Year 7 student enjoying life at Pool Academy

A Year 7 student has revealed he is enjoying learning at Pool Academy after moving up from primary school.


Charlie used to go to Illogan Primary School and describes himself as ‘sometimes quiet and sometimes loud’.

Since starting Pool Academy in September he enjoys studying Science, Chemistry in particular. He thinks it could be something he would like to do when he is older.

Outside of school he likes to play computer games. Last summer he tried his hand at surfing at Godrevy beach when he joined a local surf club.

Language assistants thanked

Pool Academy will be waving goodbye to their language assistant who is due to return to Spain to start a degree.


Teachers have been very grateful to Fran who has been helping students practice their pronunciation and grammar during Modern Foreign Language lessons.

He began his teaching career after meeting a head teacher whilst he was working in a hotel. After gaining experience he came over to the UK to work in schools.

He now has plans to return to Barcelona to study a Fashion Marketing degree.

He said: “It has been good helping the students. They have been great to work with and some have been really good at it.

“I like Cornwall and I am going to miss it. I think I am going to miss pasties. We have pasties in Spain but it is not the same I have learnt how to make them but I am no expert.”

Chris Jadav, Modern Foreign Languages teacher at Pool Academy, said: "It has been so wonderful to have Fran with us. He has helped students with their pronunciation and learning.  We wish him luck in his future career.

"Thank you for everything you have done for our students."

Bike shop helps equip students

donation (2).JPG

Staff at a Falmouth bike shop have helped equip cycling students after donating 10 new helmets.

Steve and Ruben Masi travelled to Pool Academy from Falmouth Cycles to deliver the helmets.

Julian Hosking, PE teacher, said they will be used to replace the ones students had been using previously.

He said: “It is very good of Falmouth Cycles to organise delivery of our new cycle equipment.

“The helmets they donated look fantastic. They will replace our old ones so we can stay safe when go out on the trails. We are looking forward to getting off down to Tehidy and cycling the Great Flat Lode this term, along with Curriculum Enrichment Week cycling in June.”

Futsal coach awarded medal


A football coach from Pool Academy has been handed an award in recognition for helping train girls to reach a national finals event.

Mark Fuller was delighted when the Illogan Dragons Under 10 team won the South West finals. They then went up against Cambridge in The FA Futsal Cup 2019 Under 10s Girls finals at the St Georges Park National Football Centre.

The Illogan team, grateful for his help, awarded him with a medal in thanks for all his help in training.

Mr Fuller said: “I was presented with the medal for helping to coach the team for the national finals competition. I wasn’t expecting to get it. It was a massive surprise.

“I have been training them, on and off, since September and then regularly in the weeks leading up to the finals.

“They are a talented bunch and I thought they did really well in the South West game to get through to the nationals. They were one of the top two teams in the whole of Briton.

“I will definitely help them again in the future.”

markmedal 1.JPG

Councillors award Pool Academy student for charity work

Councillors have handed over an award to a Pool Academy student who has raised hundreds of pounds for charity over the past year.


Megan Kneebone, Year 8, has been given the Marise Levenson Memorial Award at the recent Carn Brea Parish Council Annual General Meeting.

Councillors gave it to her after hearing about all her fundraising activities.

Megan said: “The parish councillors chose one young person from the parish and that was me. Everyone was proud of me and I was very happy.

“I raised £400 when I cut my hair for charity. I have done that twice.  I have hosted bake sales and I hold coffee mornings for Macmillan Cancer charity. I also take part in the Race for Life runs and Pretty Mudder event.

“My uncle died of cancer so I want to spread awareness.”

Megan said she plans to do more fundraisers in the future.

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “We were thrilled to be invited to the Annual General Meeting for Carn Brea Parish Council to see yet another student be congratulated for their outstanding achievements. Megan was awarded the Marise Levenson Memorial Award for her incredible contribution to the community. Well done Megan. A huge thank you to Councillor Robert Drew and all the members of Carn Brea Parish Council for including us in your celebration.”

Students invent 'The Waffle Song' to advertise their fundraiser

Students have turned their recent fundraiser into a bit of a song and a dance to help collect as much money as possible.


