Students impress after taking part in Anatomy Live.

Students impressed experts after taking part in dissections, blood testing and anaesthetics during Anatomy Live.

The event took place at Truro High School recently and was attended by more than 100 schools.

A group of Year 9, 10 and 11 Triple Scientists from Pool Academy attended the event over the weekend.

They were offered the chance to dissect a synthetic cadaver - a mock human body, run blood type tests and learn about entry into modern medicine.

Mr Jones, Pool Academy Science teacher, said Pool Academy students impressed experts at Truro High School so much they were invited to attend an after school Aspiring Medics programme.

The programme runs lecturers by visiting medics from different backgrounds including Pharmacists and Veterinary surgeons.

Mr Jones said: “I had the pleasure of spending the day with some of our triple scientists at the Anatomy Live event.

“I have never been so proud of our students who outshone the other scientists who attended.

“Our students were presented with some extremely challenging anatomical and physiological questions and demonstrated degree level subject knowledge in places. For example, they discussed the differential diagnoses and aetiology of cardiac tamponade - this would never be on any GCSE or even A level specification.

“Today has been a stark reminder as to why I teach. The students were a credit to the school.

“The head of STEM at Truro High was full of praise and offered our students the opportunity to take part in their Aspiring Medics programme.”

Certificate awarded in thanks of charity cake sale

A certificate has been sent to Pool Academy in thanks for funds raised through a charity bake sale.

Cakes of all shapes, sizes and flavours were put on sale at the school in September to raise much-needed funds for MacMillan Cancer Support.

The event took place as part of the charity’s annual World’s Biggest Coffee Morning and staff brought along home baked goods and other treats to help the cause.


This week Steph York, PA to Leadership Team at Pool Academy, received a certificate from the charity to thank her and those who took part in raising £165.36.

The school supports the event each year to help raise much-needed cash for the charity.

Mrs York said: “We like to take part in the Macmillan Cancer Support’s World Biggest Coffee Morning event every year.

“Members of staff bring and buy cakes. Staff at Pool Academy like to support such an important charity."

Miss Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “It was lovely to see the admin team work together to help raise money for such an important charity.”

Students urged to take part in revision competition

Students at Pool Academy are being urged to take part in a revision competition which could win them £150.

Pod Games was launched on November 1 and is a regional online event which calculates how many educational Podcasts are viewed by students.

Schools are being encouraged to compete against each other and top prizes could be awarded including £150 shopping voucher and £1,000 for the school.

Everyone studying at Pool Academy in Year 9, 10 and 11 has been automatically entered into the game.

If the school gets one of the top positions in the regional league for the highest amount of GCSEPod watched by February half term it will qualify for the Pod National Finals.

Mr McKenzie, Pool Academy teacher, said: “The competition is to find out who can watch the most podcasts. The podcasts are bite-size revision clips.

“Students at Pool Academy have been automatically entered and are currently on the leader board at number 11 out of 52 schools.

“I am encouraging everyone to take part and watch as many pods as possible. You never know, you could win £150 shopping voucher.”

GCSEPod subjects include Maths, English, Science, Business Studies, Music and PE and can be used as revision. 

Pool Academy students and teachers use GCSEPods regularly and the total number watched in and out of school since September 1 this year was 4,277. This outweighs the average 808 calculated for a school the size of the Academy.

During the last academic year 21,712 pods were watched.

Pool Academy is a finalist in tech awards

Buzz the Bear has helped Pool Academy reach the finals of a glittering county tech awards night.

buzz 360 widescreen.jpg

The school mascot and his team have been invited to the Cornwall Live EDGE Awards at the end of this month.

They are in the running to scoop the title of Best School or College IT / Digital / Multi-Media Project category.

buzzlaunch (1).JPG

The event has been organised for the very first time to celebrate digital and tech businesses in Cornwall.

Phil Jones, the school’s IT Network Manager, a Pool Academy student and their team successfully launched

Buzz the Bear

to the edge of space in a helium balloon. Also attached to the balloon was some high-tech equipment to help

trace the flight and a 360 camera to take photographs of the trip.

