Student wins silver

A karate student has been awarded silver after taking part in a tournament over the weekend.

Alisha, Year 7, practises Doryoku Ryu Karate Jutsu four days a week in Camborne and Redruth.


She travelled to Saltash on Sunday to take part in a tournament where she came second and was awarded a medal.

She said this was the third competition she has taken part in.

Alisha has been taking part in classes for over a year and has already worked her way up to the purple belt.

Her mother said she is already taking part in brown belt training which she hopes to get before the summer holidays.

Alisha said: “I do it for fun.”

Her mother, who likes to go along and support her, said: “I am so proud of her.

“She is winning so many medals lately.

“Last year she was awarded a silver and bronze medal.”

Her mother said she had a few more tournaments lined up for the rest of the year.

Student aspires to palaeontology

A student with a love of History and Geography hopes to become a palaeontologist when he is older.


Ben Miles, Year 7, has discovered a love of the two subjects after moving to Pool Academy from Roskear Primary School.

He said: “I like History and Geography. Geography is really interesting, I’ve learn about tourism and deforestation which I find really interesting.

“I am learning things at Pool Academy that I have not learnt about before.

“I really want to be a palaeontologist when I am older. History and Geography are my favourite subjects and I know a lot about dinosaurs.”

Ben also enjoys football, art and guitar lessons. In his spare time he enjoys being sociable with friends.

He added: “I have been playing the guitar for a number of years now and I have guitar lessons on a Wednesday. I think I am quite good at it.”

Former student invited to UN Convention

A former student has been invited to take part in the UN Convention of The Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


Francesca Goff, who left Pool Academy last summer, is due to visit Geneva this week. She will be travelling with another young man to represent the ‘Time to Shine’ project they are involved with. The project is part of the Cornwall Accessible Activities Program (CAAP).

Annmarie Goff, Francesca’s mother, said: “The convention coincides with World Downs Syndrome day on March 21. Francesca will be addressing a side meeting regarding employment opportunities.

“She is going to be reading a poem written by Paul Horan, Assistant Professor at Trinity College, Dublin. It was inspired by the words of a Special Olympic Ambassador at the 2003 games in Dublin.

“We are very proud of her.”

During her time at Pool Academy Francesca helped to scoop a grant of £46,6500 from The People’s Project for the Time to Shine’ project. She created posters, had a stall at Pool Market, travelled to Newquay and visited friends and family asking for their support.

Pool Academy also displayed flyers across its building to get people involved.
Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “It is brilliant to hear Francesca is continuing to do so well since leaving Pool Academy.

“We are incredibly proud of our students, past and present, and their wonderful achievements. We love hearing what they get up to.

“I hope Francesca has a brilliant time in Geneva.”

Student’s plastic-free passion leads to talks with officials

A Pool Academy student passionate about creating a plastic-free school has met with the Academy’s top officials.


Freya is no stranger to talking to people in power about the subject after travelling to London to talk to a royal in the past.

She has now met Pool Academy’s Chair of Governors Clive Bramley and Vice Chairman Frank Baker. She hopes they will be able to support her in her mission reduce the use of plastic at her school.

Freya was one of the leads in helping her primary school in Portreath to become plastic-free. She now wants to do the same at Pool. She says it will be a tough job as it is a much bigger school but she is determined and wants others to help her on her quest.

She said: “Plastic is everywhere. I live near the beach and every weekend if you go on the beach you can see it there.

“My old primary school is plastic free and I helped with that. I went to London and spoke to a prince about it as well.

“I know what I am talking about as I was the leader on the plastic free team at Portreath and I would like to be the lead at Pool Academy as well.

 “It is going to be a hard job as it is a bigger school but I am up for the challenge.”

Mr Bramley said: “Mr Baker and I were impressed with Freya’s recent announcement about tackling the use of plastics in order to improve our environment. We asked to meet with her to see if Governors could help her with the project.

 “Freya explained a number of ideas and said she would set out some of them in more detail and then meet again with Governors to set out a plan of action.”