A group of Year 7s have penned a song about waffles and choreographed moves to go along with it to help promote their charity waffle sale.

For the past week the girls have been visiting classrooms offering students the chance to buy a waffle, croissant or pain au chocolat for an early morning treat. For a few extra pennies they were also allowed to top the snacks with chocolate spread or syrup.

The group have raised more than £10 so far for Children's Hospice South West.

Ebony, one of the students selling the sweet treats, said the idea came after they had a meeting with Pool Academy Principal, Claire Meakin, to discuss fundraising ideas.

She said: “We were with Miss Meakin and we did a song and a dance about waffles and then we had an idea to make it a charity thing. Our tutor said it could be a good idea to sell waffles.”

Lily, another Year 7 selling waffles, said: “We are not sure the total amount we have raised so far but it is definitely more than £10. We have sold about 30 things. Everyone was excited to see them and put syrup on them.”

Jessica provided some of the pastries for sale.

She said: “We have enjoyed selling waffles to raise money for charity.”

Charlie Palmer-Round, their tutor at Pool Academy, said: “I am immensely proud of 7CPA for their continued efforts at trying to raise money for such a worthy cause.  My tutor group are always looking for ways to raise money for charity, this shows a real sense of community spirit and giving, 

“Well done 7CPA.”


The Waffle song.


Waffles x 4,

 Waffles, waffles, waffles, yeah, yeah, yeah. x2

You can have waffles with anything.

Sugar, yeah, syrup, yeah, sprinkles, yeah,



Waffles are great, waffles are good, even better than a little kids pud.

If you want sugar, then this is the thing.

Grab yourself a waffle and have a little sing.


Waffles x 4,

 Waffles, waffles, waffles, yeah, yeah, yeah. x2

You can have waffles at any time.

Breakfast, yeah, snack, yeah, lunch, yeah, dinner, yeah.





Year 11 student impresses with her hard work

A Year 11 student has impressed teachers with her dedication to studies on the run up to her GCSE’s.

Kacey - no consent (3).jpg

Kacey has been revising hard and staying after school four days a week to cram in extra revision studies. She has also been taking past papers home with her and achieving top marks.

Jacqui Fullman, from Pool Academy, said: “Kacey has always done her best in school and she is a delight to talk to. She has worked so hard in her lessons and her after school interventions. She deserves to get good results in her GCSEs.

“She has enjoyed her time at the Academy and will go on to bigger and brighter adventures.

“Well done Kacey.”

Pool Academy Principal Claire Meakin was impressed with her level of study as well as representing the school as an Anti-Bullying Ambassador and member of the Student Leadership team.

Miss Meakin said: “Kacey has been working so hard and has incredible revision notes.

“She wants to go into child care when she leaves Pool Academy. She is a great person and really cares about others and knows looking after people is important.

“We are really proud of her, she deserves to do brilliantly.”

Student raised around £4,000

zoe all.jpg

A kind-hearted student who’s raised around £4,000 so she can help others has been praised by teachers for her efforts.

Zoe, from Pool Academy, has organised numerous events throughout the year to help fund her charity trip to Tanzania. She plans to travel out in July to help others less fortunate than herself.

The Year 10 student recently raised £310 at a charity bingo night. This money, along with her previous fundraising efforts, means she can now afford to go on the trip. She was also given a donation by the Camborne, Redruth and District Lions Club.

In recognition of all her hard work staff at Pool Academy bought her a rucksack for her travels.

zoe all3.jpg

Will McKenzie, teacher at the school, said: “I think it is fantastic she has raised so much money for the trip. It will be a lifetime experience and I am looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing some photographs.”

Zoe says she plans to spend four weeks in East Africa with Camps International to help with local projects such as building classrooms, community centres or protecting wildlife.

She said: “I am excited and am looking forward to going.”

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “We are incredibly proud of all the hard work she has put into raising the money for the Tanzania trip

“What an incredible trip. She has definitely earned it after all that hard work fundraising.”

Pool Academy wins hundreds of pounds for new books

Pool Academy’s librarian has won hundreds of pounds to spend on new books for the school library.

