Former student is singing her way to success

A former Pool Academy student and prefect is singing her way to success after performing at Abbey Road Studios and the Houses of Parliament.

Kiera Smitheram is a student and apprentice lecturer at the University of Chichester and majors in Classical Voice.

Photograph:  Kiera singing in the ballroom of Goodwood House. Photograph taken by Andrew Worsfold

Photograph: Kiera singing in the ballroom of Goodwood House. Photograph taken by Andrew Worsfold

She was a prefect in the class of 2014 at Pool Academy and says she remembers the school fondly. She left the academy to attend Truro College before winning a place at the university to study music.

She said: “I have had the opportunity to perform in some amazing places, including singing solo in the ballroom of Goodwood House, recording at Abbey Road Studios, and performing in an opera in the Houses of Parliament earlier this year. I would like to extend my thanks to the Performing Arts staff, who may still remember me, for inspiring me in those formative years.”

Kiera has a love of opera and believes being a prefect taught her a lot about networking, organising and taking action to better the life of her peers.

She said: “This early practice came in handy when I was elected Vice President of Chichester Priory Rotaract Club back in March. It was phenomenal vocational training that has stuck with me throughout my years away from school, especially when I was establishing myself in the first year of university.

“Of course, being a prefect does not guarantee a gateway to success. Success is wholly subjective. The goals you set yourself and the attitude you have in obtaining them is how you get what you want. This being said, being a prefect gave me a taste of how to act as a professional in the real world. It was a rewarding position to hold and I am grateful to those who put my name forward.”

Kiera said her words of advice to students currently studying at Pool Academy are to not be afraid of experiences at school

She added: “It is now that you will begin to see what you wish to become. It has taken me six years of good and bad experiences to get to where I am now, and I still have an awful lot to learn.

“I have been exceedingly lucky to have been given the chances that I have been, but they didn't happen overnight. Getting people to realise what I am capable of took a lot of hard work, chance meetings, and word-of mouth, but it is paying off.

“Take a little pride in proving to yourself and others what you can do.”