Students set to offer a helping hand

A group of Pool Academy students will be asked to give a helping hand to Year 7s as they start learning in their new environment.

Around 30 Year 10s will be selected in the next couple of weeks to work with 30 Year 7s to help with numeracy and literacy.

This will be part of an initiative with the Franklin Scholars planned to take place over the academic year. Those wanting to coach younger children have been given an application form to fill out and will be interviewed for the position.

The chosen group of coaches will then be trained before introduced to a member of Year 7 to help. It is hoped this will allow older students to also become better learners while they help others.

Franklin Scholars will work with Pool Academy and the selected students over the academic year with resources, handbooks, activities and visits.

The current Year 7s already have Transition Ambassadors but these new coaching roles will focus specifically on literacy and numeracy.

Rachel Facey, from Pool Academy, said: “This will be a great way for our more mature students to support the younger ones who started at Pool Academy this term. We hope to see the benefits of Franklin Scholars coaching in both the Year 10 and the Year 7 members.

“We look forward to seeing which students will be involved in the initiative and how they develop over the year.”

There will be a celebratory ceremony at the end of the year organised for all the students involved in the programme.

For more information on Franklin Scholars visit



Fitness Suite equipment arrives


Pool Academy’s Fitness suite will soon be ready for use after the equipment arrived at the beginning of this week.

Treadmills, rowing machines, cross trainers and other items were brought into the school in large brown boxes.

They have now been opened and Alastair Durant, Pool Academy PE teacher, hopes to be one of the first teachers to test out all the equipment.

The fitness suite has been funded thanks to the help of the Big Lottery Fund handing over a grant of £10,000.

The school already has a sports hall, a dance studio, an outside Multi Use Games Area and tennis courts.  

It’s hoped staff, students and members of the community will now enjoy the suite along with body pump classes and a space for weight loss groups.

Mr Durant said: “I am very excited to see our new fitness suite coming together. A lot of the equipment has touch-screen technology. I can’t wait for everybody to get inducted and get active.”


Tesco supermarkets in Redruth and Pool are currently collecting blue tokens to help provide funds for the suite. Shoppers are being urged to support the academy by putting their tokens in the school’s slot.

It is believed a fitness suite could help improve the health of staff and students as well as improve PE provisions at Pool Academy.

Students invited to meet artist Kurt Jackson

A group of students from Pool Academy have been invited to Truro to meet artist Kurt Jackson.

They will be travelling to the Royal Cornwall Museum next Wednesday (SEPT26) to take part in ARTiculation Discovery day from 10.30am until 3pm.

During the day they will be given a tour of the gallery and shown three pieces of work by Kurt Jackson, an artist who lives in Cornwall. They will also be able to meet him and ask questions about his work.

Students will learn about the ARTiculation prize and be asked to research a piece of work before conducting a short presentation on their findings.

Natalie Ellis, Art teacher at Pool Academy, said: “The event is a wonderful opportunity for any GCSE Art student to gain valuable experience in talking and writing about art and learning about how to become an effective communicator.”

The ARTiculation Prize has been created to encourage young people to look, think and speak about art for people aged between 14 and 23 years old.

High School Musical rehearsals full of energy

Students were full of energy for their first rehearsals of the next school production of High School Musical.

 Cameron Friggens will be in a lead role as Troy Bolton 

Cameron Friggens will be in a lead role as Troy Bolton 

The session kicked off at 3pm on Wednesday afternoon in the music room. The second rehearsal then followed shortly on Thursday afternoon at the same time.

 Abbie Townsend will be taking the role as Taylor McKessie

Abbie Townsend will be taking the role as Taylor McKessie

Students are beginning to practise some of the show tunes and think about costumes.

It is hoped some members of the cast will be able to attend the academy’s Open Evening on September 20th to sing and dance in the corridors.

The show’s story is set in an American High School where the children have to audition for its musical. The production was first seen as a Disney Movie in 2006. It was such a hit that it was Disney Channel's most watched film and was reported to have more than seven million viewers in the first year.