Sandra Hampton says she was very excited to hear the academy had won £250 in a James Patterson competition for books. Scholastic also topped up the prize with an extra 25 percent. This means Pool Academy has been awarded £312.50.

Mrs Hampton is now calling on students to bring their requests for what they would like her to buy for the library.

She has until the end of the month to put her orders in.

Mrs Hampton said: “Before Easter I entered the school and library into a Scholastic competition. I have just had an email to confirm we are one of the winners.

“It is so exciting.

“I would love to hear from students which authors and book titles they would like to see in the library.  

“I am aiming to order the chosen books a few days before May 31st.”

Students can drop their requests in at the library when they visit next.

Students help team win finals

Sporting students from Pool Academy have helped their football team win the finals and secure the cup.

warriors won (3).JPG

Aaron, Harrison, Dylan, Oliver, Bailey and Ryan are members of the Illogan Warriors football club. They recently took part in the Kernow Youth Football League’s finals against Truro.

The Year 7 boys, who practise with their team at least once a week, said the match was a good one with a finishing score of 4-1.

The boys were presented with a cup and each given two medals, one for being a league winner and one for being a cup winner.

They hope this win means they can now move up a league.

Oliver said: “We were a bit shaky at the start but once we got going we were ok.”


After June the boys hope to start playing in the next league with their team.

warriors won (1).JPG

Oliver said: “We like football, it is good. We play to improve and we don’t worry about winning or losing. It is just about enjoying the game.”

As well as playing with the Illogan Warriors two of the boys also train with Plymouth Argyle at Pool Academy. Ryan will be trying out for a chance to train with Chelsea in Truro.

The boys hope to continue playing football when they are older.

University awards Pool Academy students

Excellence 2019 watermarked - 097.jpg

University officials have awarded a group of Pool Academy students for their excellence during a special event recently.

The University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, staff invited the students to its Excellence Awards Cornwall Ceremony on May 2.

The group were given badges in recognition of their positive contribution to the school as well as achieving well in studies.

Martin Caldwell was given the “Year 10 Star of the Year” award.

Cameron Friggens, from Year 8, was given an award for his contribution to the school. This included being a lead in school productions where he showed ‘creativity like no other’ and taking part in sporting events.

Cameron said “It was a good event.

“I was pleased to have been given the award. Being invited to the evening was special for us.”

Arwen Taylor, Year 8, was awarded for being a keen, young writer for the school website as well as setting up an improvisational comedy club for fellow students.

She said it was an exciting evening and she enjoyed the food and some of the speakers that night.

Claire Meakin, Principal of Pool Academy, said: “We were incredibly proud to attend the Excellence Awards Ceremony at University of Exeter.

“Well done to everyone recognised for their simply outstanding achievements.  A particular well done to Martin Caldwell for being recognised as the Year 10 Star of the Year.

“We loved listening to the inspirational keynote speech from an ex-Pool student, Dr Nathan Mayne.”

Last year more than 80 awards were presented to students from across the South West Peninsular of Cornwall. They were rewarded for their Academic Achievement, Artistic Achievement, Sporting Achievement and Positive Contribution to their school or community. 

University names student as star of Year 10

Excellence 2019 watermarked - 104.jpg

 A student from Pool Academy has been crowned Year 10 Star of the Year by University of Exeter officials.

Martin Caldwell.JPG

Martin Caldwell said it was a surprise to hear he had beaten off students from schools across the county to win the title.

He was awarded a star and a special white badge to wear on his uniform for his work raising money and awareness for charity.

It was given to him during the University of Exeter’s Excellence Awards Cornwall event earlier this month.

Martin said: “I was nominated for the award but I thought it was just for the Positive Contribution awards. I didn’t know I was going to get the Star award. When I heard my name I was confused, shocked and happy.

“It was a good evening and my family were proud of me.

“I was given the Year 10 Star of the Year award for my work in increasing awareness for diabetes.

“I held a fundraising Judo event. I held a session to raise money and collected more than £100. I will probably do something else for the charity again.”

Claire Meakin, Principal of Pool Academy, said she was proud of Martin for receiving the award.

Last year more than 80 awards were presented to students from across the South West Peninsular of Cornwall. They were rewarded for their Academic Achievement, Artistic Achievement, Sporting Achievement and Positive Contribution to their school or community. 

