Anti Bullying

We are working very hard at Pool Academy to create a culture of intolerance towards bullying.

Pool Academy Bullying Statement

We are committed to creating an environment where everyone is accepted, and feels safe and secure. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Staff and governors take all reports of bullying seriously and investigate and take appropriate action. This includes using robust sanctions where appropriate.

We have worked closely with our students and parents to actively promote a climate of co-operation and positive behaviour to reduce the number of incidents and the likelihood of bullying occurring. All students are required to sign an anti bullying contract at the start of each year outlining how they will help to combat bullying. We also promote anti bullying values through a combination of tutor-time, PSHE, collective assemblies, lesson content and restorative justice practices, with our older students providing support through Peer Coaching, being Prefects and being our Anti-bullying ambassadors.

Over the past 12 months we have been working to develop Pool Academy as a Trauma Informed School. This has led to the introduction of a revised anti bullying policy which includes a strong “See it. Report It, Stop it.’ message which is promoted across the whole school. 40 students have been trained as anti-bullying ambassadors by The Diana Award and we are working towards accreditation as an Anti Bullying Ambassador school. We encourage a culture of openness and encourage students to report any bullying behaviour they witness, hear about or experience using the red button on their iPads. All reports are then investigated by members of our pastoral team.

We want all our students to learn and work in a relaxed and secure environment without fear of being bullied. This means students, parents / carers, academy staff and governors working together to secure the safe educational environment we all need.

We are really proud of our Red Button policy and the work that our anti-bullying team are doing to create a positive learning environment for all of our students.

You can view our anti bullying policy here

Many of our young people and their parents report that bullying, and other forms of conflict, are dealt with really well at the academy. We have created this space to share with you week by week, what we are doing here, with the voices of our students, their parents and carers and the staff that are supporting them.


10th June 2019
Our Year 10 Anti-bullying ambassadors organised an anti-bullying rap competition during our last PSHE day. The winner from each year group celebrated with a pizza party on Monday 10th June

Year 7: Liam and Shaun
Year 8:  Alex, Nick and Adam
Year 9: Aimee, Hannah, Emily and Melissa (Picture)
Year 10: 10LW

17th May 2019
Billy & Ted (Year 10 Anti-Byllying Ambassadors) talking about anti-bullying competition

3rd May 2019
Dave Roberts (Head of year 7) and Nick Hamblin (Pastoral Support) talking about the Red Button

29th March 2019
Anya and Mel (Year 7) talking to Ms Facey about support from Tegan (Year 10)

18th March 2019
Ewan (Year 7) talking to Ms Facey about the ‘Red Button’

11th March 2019
Xander (Year 7) and Mr Hamblin are talking about Xander's experiences as an Anti-bullying Ambassador