Emily Cromey and Jamie Best, teachers at Pool Academy, believe this will be the school’s best show yet.

Mrs Cromey said: “We are really excited about our upcoming production of High School Musical. We have had a fantastic response from the students. We are really looking forward to seeing what they are going to produce.

“This is shaping up to be a really special show. It will be our best one yet.”

Mrs Cromey said they are aiming to stage the show in February next year.

Pool Academy students sing for World Peace day

Students from Pool Academy will be singing to help raise awareness for the UN International Day of Peace.


The event will take place on Friday, September 21, and will also support ‘One Day One Choir’ – a global initiative which started in 2014.

A group of Year 7 students will be singing in the Main Hall to their peers before lunch time on the day.

Emily Cromey, Music teacher at Pool Academy, will be helping the Year 7’s to rehearse a song for the day.

She said: “It goes without saying that world peace in our time is a goal we should all be striving toward whether we achieve it or not. Supporting the UN International Day of Peace raises awareness plus it is a wonderful opportunity to get together and sing.”

World Peace day events will be taking place in Truro and throughout Cornwall from 21st -23rd of September.

Pool Academy will be joining in along with many other schools, colleges and communities.

Miss Meakin said: “I am so pleased that Pool Academy students have been given the opportunity to join in with the UN International Day of Peace on Friday. It is such an inspiring event to get involved with.”

In Truro there are three days of events being organised on Lemon Quay, Truro Cathedral, Truro Methodist Church, and for the first time at County Hall.

Funds are being raised for “Children of Peace” and “The Amos Trust”.

The events are supported by Truro City Council, Cornwall County Council, Truro Cathedral, Truro Methodist Church and many other individuals and groups.

First Super Saturday a success

supersat (1).JPG

The first Super Saturday event at Pool Academy has been heralded a success with more children set to take part next week.


Organisers of the event, created for children in Year 5 and 6, saw nearly 30 primary school pupils taking part.

During the morning there was an array of activities including pizza making, arts and crafts, drama, football and basketball. Fruit, biscuits and juice were provided at snack time.


Yvonne Adams, who helped organise the first Super Saturday, said: “It went well. We had nearly 30 children take part and we have more booking places for next week.

“Children enjoyed the pizza making. Some ate their pizzas straight away and others were walking down the path eating them when their parents came to collect them.

“The children all went away really happy. It was successful. We were really pleased.


“Next week it will be even bigger with more children.”

Vicky said: “I was doing basketball with the children. They all seemed to really enjoy it.”

Sessions start at 9am and will run until 12pm and will run every Saturday until October 13. To book a space email


Positive behaviour scores points

Students are scoring points with their positive behaviour at Pool Academy this term.

Teachers have been tallying up achievement points given to young people at school since the beginning of term.

Year 7s are currently leading the way with the highest amount of points in the whole school. 7ALM have managed to rake up 1,088 already. The second year group with high achievement point numbers is 9EKC with 480 followed closely behind by 8KF with 466. 11MHA have so far collected 318 and 10JJO have 317.

Jamie Best, Pool Academy teacher, said: “The battle is really starting to heat up in some year groups.

“With five weeks left until half term anything could happen.

“Students need to work hard to be able to score some more points for their class.

“A big well done to everyone who have been given points so far. Keep up the good work.”

A special achievement point board is being created near the school’s PE changing rooms.

Kind-hearted students create plans to battle loneliness  

Kind-hearted students from Pool Academy have drawn up a plan to help battle loneliness in their community.

Head Boy Matthew and Head Girl Holly have joined forces with some prefects in the school to befriend the older generation.


Holly and Matthew will be meeting with a representative of nearby care homes to try and form new friendships.

They want to invite a group of old age pensioners to Pool School Art Gallery to take part in creative workshops with students. There are also plans in the pipeline to bring music and singing to their carehomes.

Holly said: “We are trying to help break the stereotypes of younger and older generations. We will be speaking to someone in charge of care homes in the area. We want to arrange a workshop in our art gallery for people from the homes and students.”

