Year 8 Options

At Pool Academy, students follow a 3 Year Key Stage 4 and therefore are offered the opportunity to select their GCSE subjects during Year 8 ready to commence these in Year 9.

If you would like to meet with someone the form is below.

Meeting request form

Important dates:-

Year 8 Options Evening: Wednesday 8th March 2017 17:30

Below you will find documents and links relating to the Year 8 Options Process:-

Year 8 Option Booklet 

Options form:

The year 8 option form will be here as soon as possible after half term

Websites that give advice on option choices and careers:

Looking ahead to University

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Will I receive all my first option choices?

A. We always endeavour to give every student their first option choices but unfortunately, it is impossible to give every student what they request due to staffing, room and timetable limitations.

Q. Do I need to use my options only for EbACC subjects?

A. No you do not it is your choice but if you wish to attend a Russell Group of Universities then it might be beneficial. The government has recently put emphasis on these subjects.

Q. How many GCSE’s will I be studying?

A. You will in all study for ten GCSE’s eleven if you also wish to study RE GCSE.

Q. Can I change my option choices once I have handed them in?

A. It may be possible for you to change one or more of your option choices if there is a space. This will only be known once all the option choices have been processed.

Q. Can I change my option choices in September when I start Year 9?

A. Your timetable will have been confirmed so it is not time to start changing your mind. A grace period of four weeks from the start of term will be given to possibly change your option choices only if required by unusual circumstances after this date only due to special circumstances will changes be permitted.

Q. I am really stuck on what to choose?

A. Make sure you have talked to all the teachers of subjects you think you might want to use. Go to the school website and check the careers links that are under the Year 8 Options tab. Discuss with your parents or any friends that have gone through this process, again. Discuss with Mr Williams or Mr Walker. Talking to as many people as possible does help.