The art and ceramics studios were custom designed and newly built when the academy moved to one site. These consist of two huge spaces that can be sectioned off at the middle to create 2 large classrooms or left open to act as open plan areas for larger work. This also allows them to act as display rooms to showcase students' work.

Art is taught at KS3 once a week. Students then can take it further as one of their GCSE options. The art department is heavily involved in activities linking the wider community and often stage workshops with local artists. Recently they have been working with the development of the new Heartlands project.

The GCSE Art course is designed to suit the needs of the individual. Over three years you are required to work around ‘units’ or themes. In each ‘unit’ you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of materials, techniques, artists and your own personal ideas, thoughts and feelings. 

Mrs Natalie Ellis

Head of Art


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