Students create their own performance

Students are putting together the finishing touches for a performance that will go towards their GCSE marks.

Members of the Year 11 drama class have spent weeks creating scripts, sets and costumes for their very own production.

On Tuesday December 4th from 7pm students will present ‘B.U.L.L.Y’, ‘This is My Story’ and ‘Karma’. They are all based around the theme of ‘Revenge’.

The show will be performed in the drama studio front of a live audience of friends, family and members of the community.

Jamie Best, Drama teacher at Pool Academy, said: “They have been working hard for the performance. They are nervous but we hope the nerves will be a good thing and help them have a great performance.

“The show is all their own work and they have been working on it for a long time.”

The students will be marked on their work that evening with the results revealed the next day at parents evening.

As well as creating the live show the students also have to complete a 4,000-word analysis of their experience in creating the show from scratch.

This will contribute to 40 per cent of their final GCSE.

B.U.L.L.Y. (1).JPG