Mr Jones said: “It is great to have been shortlisted for the award. Buzz’s adventures into space have really captured people’s attention.


“We have now had two successful space missions and have been pleased by the results, videos and images captured.

“Students, primary school children and even our local MP were impressed after watching footage of Buzz’s journeys.

“It is nice to know our technical engineering project, led by a student, has got so much recognition from

the community.”

The awards take place on November 30 at The Lighthouse Cinema in Newquay.

There will be a canapé and drink reception before the winners are announced.

Mr Jones said: “We are looking forward to attending the event and Buzz is already picking out what to wear

for the night.”


Graduation congratulations


Congratulations to Pool Academy’s Careers and Work Experience Coordinator who graduated with a BA Hons recently.

Nicola Grenfell received a 2:1 Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Professional Practice: Education from University of Worcester last week.

She attended an afternoon ceremony and celebrated with family and fellow classmates.

Previously Mrs Grenfell had studied a foundation degree for two years. This last year she has been working towards her BA Hons degree.

She said she studied with the Learning Institute.

 “I have been studying alongside working at Pool Academy, and looking after my family,” She said. “The graduation ceremony was amazing.

“It was also really lovely to see all the other people from my course on the day.

“It was hard work but graduating was brilliant.”

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “Congratulations to Nicola on gaining a BA Hons in Education. We are all really proud of her.”

Well done to Year 9 Rugby team

Pool Academy Rugby players have been congratulated after playing a great game recently.

Year 9 Rugby team

Year 9 Rugby team

The Year 9 rugby team beat Truro School 21-14 and are now preparing to play Hayle in the quarter finals this week.

Julian Hosking, Pool Academy PE teacher, said: “Congratulations to Y9 Rugby Team who beat Truro School 21-14.

“They played brilliantly and Truro were a great team.

“They are now through to the next round of the County Cup.

“Special mention to Taylor Rayment, Dominykas Stanislavicius, Tyler Hibberd and also Oliver Champion.

“They are now looking forward to playing Hayle in the quarter finals on Tuesday.”

Mr Hosking said they played a friendly match against Mullion School last Thursday evening (NOV2) to keep up their skills.

Students take an early lead as word competition kicks off

Pool Academy students took an early lead in an international word competition as it kicked off this week.

Students taking part in  Word Mania competition

Students taking part in  Word Mania competition

Years 7, 8 and 9 are taking part in Word Mania against other schools across the globe to find as many words, hidden in a jumble of 15 letters, as they can in just three minutes.

A leader board from 6/11/2017

A leader board from 6/11/2017

The event started online on Monday (NOV6) morning and by lunch time Year 9 had already reached to number four on the leader boards and Year 7 had reached position number six. Both year groups were the number one England school only being beaten by pupils from countries such as Bangkok and China.

Last week Pool Academy students were congratulated by competition officials for creating 14,761 words in the first three days of the practice week.

Leader board from 6/11/2017

Leader board from 6/11/2017

The competition takes place on the students’ tablets and the first round lasts until November 10.

Points are awarded for the most words found as well as for the longest words. Those taking part will be awarded badges and credits according to their scores. Certificates will be given as well as the chance to win more than £10,000 in prizes for the school.

Children from as far away as Africa and Asia are also taking part in the competition.

Lisa McKune, Pool Academy English teacher, said: “The students have done really well already. It is a great start by everyone at Pool Academy.

“We’ve just got to keep it up.

“We have to be in the top three in the South West to stay in the competition and get to the next round.”

Ms McKune said things could change overnight because time zone differences mean international students will be starting school after English schools have finished for the day.

She said: “I wish everyone good luck and hope they keep up the good work.”

Students get a taste of life in the Navy

Students from Pool Academy were given a taste of life in the Navy after a recent visit to Helston.

A group from Year 10 and 11 visited RNAS Culdrose to meet officers and see if a life in the forces was for them.

They arrived at the Royal Navy air station at 9.30am for a day of practical experiences including operating some of the fire engine equipment and dressing up in the kit.

