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Literacy at Pool Academy

During this academic year, this section of the website is a celebration of the virtual journey on offer in the pages of every book. Inspired by classic travel posters and the beauty of Cornwall, we invite you to explore the world of of fiction. Click on the images, explore the resources and enjoy everything we offer at Pool Academy

Why is Literacy so Important?

Lacking good literacy skills holds a person back at every stage of their life and evidence shows that having good literacy is a doorway to social mobility. Without vital literacy skills, pupils will struggle to be successful at school as literacy is fundamental to learning. Moreover, as an adult they will struggle to apply for jobs, fill out forms, read instructions and support the learning of their own child. Therefore, ensuring all of our pupils leave school with essential literacy skills is an academy priority. Our whole staff team take a lead in driving literacy initiatives forward and in supporting our students to develop strategies that ensure success.


As well as developing literacy skills, we aim to foster a love of reading. When a child reads for pleasure, talks about reading or does an activity linked to reading, it can lead to improved health and wellbeing as well as increased empathy, creativity and communication skills. There are further academic benefits, such as improved critical thinking, concentration, general knowledge and ability to understand curriculum texts. To promote reading for pleasure and for learning, we support students with book knowledge and strategies to support reading comprehension and inference skills. Additionally, each week, tutors deliver our ‘Read Aloud’ tutor reading programme.

Tutor Reading Programme - Our books in detail

Click on the image below to read about out tutor reading programme.

Click on the image below for ways that you can support your child on their reading journey.

Reading Lists and Suggestions by Year Group and Subject

There are some amazing books available for people of all ages, whatever their interests. The biggest problem can be deciding on the right one. These reading lists, updated every month, are a good place to start.

Click on the year group below to access the list.

Year 7 Reading List

Year 8 Reading List

Year 9 Reading List

Year 10 Reading List

Year 11 Reading List

 Subject Reading List


To help children get free access to reading material, Cornwall Library Service have provided each child in the academy with an electronic library card number. This will allow them free access to e-books and e-audiobooks through the Borrowbox library app. There are no overdue charges, no loan charges, it is completely free!

Children will be able to access this material via an app on their iPad and will receive their unique log in details in the week beginning the 26th September.

You will need to:

 Sign in.

 Type your library card number (unique log in details) in the Borrower Number box

 Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your library card number

 The first time you log in you will need to enter your Pool Academy e-mail address – this is not shared and is only used to let you know when your reservations are available or if a book needs to be renewed.

Borrowbox remembers which page of the book you have reached but if you log out and then back in again, this page number is lost. Each login can borrow up to 10 ebooks and 10 e-audiobooks. Books are borrowed for 2 weeks after which they disappear from your device. If you haven’t finished you can renew for up to four more weeks. If you finish your book quickly or decide you don’t like it then you can return it early.

You’re all set. Start reading or listening!

(Just like in a real library some books will have waiting lists. If a book you want is not available immediately click Reserve and add yourself to the end of the queue. If waiting lists become too long Cornwall Libraries will look to buy extra copies.) There will always be something available to borrow. If you wish to upgrade this electronic membership to a full Cornwall Library membership then you can join up for free at your local library when you are able and have access to the huge range of Books, DVDs, and activities that areavailable.

If you already have a Cornwall Library Card they can of course use this. However you may prefer to use this new membership number when using Borrowbox.

For further details, please follow the link to the Borrowbox website

Click on the image below for information about our 'Star Reader' and intervention programmes.

Click on the image below to view Pool Academy’s literacy calendar. Activities, competitions and challenges for every month of the year.

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