are available within the healthcare sector. Those who attended the event were all children who were interested in doing something in the health sector.

“They went around the event getting information, asked questions and had fun too.

“We were invited to take part in a plank excerise challenge to see who could hold the plank position for the longest.

“The students were absolutely fantastic during the event and we got some amazing feedback from the organisers.

“It was a really good event and we are looking forward to attending the next one.”

Fin Rowe, a tutor from Dynamo Healthcare Training Ltd, emailed Nikki after being impressed by the students’ behaviour.

He wrote: “The students behaved perfectly and were great ambassadors to the Academy, many exhibitors fed back about their professionalism.”

New gym planned for Pool Academy

Pool Academy could soon be sporting a brand new fitness suite for staff, students and the community this year.

It has been revealed staff at the school are looking for funding to create the fitness centre in its grounds.

Pool Academy currently has a sports hall, a dance studio, an outside Multi Use Games Area and tennis courts but as yet does not have its own dedicated gym area with equipment.

Alistair Durant, Head of PE at Pool Academy, has been in talks with a number of funding groups and believes he is close to securing the cash needed for the new venture.

He wants to fill the suite with equipment including rowing machines, treadmills, TMX Bands, Kettlebells, cable crossovers and Spinning bikes.

It is believed a fitness suite could help improve the health of staff and students as well as improve PE provisions at Pool Academy.

It is hoped facilities will be open to community use in the evenings.

Mr Durant said: “It is extremely exciting to have plans for the facility. It will improve students’ health and will push our gifted and talented students to the next level.

“We hope it will create better community links and promote healthy families, students and staff.”

Sharon Bright, PE teacher, said: “It will help the students be more aware of a healthy and active lifestyle before and after school.

“Students will be able to work specifically on their own fitness needs.”

Julian Hosking, PE teacher, said: “If we can get the fitness suite we will be able to offer amazing PE lessons.”

A questionnaire has been created for members of the community to help plans move forward.

New careers clinic already a success

A new careers clinic at Pool Academy has been heralded a success after many sign up.

Nikki Grenfell, Careers Advisor at the school, has started the clinic after discovering a number of students were keen to learn more about their futures.

The clinic runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm-4pm. It is a space created for people to come and talk about their future careers, get information about how to create a CV and receive help with college applications.

Both parents and students are invited to use the clinic and a number of people have already shown an interest.

Nikki said: “It is going really, really well.  We have had students coming to the clinic already and it has only just started up.

“At the moment it has mainly been people from Year 11 attending. Ideally I would like it to be open for Year 10s to help with their work experience.

“People have been popping in at break times and lunch times but I haven’t had enough time to see them all. I started the clinic to give them an opportunity to speak with me.

“I also have parents who want to come in with the students as well.

“The clinics are relaxed and there are refreshments of tea, coffee, juice and biscuits. People can ask me anything. I am here to support them and their decisions for when them move on from Pool Academy to either an apprenticeship or stay in education.

“They can ask questions and I can go and find out information for them.”

Head chef mentors Pool Academy student

A Head chef has been mentoring a Pool Academy student preparing for the next round of a top competition.

Max, Year 10, was selected to take part in the regional finals of the Springboard’s FutureChef’s Chef of the Year 2018 competition at Rick Stein’s Cookery School.



Judge Paul Stephens, Head Chef at Mullion Cove Hotel, was impressed with Max’s efforts and offered to mentor the student.

Max jumped at the chance and spent two Sundays learning tips from Mr Stephens, who has previously worked at The Ritz and The Fat Duck in Bray.

Max said: “When I was taking part in the competition he was the judge. He told my teacher he wanted to mentor me.

“I met Paul Stephens at the hotel and we discussed my menu. He showed me tips on how to make it and on presentation.

“One tip he gave me was not to worry about the timings.

“It really helped to have a mentor.”

Max said cooking in the hotel kitchen was an experience as, apart from cooking at Cornwall College, it was the first time he had worked in a big professional kitchen.

He planned to cook a two course menu of scallops and strawberry cheesecake tower.

Max said: “I didn’t think I would get this far in the competition.”

The first heats of the competition took place at Pool Academy on October 18 and 19. The second heat was held in November at Cornwall College. Stage three saw regional finalists cooking a two course meal for two. The finals will be hosted by Westminster Kingsway College, in London, judged by industry and celebrity chefs. During the finals people will be asked to cook three portions each of a two course meal including a hot main course and a hot or cold dessert.

Bricks needed for LEGO therapy

A call has been made for people to donate old, unwanted LEGO for new projects at Pool Academy.

Rachael Facey, school’s SENDCo, wants to help children hold an after school LEGO club on Thursdays as well as run LEGO therapy sessions.

She believes allowing students to take part in such activities could help boost confidence and encourage them to make friends.

But she doesn’t have any bricks.

She has already written to the toy company LEGO to see if they will make a donation to the school but she also hopes family, friends and the community will help by bringing in any unwanted bricks.

Rachael Facey, school’s SENDCo, calling for Lego donations.

Rachael Facey, school’s SENDCo, calling for Lego donations.

She said: “I want to set up LEGO therapy to will help with teamwork for ASD students and those with anxiety.

“We need bricks, all sorts of shapes and sizes and the bases to build on. If anyone has children who have stopped playing with theirs then please gather it all together and donate it.

 “If anyone has any lying about in the house, any that is no longer wanted or played with then please bring it into Pool Academy.”

A collection box will be set up in the school’s main reception for any donations brought into the school.

She said a number of small projects will be set up using the Lego and each term there will be a different theme; anything from dinosaurs to space.

Racheal said: “The LEGO projects will offer a calm side and a social side.

“LEGO has always been a good creative outlet and the therapy will be in the social aspect because they will not be doing it in isolation. It is quite exciting to have Lego therapy at Pool Academy but we do need to have the bricks.”

Anyone wishing to donate Lego bricks, models, baseplates etc. please drop them off at reception.

Students prepare for National Maths challenge

Young mathematicians are gearing up for a national challenge to problem solve their way to the top.

A selection of Pool Academy students from Years 9, 10 and 11 have been chosen to take part in this year’s United Kingdom Mathematics Trust’s Intermediate Mathematical Challenge.

The event is set to take place on Thursday, February 1, from 9.30am.

The aim of the challenge is to make students work through a number of mathematical problem solving challenges.

The highest performers in the event will be awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates.

Last year more than 250,000 students from across the UK took part and had to problem solve and think their way through 25 multiple choice exam questions.

Only six percent of those across the country who took part in the test were awarded a Gold certificate, 13 percent a Silver certificate and 21 percent a Bronze certificate.

At Pool Academy Gold, silver and Bronze certificates were handed out to students. It is hoped students will do even better in this year’s challenge.

Dene Williams, Maths teacher at Pool Academy, said: “Congratulations to the Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils who have been chosen to take part in the UKMT Intermediate maths challenge that takes place across the country on Thursday, February 1.

“I look forward to you achieving excellent scores and hopefully Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.”

Intermediate Challenge has been created for students in Year 11 or below who attend schools and colleges in the UK.