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Online Safety

Parent Guides

We have a huge range of quick and easy to access guides on everything from Tiktok to Fortnite available here

With students at home for longer periods, they will undoubtedly be spending more time online, not just for school but to fill social and community interactions. It’s therefore more important than ever to make sure we know exactly how to stay safe online.

How To Report Something That Has Upset You 

Students - If anything online or offline has made you feel uncomfortable or upset you, you can report it straight away on the red button app on your iPad or by clicking here. We will respond to as soon as we can, even if school is closed when you report.

Parents - Please go to the contact us page here and complete the form. We will respond as soon as we can to all requests, even when school is closed. You can also ask for help or advice about the latest trends and technologies. 

Helpful Links

New technologies are helping us do amazing things we could have only dreamt of once. In seconds we can now be connected to people all across the world, we can carry entire libraries of books in our pockets and create amazing videos from devices we use everyday. Our lives are so intertwined with technology and the benefits this brings that we over look the new dangers that appear as a result. These guides are great places to start to understand exactly what dangers children (and indeed adults) face online.

The CEOP ThinkUKnow Site is probably the best place for e-safety information online. It has a wealth of information for parents and students:

The UK Safer Internet Centre holds the annual Safer Internet Day in February each year that we take part in. Their site has a lot of great resources as well:

If you have any concerns about behaviour online then you can report it here to the police:

If you are looking for specific guides on a particular website, social media app or game, the National Online Safety website will be able to help you out. They have guides for both parents and children on everything from Fortnite to TikTok. You can access these here: 

Department of Education Guidance

In addition to the links above the Department for Education have also issued these links:

  • Internet matters (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)

  • Parent info (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)

  • LGfL (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)

  • Net-aware (support for parents and careers from the NSPCC)  

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