Pool Academy has benefited from the re-provision of a purpose-built Music Suite to serve this curriculum area. Music is central to the life of the school, and, as such, we are committed to ensuring that affordable instrumental tuition is available to any student wishing to learn to play or sing.

The music accommodation consists of two large classrooms inter-connected by a well-equipped recording studio, five practice rooms, two ensemble rooms, two spacious stores and an office.

There are a number of MIDI workstations offering industry-standard software including Sibelius, Cubase SX, Cubasis, Finale and Photoscore.
A wide range of other acoustic instruments compliments the modern electronic keyboard suite.

Students work on a diverse range of projects and have the opportunity to work in a variety of groupings. In addition to the immense pleasure and satisfaction that students derive from learning an instrument, the experience also greatly enhances the benefits gained through studying the music curriculum.

Educational research clearly demonstrates that the study of music confers many transferable skills that students use in their study of other subjects.
What a wonderful spin-off, and to think that you will have so much fun learning, make lots of new friends, perform in school gigs, and enter a whole new world of musical life too!

Mrs E Cromey

Head of Music


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