Budding gardeners get planting tips

seedlings (4).JPG

A group of budding gardeners were given top tips from an expert as they planted their prize seedlings recently.

seedlings (2).JPG

Over the past few months The Royal Horticultural Society has been sending the school seasonal seedlings. These were a prize for students after they achieved their level three gardening award.

The most recent batch arrived this week with more than 100 plants including tomatoes, strawberries, cabbages and more.

Malcolm Moyle has been tending to his allotment for more than 20 years. He visited students to offer top tips on how they could get the best out of the plants they were putting into their allotment.

He said: “The students have been very enthusiastic. The school is doing well to get young people involved in how to grow things.

seedlings (3).JPG

“It is nice to see them bring this area of school to life. The wildlife here is phenomenal with birds and newts and toads. This is a brilliant little oasis on the school site.

“The students have worked hard on this.”

One student, who was helping plant cabbages into the allotment, said: “It is fun to plant the seedlings and I am going to come back and watch them grow.”

Mr Moyle, who is a Councillor on Carn Brea Parish Council, has encouraged students to enter a tallest Sunflower competition for the parish Council’s Gardening competition

The Carn Brea in Bloom competition has categories for all ages.  People are encouraged to contact the parish council for an entry form by calling 01209 313014 or emailing

Closing date is June 30, 2019.

Students invited to take up golf

Pool Academy students are being invited to join a six week course at a junior golf school on Saturday afternoons.

Tehidy Park Golf Club, near Camborne, is calling on people from Year 7 to 11 to take part in its Tigers club. It started on Saturday and will run nearly every Saturday for six weeks.

The course is aimed at complete beginners as well as slightly experienced golfers over nine years old. Topics covered during the course will include basic grip and set up, full swing, short game play and putting.

Jonathan Lamb, PGA Professional at Tehidy Park Golf Club, is promoting the course. He said it helps to develop honesty, concentration, cooperation and respect.

The course will take place from 3pm-4pm and costs £25. All equipment will be provided.

To book on to the course email or visit

There is also an afternoon course for 5-8 year olds which runs on a Saturday from 1-2pm

Tehidy Tigers Leaflet Page 1.jpg
Tehidy Tigers Leaflet Page 2.jpg

Footballer and team through to the finals

A footballer from Pool Academy and his team are through to the finals after winning their recent semis.

Finley Zuczkowski, Year 10, played in the match with West Cornwall SFA under 15s against Torbay recently. The first half was tough and they were down 2-0 but they then made a comeback in the second half winning with a score of 4-3.

The team are now looking forward to taking part in the finals on Wednesday in Newton Abbot.

Finley said: “It was a pretty tough game. They were bigger guys but we were more confident.”

Pool Academy welcomes new Vice Principal

A new Vice Principal has been selected to take the helm alongside Lisette Neesham at Pool Academy.

Nick Ward.jpg

After a vigorous selection process Nick Ward has been invited to join the staff with a focus on Teaching and Learning.

Mr Ward comes with a wealth of experience after starting his career as a teacher of science at Launceston College in 1995. He has since worked at Treviglas Community College in 2004 and two academies in Plymouth. He will be joining Pool Academy in June this year.

He said: “I am delighted to undertake this exciting opportunity to become part of the Pool Academy community and work with our young people and staff to ensure success. It is a real privilege to be able to work with young people and have an influence on their futures.

“I hold an absolute belief in success for all and that everything must be done to support young people to achieve by promoting an exciting and dynamic experience, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.”

Mr Ward said he aims to prepare all students in ‘becoming responsible and active British citizens, who take pride in being part of their local community’.

He added: “In my time outside of the working environment I actively participate in developing opportunities for young people to aspire and respect others through my role as a rugby and cricket coach. In respecting others our young people help to create a supportive environment where challenges faced in learning, pressures of a pastoral nature and concerns about the future can all be addressed in a productive manner. “

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “Nick has significant senior leadership experience across a number of schools and will be working with staff, students and members of the community next year to secure the very best outcomes for every individual. 

“We look forward to him joining us in June.”

