Former student awarded First Class Honours Degree

A former Pool Academy student has been handed a First Class Honours Degree after studying a three year course in Truro.

Lauren Strickland is celebrating the achievement after studying a two-year foundation course in Early Childhood Education and then a year BA course in Human Behavioural Studies. 

Her graduation ceremony is due to take place next month.

She now plans to start an MA in Criminology online whilst holding down a full-time job in the area.

Lauren said: “Psychology is something I really enjoy learning about. During my third year I was given the opportunity to study a module on anti-social behaviour. It was my favourite topic which is why I have chosen to study an MA in Criminology.”

Over the last three years, whilst studying, she worked a part-time course as well as undergoing work experience placements at schools, a nursery and a hospital.  

Once she completes her MA she hopes to get a career working as a teacher for young offenders.

Her mother said: “Lauren always wanted to get a degree, since she was a little girl. 

“We are so proud of her for getting a first class honours. 

“She is an amazing girl and we love her so much. “

In the past Lauren returned to Pool Academy to talk to students about life after secondary school.

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy’s Principal, said: “Well done Lauren in getting a First Class Honours Degree. I wish you all the best in your studies for the MA.”



Christiana Richardson