RNAS Culdrose set up different stations for students to have a go at including making mock cocktails and cook pancakes.

Student Lewis trying on some Navy kit.

Student Lewis trying on some Navy kit.

During a tour of the site they were shown the gym where they were encouraged to try out some exercise activities such as running with weighted bags.

They also learnt a bit of basic first aid and CPR practice.

Nikki Grenfell, Careers Advisor at Pool Academy, said: “We spent the entire day there and looked around different departments at RNAS Culdrose.

“The students were given a talk from one of the officers who explained what he did, how he got into the Navy and what Navy life was like

“Students were allowed to spray water from the fire engine and one tried on an oxygen cylinder. He was quite shocked by how heavy it was.”

Mrs Grenfell said she had selected a group of students who had expressed an interest in joining the Navy when they were older.

She said: “It was a really, really good day. It was brilliant and well worth going to.

“It was informative as well as fun.

“I think it was really beneficial to the students and they were all absolutely amazing during the day.”

Kind-hearted students collect for Poppy Appeal

Kind-hearted students at Pool Academy have been reaching into their pockets to make donations to this year’s Poppy Appeal.

The Poppies and collection pot are being kept on the desk at main reception so people passing can give their coins to the charity.

Jack, Year 8, said he had been encouraging his friends to make a donation to the charity.

He said: “I have given some money already. It is for an important cause.

“I would like to encourage all the students to make a donation.”

The Poppy Appeal is run by the British Royal Legion which asks people to remember those involved in the Armed Forces, past, present and future.

Money collected will help provide support for families, veterans and members of the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and the British Army.

Last year the appeal and other fundraisers for The Royal British Legion raised £146.9million.

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “It is lovely to see our students getting so involved with fundraising. The Poppy Appeal is an important one and I encourage all staff and students to think about making a donation.”


Young chefs bake up autumn treats at Pool Academy

A group of young chefs were invited to bake up some autumn treats at Pool Academy.

Scores of eggs, pints of milk, butter and flour were dished out to pupils from Rosemellin Primary School when they visited recently.

Tyler and Finlay with their muffins  

Tyler and Finlay with their muffins


Children were offered the chance to create Toffee Apple Muffins using the cooking facilities at Pool Academy. Many of the children had never baked alone before and they found it enjoyable.

Mr Alston, teacher at Rosemellin Primary School, said: “The pupils are having a lovely time. It is a great experience for them. It is lovely for them to have the opportunity to do something in a proper kitchen environment. It is the first time many of them have baked like this.”

Finlay, Rosemellin pupil, said: “This was my first time making muffins alone. I really enjoyed it.”

Tyler, pupil, said: “I have made a pizza before but it is the first time I have baked on my own.”

Ella, pupil, said: “This was the first time I baked on my own and I really enjoyed it. I have never cracked an egg on my own before.”

Ella with her muffins

Ella with her muffins

Mrs Strana, Pool Academy Teacher, said: "It was lovely to see all the children get involved. They all seemed to enjoy themselves and really got stuck in. Their toffee apple muffins came out a treat especially as some of them had never baked on their own before."

Pencoys Primary School and Treloweth School also attended during the day to bake muffins.

Students set to watch Shakespeare play in the comfort of their own classroom

Pool Academy students are set to watch a Shakespeare play broadcast live into their classroom.

The Royal Shakespeare Company will be performing Julius Caesar on November 16 in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The play will be filmed live and sent straight to the school’s classroom.

The two and half hour production is a tale of political tragedy and the live broadcast will start at 9am. There will be two 15 minute breaks as well as student activities between each section.  The RSC actors will also hold a live question and answer at the end.

Jamie Best, Pool Academy Drama teacher, said: “It is such a wonderful opportunity for students to be able to see a Shakespeare play, performed by the RSC, broadcast straight into their classroom.

"It is the first time many of the students will have ever seen the Royal Shakespeare Company perform.

"It will give them a great insight into the way a professional theatre company perform and I hope it will inspire many of them in their future drama classes.