Girls end rugby season with top win

Three girls from Pool Academy have ended the rugby season in victory after winning their most recent tournament.

Lucie, Ellie, Daisy and the rest of their under 15s team from Camborne played in the rugby rocks competition at the weekend.


They played against two different teams and found the toughest match was against Barnstable.

The weekend event saw them coming back stronger on the second day as they beat both teams becoming victor. The score was three tries to two which enabled them to win the tournament. 

Emma Mills was proud of the girls.

She said: “A brilliant end to a season.”

Daisy, Year 10, said: “The tournament went well. It was really hot.

“The first match we won and the second we lost. The next day we played the same teams and we won against them both.”

Lucie, Year 10, said: “We were happy with the result and excited. Our parents were proud of us.

“We have our presentation on Friday and then that is for the rugby season but now we will start beach training which is tag rugby.”

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “Congratulations to Daisy, Ellie, Lucie and all the U15s from Camborne in the rugby rocks tournament.

“Well done girls, we are so proud of you.”

Students call for plastic donations

Students hoping to create a large whale sculpture are calling for community members to donate their plastic instead of throwing it away.

Washed items including used milk bottles, lids, fruit wrap, clean food container, water bottles and more are wanted for the art piece.


A collection point has been set up in the main reception for people to come and donate items.

Freya Johnson, Year 7, has a passion to cut plastic consumption. She believes making the sculpture will bring home to people how much plastic is used by people every day.

She hopes she will get a lot of support from staff, students and members of the community.

She said: “It is about reusing plastic, help people realise how much plastic they use and how it is affecting the school and the planet.

“I don’t think it will take very long to build the whale which is sad because that shows how much plastic people use every day.”

Freya was one of the leads in helping her primary school in Portreath become plastic-free. She has dreams of dong the same for Pool Academy.

She said: “Plastic is everywhere. I live near the beach and every weekend if you go on the beach you can see it there.”

Students view their work in art exhibition

Artists from Pool Academy were invited to Falmouth to view their art work currently showcased in an exhibition.

Jonty Lees, from Pool School Art Gallery, took the students to Gut Reaction by Falmouth Citizen Curators at Falmouth Art Gallery.

art trip.jpg

The group were able to view a collection of contemporary pieces inspired by the Margaret Whitford Bequest. Some of the pieces were also created by the students.

art trip1.jpg

After seeing their work on display they then went to Falmouth University for a tour around the campus before having a picnic lunch.

Mr Lees, on Pool School Art Gallery Instagram account @poolschoolgallery, wrote: “Wonderful trip to Falmouth Art Gallery. Work by Pool Academy students is framed and on display.

“Thank you Falmouth Art Gallery and the Citizen Curators.

“We then ran up Jacobs ladder, ate a picnic at Falmouth University, looked around the excellent 1st year Fine Art exhibitions and studied the Woodlane Windows display.”

A spokesperson for Falmouth Gut Reaction, on their Instagram account @falmouthgutreaction, wrote: “It was so nice to see @poolacademy yesterday morning on their trip to @falmouthartgallery to see their brilliant works framed in the gallery. We enjoyed a workshop together and even celebrated with cake.”

Students delight at new books

Pool Academy students were delighted to see an array of new books on offer in the current Scholastics book fair.

Scores of paperbacks were on offer at half price in the school library including a number of well-known titles.


Students visited the shelves during their break and lunch times to see if they could grab a few bargains. There were also posters and stationery available too.

A group of students helped out selling the items to their peers.

One said: “It is exciting to have new books to buy at school in the half-price sale.”

Another student, Anna, agreed. She said: “It was good to see there were lots of new books in the sale.”

Megan added: “It is fun to have the book sale here. The books are also cheaper here too.”

School librarian, Sandra Hampton, said: “There are some really good books this time. We have been sent some for 13 year olds and up. This means they are suitable for more of the students in the school to read.

“We have had quite a few people come to look at the books already.”

The three cases full of fiction and non-fiction will be available to purchase until Thursday, 9th May.

Posters with information have been put up around the school. Pool Academy will be gifted 10 percent of the sales to spend on new books for the library.

Mrs Hampton is encouraging everyone to come and see the range of books on offer.