Finalist of SAS: Who Dares Wins due to visit Pool Academy

Midwife Louise Gabbitas, finalist from this year’s 'SAS: Who Dares Wins', could soon be visiting Pool Academy.

She has been invited to talk to students about life opportunities and midwifery. Her planned visit coincides with the secondary school’s Combined Cadet Force launch event on March 25.

The Ministry of Defence and the Department of Education recently gave Pool Academy the nod to set up its own cadet force.

Simon Ferguson, from Pool Academy, will be the Contingent Commander. He invited Louise to speak to students during assembly.

Louise is well-known for her grit and determination whilst taking part in the recent Channel 4 show which dared contestants to take part in gruelling challenges.

She has agreed, all going well, to come and see students as soon as she finishes her night shift at The Royal Cornwall Hospital.

Simon Ferguson said: “It is really exciting to be launching our new Combined Cadet Force. It is a scheme that will offer some amazing opportunities to our students and it is wonderful to see how many people are getting involved and sending us their support."

Former student, Surgeon-Lieutenant Commander Cara Swain RN, will also be attending the launch speaking to Year 11 and spending some time at the Academy. Members of the Armed Forces from the Army Careers Office and 165 Port and Maritime Regiment will be in attendance, as well as a representative from the Office of George Eustice MP.

Mr Ferguson added: “We are very grateful to Louise to take some time out of her busy life to speak to and inspire our students on the CCF launch day as well as the continued support from Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander Swain, 165 Regiment RLC, the Forces, George Eustice and our community.”  

Pool Academy signs up to Big Pedal challenge

Staff and students are being urged to cycle, scoot or walk to school as part of the Big Pedal event later this month.


Sustrans officials have challenged people to use their human power to get to school on foot, bikes and scooters from March 25 until April 5.

It is hoped students, teachers and staff members from Pool Academy will all join in and beat other schools in the area for the amount of participants.

As part of the two-week challenge David Davies, also known as the Bike Doctor, has offered to come into school and help fix student’s bikes and scooters to help them run more smoothly.

He will be in the school from 8am until the end of the day offering his services for free.

Mr Davies is a Sustrans bike officer and has worked with the school for several years to help promote a healthy lifestyle and get people more active.

He hopes coming into school and helping with the students’ bikes will encourage people to take a more active approach to travelling to school. This also helps cut down on congestion on roads and help reduce pollution.

Julian Hosking, PE Teacher at Pool Academy, said: “It is awesome to have him come to Pool Academy and lend us his skills free of charge.

“We are also looking forward to seeing as many students and staff members taking part in The Big Pedal.”

Pool Academy is a Sustrans Silver Award School. This means it continues to encourage the travel charity’s ethos of eco, sustainable travel such as car-sharing, cycling, walking, etc to school.


Talented footballer to play in Germany

A talented footballer has been selected to play matches in Germany later this year after impressing scouts with his talents.

Ned, Year 8, was spotted whilst playing games with his Illogan Football Club’s Under 13s team.

The officials were impressed by what they saw and spoke to his parents inviting him to take part in a summer tournament in Germany.


Ned said: “They came and watched a few matches and picked me. They spoke to my mum and dad saying ‘well done’ and had a meeting with them.

“They said they liked me. They chose the best players from in Cornwall for the under 13s teams.

“I will go over there on a Sunday and check into the hotel. There will be some training sessions and I may be able to go to a water park. Then we will be in a tournament against people in Germany.

“We will take it in stages and with the finals on Monday.

“My parents are proud of me. They are coming to watch me play. I will be staying in a hostel with the other 16 players. I know a lot of them from football, my club and from West Cornwall.”

Ned said he had never been to Germany before.

“I am looking forward to going,” he said.

He added: “I like football, I like playing for my club.

“I have been playing for a club since I was seven years old.”

Six students on their way to regional finals

Six students were selected to go to the regionals of a gaming competition which could win them a place in the London finals.

Pool Academy hosted the school finals of the game Overwatch on Friday last week and the winners, including Jack Smith in Year 9 and Jayden Taylor in Year 11, were invited to Bristol.