"The students have been studying the play before the broadcast to get the most out of the day.

"I am looking forward to it." 

Students crack codes as part of national challenge  

Pool Academy students have been deciphering codes in a national challenge to unravel the mystery of Rome’s Lost Legion.

The national online codebreaking competition is running until January 4, 2018, and Year 9 to 11s are taking part.


Students have signed up as teams or individuals with the aim to decipher messages released every Thursday at 3pm.

Points are awarded for speed and accuracy and those taking part so far have a day or two to try and get top marks. As the challenge progresses the speed in completing the messages will become more important.

After each stage is completed students will be awarded certificates which record their success.

Lisa Warwicker, Pool Academy Maths teacher, said: “This is a new competition. It is run by the University of Southampton.

“I am running it for Y9 to 11 although younger students can take part too.

“New coded messages come out every Thursday at 3pm.

“My Year 10 extension Maths set are looking at the new code.

“They did well the first week but not so good week two, however, the codes do get progressively harder.

“I wish them all luck in getting to the final round and discovering the mystery of Rome’s lost Legion.”

Footballer plays her way to the top

A Pool Academy student has played her way to the top after impressing officials in Bristol.

Leah Willoughby, 13, travelled to the city recently to show off her skills. She was assessed before being named West of England Final Football Trialist.

Leah, who has been playing football all her life said she loves the game and practises near enough every day.


Her favourite position out on the field is goal keeper.

She said: “I only found out I was a final football trialist a few days ago.  I went to Bristol and had to play a few games for them to asses me.

“I was up against about six others.

“I have been playing football all my life. It is fun and I practise a lot.

“I train with the Cornwall team in St Austell and with Grassroots in St Agnes.

“I pretty much play football every day.”

Leah has plans to join the army when she is older and expects there will be plenty of opportunities to play football there.

Mr Durant, PE teacher at Pool Academy, said: “Congratulations to Leah on her achievements. It is great to see students at Pool Academy do so well in sporting activities.

“Keep up the good work.”

Young thespians calling for old instruments

Young thespians are calling for old instruments to use as props in their upcoming musical School of Rock.

Pool Academy is due to put on its biggest and best production yet and have been spending weeks rehearsing.

They are excited about being able to perform the Broadway and West End hit in December.

They are now looking for people to help them create an amazing set to complement their acting, dancing and singing skills.


Emily Cromey, Head of Music at Pool Academy, said: “We are trying to source some old instruments to use as props.

“We are hoping people with old brass, woodwind or string instruments could loan them to us to use as props.

“It doesn’t matter if they are broken or don’t play as we only need them as props.”

The musical is based on the 2003 film which starred Hollywood comic Jack Black. It tells the story of a jobless rock musician who pretends to be a substitute teacher at a school and uses the pupils to create a new band.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, who brought the story to the stage, has allowed schools to perform the musical free of charge for one year only to help promote the arts.

Jamie Best, Pool Academy Drama teacher, applied to the Really Useful Group Ltd for the script

Mrs Cromey said: “Rehearsals for School of Rock are going well. There is still a lot to do. It is a really exciting and fun play to be part of. The students are really excited to be taking part in it. There is a lot of singing too.”

Christmas card competition deadline extended


Students have been given extra time to create a winning design thanks to a Christmas card competition deadline being extended.

Staff at the Pool Academy are looking for someone to create the school’s official 2017 Christmas card which will be sent out to governors and other officials.

Organisers have now agreed to extend the deadline so students now have until Friday, November 10, to hand in their winning designs.

Everyone is invited to take part and submit ideas on how they think this year’s card should look. All entries will be judged by Principal Miss Meakin.

All entries are welcome and can range from anything such as a painting or a sculpture to a photograph or a poem.

The competition is being run by Pool Academy’s art teacher Mrs Ellis.

She said: “We have extended the deadline of the competition until next Friday.

“We have already got some good designs and are looking forward to receiving some more top designs.

“Every entry will win students an achievement point and Miss Meakin will be picking the winner.