Matthew said: “We also want to go to the care homes and do some singing and music.

“I think they will enjoy it because unless they have their own grandchildren visiting they may not meet people our age. It would be nice to sit down and chat to them.”

Holly added: “We are hoping to do this before November.”

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “I am incredibly proud of these students who are prepared to use up some of their time to visit the older generations.

“We are happy to invite members of the community into our art gallery and hope they enjoy the workshops. It would be lovely to see the two generations creating art together.”

The project to end loneliness in the community was suggested by students when they spoke to members of the Camborne, Pool, Illogan and Redruth Community Network Panel meeting this month.

They hope to attend the November meeting to give feedback on the project.

Teachers get their blood pressure measured

bloodp (8).JPG

Teachers and school staff took some time out over the lunch break to discover if they had high blood pressure.

bloodp (7).JPG

Health, Safety and Wellbeing officials from Cornwall Council visited Pool Academy from 1.10 pm until 4.10 pm last Friday. They came armed with equipment to help measure and record blood pressure levels.

bloodp (10).JPG

They were also on hand to give out health and lifestyle tips to inform people on how to reduce their risk.

Jess Harvey, Assistant Wellbeing Advisor for Cornwall Council, said blood pressure depended on a lot of different factors including family history and genetics.

She said: “It is good to take regular exercise and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, don’t smoke and limit your alcohol intake.”

A number of staff members took part including Lisette Neesham, Rachel Facey, Peter Ryder, Tim Bareham and Debbie Martin.

bloodp (11).JPG

Sadie Sutcliffe, who also works at Pool Academy, said: “Getting my blood pressure taken is not something I would go and have done but when it’s on your doorstep it is good to make use of the service.”

Another staff member, who was given a healthy reading of 127 over 81, said: “Thank you Cornwall Council for bringing Health, Safety and Wellbeing assistants to the school. It was handy to get my health checked over lunch time. People in schools work really hard so it was nice to be able to access the service in working hours.”

Primary pupils get arty

Pupils from Rosemellin Primary School visited the Pool School Art Gallery on Friday ahead of its official opening.

The children were able to see the beginnings of the exhibition which included artwork from Jonty Lees.

anotherschool (1).JPG

They then learnt about the differences between 3D and 2D work and discussed the work of sculpture artist Barbara Hepworth.

They were then invited to draw up some of their own creations on a large, shared piece of paper.

Graphite pencils, scissors, CD cases and plastic packaging were just some of the items available for the children to use to make some imaginative art work. They used a number of different techniques on including smudging a graphite pencil to create shading.

Lynne Spencer, Art teacher at Pool Academy, said: “The students have done some really good work at the gallery.”

Pool School Art Gallery will also be officially opening for members of the community to see pieces by well-known artists on September 20th at 5pm.

anotherschool (2).JPG

A mouse with no name


Move aside Buzz bear there is a new mascot in school and its name is…its name is…

Well, actually it hasn’t got a name yet.

Over the summer months Pool Academy Principal Miss Meakin adopted a handmade mouse from a stall run by student Kaitlin Hawken.

Kaitlin, in Year 8, was helping to raise funds and awareness for her Brownies and Guides group at Illogan parish fair.

The soft toy was hand crafted by her mother’s aunt and now lives at Pool Academy looking out of the window near Miss Meakin’s office.

Kaitlin has also helped her fellow Brownies and Guides run World Thinking events at Pool Academy for primary school pupils. It’s hoped the pupils will help Miss Meakin find a name for the mouse.

Kaitlin said: “Miss Meakin came and bought one of the mice at the Illogan fair to become the school’s new mascot.

 “On the day we had about 10 to 20 of the animals to sell at the event. They were all made by friends and family.”

Miss Meakin said: “We chose the mouse because it had similar colours to Pool Academy colours.

“We are hoping all the children who came to the World Thinking days will be able to help us find a name for the new school mascot.”

But what about the school’s former mascot Buzz the Bear – made famous for travelling up to the edge of space?