They battled it out against scores of other teams from across the South West to secure a place in the capital city later this year.

Tim Bareham, Head of Faculty for Computing, Science and DT said the best way for the boys to try and win the games would be good team work.

Mr Bareham said before they left:“The boys will be up against some really good teams. They have done well to get this far and it will be interesting to see the other teams play as well.

“This is a chance for them to experience an E sports tournament.”

Jack said: “This will be the first time I will be going to the Esports tournament in Bristol. I am looking forward to it. It will be a bit of an adventure.

“I do like to practise quite a lot but I don’t do it as much as I would like.

“Hopefully we are going to do well in Bristol but we will have to wait and see what happens.”

The Esports Tournament is being run by The Digital Schoolhouse and the finals will be held in London on April 10. The Esports tournament has been created to introduce students to careers education for the video games industry.

Re-using tyres creatively

Scores of tyres have arrived at Pool Academy ready to be transformed into planters and other items for the school grounds.


Staff at the secondary school are starting to embrace new ways of reducing waste by recycling and this is one of the latest innovative ideas.

The tyres were donated to the school and now students will be encouraged to use them to grow plants and make them into other useful items. It’s hoped some will also be inspired to paint them in bright and colourful designs.

One of the groundsmen at Pool Academy believes it is a refreshing initiative to help encourage students to be creative and discover new outdoor skills.

He can’t wait to see the students coming up with ideas to freshen the tyres up and make them useful again.

Kate Francis, From Pool Academy, said: “We are very excited to have them. They will be used for all sorts of lovely things.

“We also hope it will promote the reusing and recycling ethos and remind students that you don’t have to throw everything away.

“It will be good for the students who do gardening and we will paint some during activities week so we can have some colourful seating.”

She said it was Sandra Hampton, the school’s librarian, who heard that the tyres were being offered for free to people who could reuse them.

Other recent recycling projects run in the school include collecting used crisp packets to recycle for a charity scheme and joining the Surfers Against Sewerage Plastic-Free Schools scheme.

Miss Meakin said: “We are very excited to see how these projects develop.”

Students and teachers in charity game

Students and teachers went up against each other in an exciting game of volleyball during Friday lunchtime at Pool Academy.

comic relief.jpg

It was a charitable game to see which team would come top in the match organised by PE teacher Julian Hosking for Comic Relief.

The two teams met in the sports hall after making a donation of 50p per person to take part. Many other students made a donation to come and watch the action.

Mr Hosking said: “It was a mass participation event. It was great to see so many students taking part. We had people representing all year groups from Year 7 right through to Year 11.

comic relief3.jpg

“Also taking part were some of our Year 10 Handball team who won Gold at the latest County School’s Finals. They were very good when they played against the teachers on Red Nose day as well.”

Other activities at Pool Academy during the day saw students wearing an item of red for a donation and others selling copies of a self-penned joke book.

comic relief5a.jpg

Matthew Brown, teacher, said: “My form members were writing a joke book that we sold during break times for 50p each. 

“There were some real crackers in there.”

Head boy is going for gold

Head Boy at Pool Academy is going for gold as he works towards his final Duke of Edinburgh award.


Matthew Daddow, Year 11, has been participating in the achievement award challenge for more than three years and believes he is the only student at Pool Academy working towards gold.

He has been taking part in the many activities and adventures required with his RAF cadet force.

He said: “I completed my silver in September and decided to go straight on to gold. As part of it I will have to complete a residential at an old RAF base in Portreath. I think it will include adventure training, kayaking and mountain biking.

“I have enjoyed doing the Duke of Edinburgh awards and I have been able to meet a lot of new people. Going on the expeditions is one of the best bits about it.

“I believe doing this has developed my character and given me more confidence.”

He said he hopes to complete his gold award by September.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is internationally known and many companies looking for employees are impressed by seeing it appear on CVs. It helps to prove self-motivation and the ability to work unprompted.

Student dancer is preparing for show

A Pool Academy student is putting on her dance shoes about four times a week as she prepares for an upcoming show.


