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We place a very high emphasis at Pool on every pupil gaining a sound working knowledge of mathematics. As a core subject in the National Curriculum it is studied extensively by all students in all years.

Pupils should encounter a range of different mathematical experiences with a balance between:

group work and individual work
oral and written work
activities which develop knowledge or practise skills and investigative problem solving or practical activities
activities which are closed, and those that are open
listening and talking, reading and writing, observing and doing
using ICT in mathematics
Key-Stage 4 Examinations

Students will be entered for the EDEXCEL examinations at the end of Year 11.  This academic year 2016/2017 will the first time Year 11 sit the new examination. There is no coursework component of the syllabus. There are now three papers (previously two) one will be non calculator and the other two will be both calculator papers.

GCSE Mathematics is examined in two overlapping tiers of entry: This academic year 2016/2017 will be the first time we have the new grading system

Higher Tier with grades 4 to 9 available

Foundation Tier with grades 1 to 5 available

Both tiers have 3 exam papers at the end of the course, each lasting 1 hour 30 minutes. 

Mr A James

Head of Mathematics


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