Close friend Phil Jones, Head of Academy Services, said the bear was happy to job share.

He said: “He'll welcome the break to be honest. He's been working very hard will be glad of the help”

School Principal takes to the skies


Pool Academy’s Principal took to the skies over the summer holidays to take part in a tandem skydive.

Claire Meakin was given a special birthday present this year at Perranporth Airfield. After years of talking about it she finally made the jump – falling 10,000ft out of an aeroplane.

It was scheduled for Friday, August 24th, but after sitting at the airfield from 8am until 1pm she was sent home because it was too windy.

Miss Meakin said: “The wind was too high so I got sent home. I didn’t think I would be able to do it again before the start of term but the weather improved and I went back on Friday August 31st.

“It was great and a brilliant experience. We took off from Perranporth Airfield and as we were getting higher I saw my house and the school - I was very excited about that bit.

“It was a tandem jump so I was always attached to the instructor. The moment of first falling out of the aeroplane is a crazy experience and then there’s 30 seconds free fall where I was tumbling. Then when the main parachute came out it was a smoother ride and I got to really enjoy the views.

“I have been talking about doing it for years and never got round to it but somebody booked it for my birthday.  It was very exciting and I would definitely do it again.  

“I have started this academic year feeling really positive and am determined to support all students to achieve whatever they set their mind to - Be brave, dream about exciting adventures and then make them happen.”

Pool Academy Principal achieves top sailing qualification

Pool Academy’s Principal made the most of her summer break by going back to the classroom and becoming a fully qualified Day Skipper.

 Sun setting in Falmouth as Miss Meakin heads toward Flushing.

Sun setting in Falmouth as Miss Meakin heads toward Flushing.

Claire Meakin has been at the helm of Pool Academy for a year now but this term she can also charter a yacht almost anywhere in the world.

To get the qualification she had to successfully complete a week of theory lessons demonstrating skills including map reading and knowing about weather conditions. She then took to the waters for five days of practical sessions.

Miss Meakin said: “Over the last few years I have been learning to sail on the weekends. I could sail as a crew member but realised I wanted to know that if anything went wrong I could take control of the boat myself.

“I have been talking about doing it for the last few years so I decided to go for it this summer.

“During the practical sessions I was on the sea all day every day and I also took part in some night sailing as well.

“Working towards the qualification was really interesting. It also illustrated the importance of maths and geography - you have to apply them practically to sailing for weather conditions and map work.

“It was really exciting to train for the qualification.”

Miss Meakin said she will be continuing to sail until the boats have to be stored away for winter.  She may also be seen training in the school’s new fitness suite to gain more strength to control yacht sails.

She said: “I’ve realised I need to be strong to be on the boat so I may need to ask the PE department to give me some strength training.”

 Miss Meakin getting a little help with her theory course - from the cat.

Miss Meakin getting a little help with her theory course - from the cat.

Super Saturdays return this weekend

Staff at Pool Academy are looking forward to welcoming primary pupils to their much-anticipated Super Saturday events.

The first starts this weekend (Sept15) for children in Year 5 and Year 6. Sessions start at 9am and will run until 12pm.

Each Saturday will be filled with a number of exciting activities including Drama, Pizza cookery, Art Attack and Football Academy workshops. There will also be Archery, orienteering, felt making and team building.

Yvonne Adams, from Pool Academy, said: "We are looking forward to meeting the children who have signed up for these sessions.

"We run these sessions every year to introduce Pool Academy to children who might one day decide to come and join us at the school.

"I hope everyone will have a lot of fun taking part in the many different activities over the coming weeks."

The events will run every Saturday until October 13. To book a space email

Meet and greet a success

 Mr Ryder is Head of English and Modern Foreign Languages.

Mr Ryder is Head of English and Modern Foreign Languages.

A meet and greet session organised to introduce the new Heads of Faculty has been hailed a success.

Scores of people visited Pool Academy on Wednesday at 6pm to see the four members of staff who have recently taken on new roles.

