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Pool Academy






  • School Blazer with school logo


  • White, plain, tailored
  • Preferred long sleeve
  • Short sleeve acceptable
  • Fashion blouses / shirts
  • Polo shirts

Tie (clip on)

  • School tie 

Trousers (Girls/Boys)

  • Black
  • Formal cut
  • Black shorts with Pool Academy logo (only from Trophy Textiles please)
  • Denim, leather, sweatshirt material, leggings / jeggings, short with ankle showing


  • We are introducing a new skirt for all year groups as of September 2023 which will be the only approved skirt to be worn by a student who wishes to do so.  The Trustees have agreed to purchase this first skirt.  If your child would like to wear a skirt, please notify us by emailing  
  • Tube skirts / fashion skirts


  • Plain black
  • Large buckles / studded / fashion


  • Black
  • Patterns / large holes


  • Black
  • Colours (if visible) / logos


  • Plain Black polishable shoes, no coloured logos
  • Black laces
  • Sensible heel
  • Trainers / skate shoes / fashion shoes


  • Outdoor coat/ weatherproof
  • Any colour
  • Leather / denim
  • Hoodies / body warmers / fleeces


  • Worn outside
  • Worn inside

School bag

  • Rucksack or equivalent
  • Big enough to hold A4 folder
  • Fashion bags
  • Shopping bags



  • Black V neck with school logo
  • Jumper without logo
  • Black cardigans
  • Black sweatshirts

PE Kit



  • Rugby top
  • T-shirt
  • Pool Academy Shorts or Skort (not skin tight and appropriate length). Alternatively, plain black leggings or jogging bottoms
  • Gum shield
  • Shin pads
  • Trainers
  • Pool Academy long socks
  • Rugby Top
  • T-shirt
  • Black Sports Shorts or Black Sports Jogging Bottoms
  • Gum shield
  • Shin pads
  • Trainers
  • Football / rugby boots
  • Pool Academy long socks

Optional Items

  • Sweatshirt (available form Whirlwind Sports or plain black version)
  • Jumper (but without a hood)
  • Thermal base layer (must be plain black)



Any extreme haircut or fashion statement is not acceptable.  

Please keep hair colour to one natural tone.


Rings are not permitted.

Earrings - one pair of small studs is acceptable in lower lobe only.

Bracelets, wristbands (charity or otherwise) are not acceptable.

A watch is permitted.  

A necklace should be worn inside the shirt.  Any inappropriate large fashion necklaces are not acceptable.  Ideally we would like ‘no necklaces’.

Body Piercings:

These are not acceptable.  This includes all internal and external facial piercings.


Students will be asked to remove any make-up considered to be excessive.

Nail varnish / false nails are not allowed.


This should be a functional rucksack big enough to hold an A4 folder/book.

We advise PE kit to be in a separate bag.

Mobile Phones:

Students are not permitted to use mobile phones in school. They should be kept in bags at all times whilst at school unless instructed by member of staff.


Please do not bring expensive items or large sums of money to school. The school is not liable for any loss of personal property.

Essential Basic Equipment

A Pencil Case (ideally clear)  including the following items:-

2 Pens – black ballpoint


iPad (fully charged)




Colouring Pencils/crayons/gel pens


Scientific Calculator

A bag for books, equipment, homework etc.

A bag to be used for PE kit, towel etc.

Please mark all clothing and equipment clearly with the student’s name.

All School uniform is available for purchase from Trophy Textiles, Unit 2D, Pool Business Park, Dudnance Lane, Pool.  Tel: 01209 713341.  Second-hand school uniform can be purchased from the academy.  Please email for further details.

Be Seen – Wear something bright/reflective at night.

Reflective attachments are now available for clothing and/or school bags.





Pool Academy is part of the Athena Learning Trust which is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, Company No 08150106. An exempt charity. Registered Office: Hurdon Road, Launceston, Cornwall PL15 9JR