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Pool Academy

    • Curriculum Model

      Our aim is for all students to experience a curriculum that is coherent and is consistently implemented.  We do this by ensuring it is:

      >    Intelligently sequenced to ensure key knowledge is retained and developed.

      >    All subject curriculums will contain the following key elements:

            >   Overview documents - these will drive the Schemes of Learning in each subject
            >   Teaching and Learning Cycles
            >   Knowledge Organisers

      We aim to challenge and develop curiosity in all our students.


       The Curriculum at Key Stage 4

      Students start their GCSE subjects in Year 10.  These 2 year courses are the foundation for the knowledge, skills and qualifications that they take with them throughout their lives.

      The curriculum offered to our students is one of breadth and balance, a mix of the traditional academic subjects and, through close links to Cornwall College, more vocational, work-based subjects.

      Our students take core subjects in English, maths and science.  They are also encouraged to study for the EBac with options in the humanities and languages being offered. We ensure they study beliefs and ethics, PSHE and PE throughout key stage 4 and also offer lessons and guidance on careers.  

      We understand the importance of these decisions and so offer a supportive process where time and care is taken to help our students make the most informed choices possible.

      The process for our students to choose what they wish to study in years 10 and 11 starts in the autumn term of year 9.  The pastoral lead, curriculum leads and specialist teachers will deliver focussed presentations on their subjects, the assessment model for the qualification, the future careers and job opportunities it may lead to, as well as making clear the commitment that it will require.  This is accompanied by an options evening where parents and carers are invited to experience the presentations for themselves, meet the teachers and discuss in broad terms what the expectations and challenges may be for their child.

      This is followed by a round of interviews where the students discuss their option choice ideas with an experienced member of staff.  This supportive discussion is designed to assist where decisions are difficult to make and to ensure that there is breadth to the choices, ensuring that students keep as many options and avenues to future careers open as possible.


Pool Academy is part of the Athena Learning Trust which is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, Company No 08150106. An exempt charity. Registered Office: Hurdon Road, Launceston, Cornwall PL15 9JR