“I am looking forward to seeing some more high standard designs being entered.”

The designs need to be handed into the art department by November 10. There will be a collection box for all entries.

Some of the entries already handed in for the competition

Some of the entries already handed in for the competition

Budding chefs plate up meals in first round of top competition

Aspiring cooks put their talents to the test when they took part in the first round of a top competition.

Students from Pool Academy stayed after school to create show-stopping dishes for the Springboard’s FutureChef’s Chef of the Year 2018 competition.

The first heats took place at school on October 18 and 19 from 3pm until 4.45pm. Students were asked to create a tasty, well presented, interesting main meal.

Aleks cooking up a treat

Aleks cooking up a treat

After an hour of chopping, kneading, boiling and baking Max, Year 10, and Aleks , Year 9, were selected as the two winners who will now go on to the next round.

Max preparing his dish

Max preparing his dish

Max cooked up homemade lasagne and garlic bread. Aleks made Salmon with lemon butter cream sauce. He said the hardest bit for him was getting the skin off the fish successfully.


A spectator commented that he looked very professional while cooking.

Tom, Year 9, also took part in the event and made Smoked Haddock on a bed of crushed potatoes, mushroom cream sauce and a side of unicorn carrots, kale and savoy cabbage.

Mrs Stana, Pool Academy teacher, said it was hard to judge the best cook as they all did so well.

She said: “The winners were Aleks and Max.  Aleks cooked salmon and Max made lasagne. Max made his own bread and pasta, all within the hour.

The finished lasagne dish

The finished lasagne dish

“It was a close call.  Everyone who took part in the competition were all really good.  Judges found it almost impossible. 

“I wish I could have put them all forward to the next round.”

There are four stages to the competition and the next round will be held at Camborne College on November 22 against youngsters from other schools in the area.

A lovely fish dish

A lovely fish dish

Stage three will see regional finalists cooking a two course meal for two. Then the finals will be hosted by Westminster Kingsway College, in London, judged by industry and celebrity chefs. During the finals people will be asked to cook three portions each of a two course meal including a hot main course and a hot or cold dessert.

Mrs Strana, teacher at Pool Academy, said: “The competition is a great way to boost your profile as a cook and if you reach the finals you could get to meet a top chef.

“It’s a lot of fun and offers great potential.

“This is a fantastic opportunity with some prestigious prizes.”

Parents urged to sign up to new payment app

Parents are being urged to sign up to a new school payment app created to make life more convenient.

Pool Academy has launched a new internet-based service for parents to make online payments any time of the day or night.

The app, called School Gateway, can be used on a smartphone as an app or via the website and will help reduce the amount of money being carried by children in school.

Many people are already signing up to the cashless system but school officials are urging everyone to use School Gateway before the Curriculum Enrichment Week 2018 is launched later this term.

The cashless system also allows parents or carers to give online consent for their children to take part in activities.

Colin Barco, Finance Director, said: “A number of parents are already signing up for the new cashless system which makes paying for school trips and other fees easy and convenient.

“The new cashless system at Pool Academy falls in line with other schools in the area.

“In this age of smartphones and computers it makes sense for Pool Academy to launch the School Gateway app.

“We are encouraging all parents to sign up to the system before the Curriculum Enrichment Week 2018 is launched for payments.”

To use the system parents need an email address and mobile number. Parents are advised to download the app using the Android and iPhone store.

It can also be found by visiting and clicking on ‘new user’.

Mr Barco said: “If anybody has any issues with the system then please feel free to call the school and select the finance office option.”

Students prepare to battle it out in an international word competition

Students are poised with tablets at the ready to battle in the international Word Mania online competition.

Pool Academy’s Year 7, 8 and 9 have been practising for next week’s event and were second on the South West practice leader board after creating more than 14,000 words.

Word Mania sees children competing against other schools to find as many words, hidden in a jumble of 15 letters, as they can in just three minutes.

In the practice week Pool Academy received a phone call from one of the competition officials to congratulate them in creating 14,761 words in the first three days.