Lauren Butler, Year 7, does street dance and contemporary at Vox Dance studios in Camborne. She has been learning there for about a year.

The former Treloweth Primary School pupil is now rehearsing hard for an Easter show at the Regal Theatre in Redruth. She said this will be the second time she has performed on stage.

Lauren said: “I go to Vox Dance Studios twice a week but because I have a show I am now going four times a week.

“I will be doing two group dances one for contemporary and one street dance piece.

“I also enjoy taking part in Netball and Hockey at Pool Academy. I am quite into my sport.

“My favourite subject at school is DT. I like being creative.”

Energetic parent volunteers for outdoor adventures with CCF

Sarah Tresise is no stranger to outdoor pursuits with a long list of exciting adventures on her CV. 

The supply teacher and Beavers leader is now willing to help lead future members of Pool Academy’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF) when it launches later this month.


She believes the CCF will give students an opportunity to take part in a number of different activities which will help build self-confidence, initiative and leadership skills.

Sarah, a blue belt in Taekwondo and Kickboxing, has completed a number of amazing feats including a 15,000 feet Sky Dive with her 80-year-old dad, a 27 mile Atlantic Coast Challenge, half a marathon on the Brecon Beacons in high temperatures, climbing 886 metres up Penn-Y-Fan, coastering, swimming in rivers, sea kayaking, tree surfing and much more.

Sarah is passionate about getting children and young adults exploring outdoors and to participate in local community groups. 

Following her dad's footsteps, she has also trained in the ATC and took part in Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. 

She said: “This year I have already camped during February's unseasonal heat wave with no sleeping bag and during the start of storm Freya. Survival is about changing the mind-set.

''Being outside in all-weather teaches us how to be resilient - it’s down to planning and preparation. It teaches us to be adaptable, creative and to remain positive. Challenging weather creates real and perceived risks, an opportunity for growth and have real consequences.”

Sarah is due to start her Level 3 Intensive Beach Leadership course and Military training with Bear Grylls.

She believes the Cadets of CCF will become high quality individuals by engaging in a variety of challenging and rewarding activities; including community involvement. 

She added: “It is a unique opportunity to gain transferable skills and valued qualifications for the transition into college, university and employment.”

The Ministry of Defence and the Department of Education recently gave Pool Academy the nod to set up its own Combined Cadet Force.

It’s official launch date is set to take place on March 25th.

Students with pinhole cameras


Budding photographers from Pool Academy took part in a pinhole camera workshop with members of Falmouth University.

A group of 36 Year 7 students travelled to East Pool Mine for the day recently to use the cameras made by students from the nearby university.

They then took photographs and developed them in a dark room during the workshop which took place from 9.30am until 2.30pm. Students were also given an opportunity to take digital photographs around the Pool mine too.


Shelley Brennan, from Pool Academy, went along with the group.

She said: “A lot of the Year 7s who took part had never done photography before. They all enjoyed it.

“It was really good and they really got into it. They were doing different poses and taking different shots.

“During the afternoon there was a presentation of a selection of photographs that the students had taken and they looked really good.

“They were all given a pinhole camera to take home with them.

“They had a really good time.

Scooting student loves history

A scooting student with an interest in History is enjoying his first year at Pool Academy.


Jake Gregor is a new Year 7 student after moving up from Kehelland Primary School.

He is learning new things at Pool Academy including Science and History. During his spare time he enjoys riding his scooter and visits different facilities in Redruth and Hayle to practise.

He said: “My favourite subject at Pool Academy is History. I really find it interesting to learn about the different things that have happened in the past. This is the first time I have really studied it. I think it is a subject I would like to continue with.

“In my spare time I like to go on my scooter. I have been doing this for about three or four years now. I like doing it and I love jumping with the scooter.”

Student gets gold in Judo

A sporting student has been awarded Gold for his Judo achievements at his club in Redruth.


Aaron Knuckey, Year 7, was given the accolade for his achievements in Judo and for being the most improved judoka in Redruth Judo club for 2018.

His family is very proud of him for the achievement as well as seeing him growing in confidence.