 Mr James James is Head of Maths, Geography and History,

Mr James James is Head of Maths, Geography and History,

Alastair James is Head of Maths, Geography and History, Tim Bareham is Head of Science, Computing and DT, Emily Cromey is Head of Art, Music, Drama and PE and Pete Ryder is Head of English and Modern Foreign Languages.

The evening saw the teachers discuss their visions for their roles and allowed parents to ask questions.

Mr James said: “The parents were friendly and it was a genuine pleasure to meet them and talk to them over coffee and biscuits.”

Mr Bareham said: “It was a great opportunity to be able to tell parents how the new faculties work and to share the exciting plans we have for the year.”

 Mrs Cromey is Head of Art, Music, Drama and PE

Mrs Cromey is Head of Art, Music, Drama and PE

Mrs Cromey said: “We had lively conversations about a range of aspects of school life, including subject based questions on setting, intervention and revision.

“We also discussed new systems in place this year such as the fantastic appointment of an Achievement Lead who is charged with celebrating student success and progress.

“Parents were engaged and our conversations were really positive.

“The general feedback was that parents were pleased to have been given the opportunity to come and meet face to face and find out more about what is happening on a daily basis in the school.”

 Mr Bareham is Head of Science, Computing and DT,

Mr Bareham is Head of Science, Computing and DT,

Mr Ryder said: “It was nice to be able to engage with all the parents. There will be another opportunity after Christmas and we hope to see even more parents then.”

Regional SEND conference at Pool Academy hailed a success

Around 40 people arrived at Pool Academy to take part in the regional Special Educational Needs and Disability Conference.


Rachel Facey, SENDCo at Pool Academy, said the event was a success and it was an honour to host the it at the school.

There were a number of speakers on the day. These included Nicola Marshall, Braveheart Education, who spoke on the subject ‘Creating a culture for all to succeed’. Richard Daniel Curtis, Chair of SEND Awards, spoke on the topic ‘What makes an inclusive School’ and Clare Downham, from Unique Journey, spoke about mental health.

During the conference the 2018 Inclusion and Employment Award was handed out to Western College. Representatives from the college had travelled down from Western Super Mare to receive the award.

 Representatives from Western College. accepting their award

Representatives from Western College. accepting their award

Pool Academy received the Most Innovative Special Needs Intervention Award in the past which was why it had been chosen to host this year’s event. The SEND academy staff were praised at this week’s conference for continuing their provisions.

Yvonne Adams, from Pool Academy, attended the event. She said: “The conference was very interesting and I am glad I took part. It was nice to have it at Pool Academy. We were given useful resources and information on how to access outside professionals.

“It was good to work with other schools and talk together about our similar themes.”

Mrs Facey said: “I am over the moon that the conference was hosted at Pool Academy and it was a great opportunity to meet people from other schools in the region.

“It was a great success.”

Regional conferences are also being held in Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff and London.

Pool Academy STEM club to be nominated for an award

Pool Academy is to be nominated for a top award for its ‘wonderful’ STEM club.

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths club is run by Science teacher Jack Jones. After writing part of a good practice guide last year for STEM Learning it was suggested his club should be nominated for the Outstanding STEM Club Award.

Joanne Mitchell, Project Coordinator of the STEM awards, wrote to Mr Jones telling him he had a ‘really wonderful club that should be nominated’.

She added: “I would be happy to support your application, it is a great opportunity to celebrate and share your club.”

Mr Jones now needs to complete an application form for the STEM inspiration Awards showing judges all the things the club gets up to.

At the moment they are building a car which they hope to race in events all around the country.

Mr Jones said: “It was lovely of Joanne to write to us and encourage us to enter Pool Academy’s STEM club for the award.

“The club runs after school and we carry out a number of activities.

“It is very exciting to get this recognition.”

The closing date for nominations is this Friday.

Mr Jones wrote part STEM Clubs Best Practice Handbook which is a nationally published document. It can guide can be found at

Ms Mitchell said she has received ‘really positive feedback’ from the club leaders about the handbook stating ‘how much they appreciate other clubs sharing how they solve problems and offer up hints and tip’.

