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MFL Curriculum Intent and Five Year Overview

The MFL Department focuses on developing students’ fluency and achieving language grammar mastery. It constantly introduces new cultural opportunities to support students’ learning. Educational experiences include Flamenco workshops, Spanish cooking classes and the forthcoming trip to Barcelona.

Using NCELP in key stage 3, we focus on teaching grammar and vocabulary to build a solid foundation so that students are able to take languages to higher levels. Exposing students to the fascinating culture of Spanish speaking countries is also a key element of the curriculum. In addition, students are encouraged to speak the target language they are learning right from the first few lessons, supported by all the necessary vocabulary and high frequency expressions. 

We develop opportunities to interact with native speakers through our pen pal programme and employ a Spanish language assistant through the British Council. This allows our students to build confidence when speaking and writing in Spanish and means that GCSE students can practise their speaking and listening as though they were in Spain.

More details can be found  by looking at the Five Year Curriculum Overview.

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