School Policies

Meeting your communication needs:

We want to ensure that your needs are met. If you would like this information on audio type, in Braille, large print, any other format or interpreted in a language other than English, please contact the school’s Equality and Diversity team (

Additional Needs Policies -

AEN Information Report

Inclusion Policy (Nov 2018)

Medicine/Medical Policy (Jan 2018)

SEND Complaints Policy (Nov 2018)

SEND Complaints Policy Appendix 1 (Adopted July 2017)

Behaviour Policies -

Acceptable Use Policy for Mobile Digital Devices including iPads (Dec 2018)

Anti-Bullying Policy Sept 2018

Behaviour Policy 2018-19

Exclusions Policy

Exam Policies -

Disability Policy (Exams)

Emergency Evacuation Policy (Exams)

Exam Contingency Plan (Exams)

Internal Appeals Procedures Policy

Non-Examination Assessment Policy

Policy for Management of Controlled Assessment

Exams Policy

Safeguarding Policies -

Safeguarding and CP Policy (Sept 2018)

Staff Professional Code of Conduct (March 2017)

Ever in Care Policy (Dec 2018)

Whistleblowing Policy

E-Safety Policy (Feb 2019)

Admissions Policy 2018-2019

Admissions Policy 2019-2020

Attendance Policy

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy (CEIAG) (Jan 2019)

Equality Policy

Complaints Policy (2018)

Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints Policy (Feb 2019)

Charging Policy (Adopted Nov 2017)

Academy Information Page

Data Protection Policy (Adopted June 2017)

Freedom of Information Policy *under review (Contact

Sex and Relationships Policy (Adopted Dec 2018)