Aaron, a former Illogan Primary School pupil, has been practising Judo for the last two years and has worked his way up to an orange belt with two green stripes. This means he is close to achieving his green belt in the sport.

Sam, Aaron’s mum, said: “Aaron is following in his dad’s footsteps who was Cornish County Champion at aged 13. 
“We are very proud of him as he has developed this skill and overcome some of his trepidation and built his confidence.”

Hundreds of pounds raised at quiz night

A student fundraising to take a charity trip to Tanzania has raised hundreds of pounds at a recent quiz.


The student hosted a fundraising event recently at Illogan Village Hall. The night proved to be so popular she saw 13 teams taking part.

The village hall was full to capacity helping her to raise £275. She can now add this total to her collection from other events.

In November she raised £1,040 after organising a ladies’ fashion show and pop-up shop at Heathcoat social club.

The Year 10 student is planning to travel to Tanzania this year to help others less fortunate than herself.

The trip, planned for July, will cost thousands of pounds so she is fundraising hard.

She hopes to travel to East Africa to spend four weeks helping others. She will be going with Camps International to help with local projects such as building classrooms, community centres or protecting wildlife.

Her mother said she is proud of all the hard work her daughter is putting in to raise the cash needed for the trip.

She said the Fun Quiz Night was supported really well.

She added: “There was a great atmosphere and everyone had lots of fun and we raised an amazing £275.

“I would like to say thank you to everyone for their support.”

Singers looking forward to musical celebrations

Singers from Pool Academy are looking forward to taking part in a musical celebration event later this month.

A selection of students will be taking part in Cornwall Music Hub’s Songfest at the Regal in Redruth. They will be performing alongside a number of other schools in the area.

Members of the school choir have also been invited to join in with a Crofty Primary Partnership event

Emily Cromey, Head of Faculty for Music, Art, Drama and PE, said: “Spring is the season of song at Pool Academy and we are very excited to be involved in the two wonderful opportunities for our singers to showcase their talents.

“On March 27 our choir will be appearing at the Cornwall Music Hub Songfest at the Regal cinema. It will be a brilliant celebration of all the wonderful singing that goes on in our county and lots of local schools, primaries and secondary schools taking part.

“On April 4th we will welcome our Crofty Primary partnership to a spring celebration. All our primary partnership schools and Pool Academy’s choir will be showcasing the work some of their best members.”

Budding artist

A budding artist at Pool Academy loves to create images which are unique and special.

amelia g.JPG

Amelia Gawronek, Year 7, has a passion for art and has recently been practising to draw people. She likes drawing portraits and faces of people she imagines in her mind.

She is also a keen reader and a huge fan of the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling. She describes herself as a Ravenclaw as that is the Hogwarts House she most identifies with.

Amelia, a former Treloweth Primary School pupil, said: “I really like art. I just think you can’t go wrong with it. It is special to you and nobody can remake it because it is unique.

“I also love English. I like it because I also love to write. I like reading fiction and my favourite author is JK Rowling and her Harry Potter books.”

Student presses for a plastic-free school

A student is calling on staff and students at Pool Academy to help transform it into a plastic-free school.

Freya wants to lead Pool Academy into a plastic-free world

Freya wants to lead Pool Academy into a plastic-free world

Freya Johnson, Year 7, was one of the leads in helping her primary school in Portreath become plastic-free - and she now wants to do the same at Pool.

She said it will be a tough job as it is a much bigger school but she is determined and wants others to help her on her quest.

The student, who has spoken about the importance of reducing plastic waste in London, is ready to guide her new peers on a similar journey at the secondary school.

She said: “Plastic is everywhere. I live near the beach and every weekend if you go on the beach you can see it there.

“My old primary school is plastic free and I helped with that. I went to London and spoke to a prince about it as well.

“I know what I am talking about as I was the leader on the plastic free team at Portreath and I would like to be the lead at Pool Academy as well.

“I would like to see more recycling bins to give people more of a chance to recycle items.

“It is going to be a hard job as it is a bigger school but I am up for the challenge.”