She added in her letter to Mr Jones: “It really would not have been possible without you.”

Pilgrim Pete due to attend Pool Academy’s Open Evening

Plymouth Argyle’s mascot Pilgrim Pete is due to make an appearance at Pool Academy’s Open evening.

pilgrim pete.JPG

It will be travelling to the academy from Devon to take part in activities and staff are looking forward to welcoming him next Thursday, September 20.

Members of the community are being invited to the event which takes place at the school from 5pm.

The mascot is coming to help celebrate the school’s partnership with the well-known football club.

Mark Fuller, from Pool Academy, said: “It is amazing to have the official club mascot and Plymouth Argyle coaches for open evening.

“Pilgrim Pete will be around to meet and greet any prospective parents and students who attend on the night.

“People are welcome to have their photograph taken with him and find out more about the Academy’s partnership with Plymouth Argyle.

“We look forward to meeting budding footballers who are thinking about joining our new Players Development Centre in the next academic year.”

During the evening there will also be displays and demonstrations from all the school departments.

Pool School Art Gallery will also be officially opening for members of the community to see pieces by well-known artists.

Students take the bus to higher education

Students from Pool Academy visited an information bus to learn about their options after GCSEs.

A group from Year 10 and Year 11 were invited to Cornwall College to have a look on the Next Steps South West Bus when its roadshow arrived.


On board there were staff ready to hand out information and advice on which direction to take for a number of different opportunities including apprenticeships.  They also explained the benefits of higher education, courses in the area and offered interactive ways to help plan a possible future.

Inside the bus there were bean bags for students to sit on and listen to a talk on how to start a business. They were then given a challenge with modelling clay to help them realise the importance of communication.


Yasmin England, from Pool Academy, took the group over to the college to explore the bus and its information.

She said: “We are grateful to NSSW for inviting us onto their bus. It was great to see their resources and take part in the modelling clay activity.”

Students from Pool Academy said they felt the trip to visit the bus had been helpful.

Pool Academy radically updates its anti-bullying policy  

Pool Academy has radically updated its anti-bullying policy to help staff and students look out for each other.

Rachel Facey, the school’s Anti-Bullying Lead, is working to make sure people know bullying is not tolerated and reports will be dealt with quickly.

A group of students have also been selected as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to help their peers.

Mrs Facey said national statistics were published on Monday, September 3rd, by charity The Diana Award which showed across the country 70 percent of parents believed schools were not doing enough to combat bullying. It also revealed in the UK 22 percent of young people had moved schools due to bullying and 46 percent of young people were worried about going back to school due to bullying.

Mrs Facey said: “This year we have radically changed the way bullying is dealt with at Pool Academy.

“In brief, Pool Academy pledges to create a culture where bullying is not tolerated by dealing with all reports quickly and efficiently and involving parents at all times.

“We have recruited several Anti-Bullying Ambassadors from across the year groups. They will work closely with their Heads of Year, Simon Ferguson the Behaviour Support and Nick Hamblin the Additional Needs Support to create this culture.”

A ‘red button’ system has been introduced to the school where children are able to report a situation by pressing the app on their ipads.

Mrs Facey said: “All of our young people have a right to learn without fear of bullying, and we are 100 percent committed to making this happen.”

There will be a copy of the anti-bullying contract that all students will be asked to sign next week.

A Pool Academy esafety Twitter account has been created at



If you believe your child is being bullied, please ensure you:

  1. Help your child to complete a ‘Red button’ report of the situation.

  2. Encourage them to talk openly and honestly with academy staff and the Anti-bullying Ambassadors.

  3. Expect to hear from the school within 24 school hours to advise you about how we have auctioned the ‘Red button’ bullying report.

  4. Contact your child’s Head of Year if you have not heard back within 24 school hours.

  5. Contact Rachel Facey - Pool Academy Anti-bullying Lead - if you have any concerns about the above.