The competition takes place on the students’ tablets and the first round starts on November 6 until November 10.

Points are awarded for the most words found as well as for the longest words. Those taking part will be awarded badges and credits according to their scores. Certificates will be given as well as the chance to win more than £10,000 in prizes for the school.

Children from as far away as Africa and Asia are also taking part in the competition

Lisa McKune, Pool Academy English teacher, said: “Since Monday, Pool Academy students have created 14,761. In three days that is formidable. A competition official rang me yesterday to say how well we had done.

“Next week is the first round of the competition. I wish everyone good luck and hope they keep up the good work.

“Pool Academy has never taken part in this competition before and they are already doing so well.”

Pool Academy are on the National Practice Leader Board...results as 02/11/2017

Pool Academy are on the National Practice Leader Board...results as 02/11/2017

Mystery of old Pool Academy photograph is unveiled thanks to local community

Mystery surrounding an old photograph unearthed at Pool Academy has been unveiled thanks to the help of the local community.

A picture from the 1930s showing a group of more than 50 people dressed in costume was found at the school during an office clear out.


Thanks to the West Briton printing the story and issuing a call for information members of the community have come forward.

Arthur Thomas wrote to Pool Academy Principal Claire Meakin confirming the image was captured at the end of the school term in 1933.

He said: “This school operetta was entitled 'May-day in Welladay'.

“My mother Kathleen Arthur, at the age of fourteen, was leading the cast and she is pictured in the centre.

“The previous year, 1932, she took the leading role in 'The pirates of Penzance'.”

Alan Jennings, from Pool, also contacted the school. He recognised the photograph straight away as he had a copy of it himself because it contained his grandmother and mother. He also had another photograph taken on the same day of the group.

He believed the photograph was taken in the woods near Trevenson House.

Sarah Young, on behalf of Alan Jennings, told Pool Academy: “The seventh person in from the left, third row up is my grandmother, Gladys Mitchell. The second one in from the left on the bottom row is Dorothy Jennings. The photos are thought to be taken in the old college grounds close to Trevenson House. The background is not painted. It was taken in the woods.”

Mr Jennings said he went to Pool School himself in 1961 but he couldn’t remember having stage productions whilst he was there.


Students raise £130 after baking treats to raise cash for prom

Pool Academy students baked up a sweet selection of treats to help raise cash for their school prom.

Staff and students baking for the sale.

Staff and students baking for the sale.

Scores of cakes, brownies and muffins were freshly made and put on sale in classrooms during school break and lunch time recently.

Each cake was sold for 20p or 50p to teachers and children in aid of the prom and £130 was raised.

One student who had bought some of the fairy cakes said they were ‘very tasty’. Another said the chocolate brownies were ‘the best’.

The sale was organised to raise funds for a professional photographer and a photo booth at the prom.

Sol, Head Boy, with his selection of cakes for sale.

Sol, Head Boy, with his selection of cakes for sale.

Sol, Pool Academy Head Boy, said he had given up his time after school the night before to bake fairy cakes for the event.

“The sale has gone really well,” he said. “We baked loads of cakes and a lot of the students bought them.”

Danny, Year 11, also helped with the sale. She said: “I made some chocolate muffins to sell.”

Amber, Pool Academy’s Head Girl, said: “I helped with the cake sale because we want to raise money to go towards the prom.”

Amber, Head Girl, selling cakes.

Amber, Head Girl, selling cakes.

Claire Giles, teacher at Pool Academy, said: “The students worked really hard organising this event and spent time after school baking. They brought lots and lots of cakes, doughnuts and cookies. 

 “They hope to raise enough money for unlimited photograph strips in the photo booth. They also want to have a professional photographer.

“The sale was fantastic. They worked really hard and baked their socks off. We had loads of cakes for sale.”

The last prom was held at Tregenna Castle, in St Ives, at the end of the academic year. The evening began at 6pm with a three course meal. There was a disco and photo booth with a number of comedy props to dress up in.

The evening is organised each year for students to celebrate the end of school and say goodbye to friends and teachers.