Chocolate fun


This week it is Curriculum Enrichment Week and I have been having a lot of fun with students on the Midlands trip.

We have been visiting Drayton Manor, Alton Towers and yesterday I got to see Cadbury World. We had a great time exploring the attraction and I even got to write my name with chocolate!

The trip is a lot of fun and everyone is having a great time.

I can’t believe the week has nearly finished already.



Exploring a Cornish mine



Well, here I am back in the office sitting at Phil’s desk writing my blog. Life has been a bit of an adventure lately. As I sit here typing I can see my once-grubby shirt drying nicely on the line outside in the sunshine.

What have I been up to? Well, last Saturday I went somewhere that was very dark, quite dirty and very deep, deep, deep.

Buzz wearing his hard hat and admiring the blue walls.

Buzz wearing his hard hat and admiring the blue walls.

After last year’s space adventures I visited a lot of primary schools in the area. Some of the children suggested that since I had been up to the edges of space maybe I should go down into the depths of the earth – down a Cornish mine.

Well, we all thought it was a good idea but we also knew it would be a very dangerous thing to do on my own.

But thanks to Cornwall Search and Rescue Mines Team I got to visit a mine.

One of the team going down the mine.

One of the team going down the mine.

The team took me to one hidden in a secret and private location. The team made me a special hard hat because they said if a falling rock hit me without one it could do some terrible damage.

We climbed down long ladders to get there. Luckily there were no falling rocks this time as I explored the tunnels.


Do you know some of the walls were blue! What a surprise. But it was so beautiful. Gary Parrott, who was with me, is an Ex Miner of Geevor Tin Mine. He said the walls were blue because of something called Langanite which is caused by copper leaching through the ground from above.

The mine I was in, called The Blue Mine, was thought to have started in at least 1700 or maybe earlier.

We saw a ladder down there that was probably about 160 years old!

It’s thought most of the material mined from here was copper.

Phil and I would like to say a massive thank you to the Cornwall Mine Search and Rescue Team for taking me to the mine with them and turning the primary school’s suggestion into a reality.

I think I need a bit more rest now until my next adventure…which Phil is already plotting…..

What is Buzz up to now?!

Buzz and Phil at the London Marathon

Buzz and Phil at the London Marathon

 Well, I don’t know if you had heard but I have recently completed the London Marathon 2018!

Phil and I trained hard for months and months to be able to run the 26.2 mile route through the capital city.

It was an amazing atmosphere and loads of people were shouting and cheering our names. I didn’t realise how many people had heard of us!

buzz rocket.jpg


It was such a hot day but Phil did extremely well and raised thousands of pounds for charity.

Well, since then I was given a couple of couple of days rest but now they’ve got me training again and trialling out new equipment for another adventure.

buzz rocket1.jpg

I can’t say much about it yet but I can say it involves me and my friend and a ROCKET!

Postponed trip

Hi Guys,

As you know I was invited on an adventure to go down a mine in Perranporth.

I was hoping to carry out a risk assessment test down a shorter mine on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, the expert who was going down with me has had to postpone the event. The weather wasn’t that great so it wouldn’t be too safe. He has also hurt his ankle.

I wish him a speedy recovery and will let you know when the next date is set.

A new adventure

I’m going down a mine!

I’ve travelled high into space twice but I’ve never gone deep underground before…. until now.


I have been invited to go down a mine near Perranporth.

Next week I will be meeting up with experts to discuss the opportunity of exploring some of the deeper mines in the county – and our discussion will be held down a mine!

Pool Academy’s Principal Miss Meakin, Phil Jones and I will be travelling to Perranporth to carry out a risk assessment on one of the easier mines to see if it is possible.

If I manage that one ok, then maybe I’ll be allowed to travel down others too.

I will of course need a hard hat and ropes to keep me safe so it’ll be a totally different experience to going up in the air.

I don’t know if my 360 camera will work down there as it could be even darker than space.

The deepest and largest mine in Cornwall is thought to be Dolcoath Mine, in Camborne, reaching 3,300 feet or 1,000 meters. It produced tin and copper but closed in 1920 so I’m not sure I’ll be going down there.

But keep watching this space to find out more.

The day I met an MP

Well, the last time I blogged I was showing you all the amazing photographs we had taken from space.

It’s been more than two weeks since my space mission and I have been lucky enough to have a little rest.

But not for long because guess who I met last week? A Member of Parliament!

George and Alfie Baker - Pool Academy.jpg

I met George Eustice the MP for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle.

He came to visit us at Pool Academy.

He had written about our space adventures in his weekly West Briton column last month.

It was such an honour for him to take an interest in us and what we have been up to.

He said he was impressed with our space project and had come to look at some of the images and video footage.

He said: “It was great to have the opportunity to meet Alfie and school mascot Buzz the Bear. I am very impressed by Alfie’s science project, which saw Buzz launched into the atmosphere on a weather balloon. The video footage captured by Buzz is fantastic.”

It was great to meet you too and we’ll let you know about out next adventure…. but not yet…very hush, hush ;)


My space photography and other facts

Since arriving back at Pool Academy Phil and I have been looking at all the amazing photographs that were taken up there.


There are shots of the ground, the roads, the beautiful fluffy clouds and the sunset.

We have also learnt that the balloon lifted me 61,000 feet up into the air! I was also going really fast….at some points I reached speeds of up to 90 miles per hour – which is faster than a car on the motorway.


It was really cold up there in the sky and I was glad to have my lovely warm t-shirt on. I was surprised to learn the high tech equipment I had taken with me recorded the lowest temperature was -40 degrees. That is the same temperature as a winter’s day at the North Pole!


I have posted up some of the lovely photographs from my mission on this blog so you can see some of the amazing sights I saw on Thursday night. It is a special thing to see the sun setting when you are flying above the clouds.

Yesterday I went to Roskear Primary School to show then the photographs.

Today I will be travelling to Illogan Primary School and Portreath Primary School. I am looking forward to sharing my adventures…

I made it!

My second mission into space has been a success.

I wasn't able to access my blog when I was flying in the air but today I will hope to post my adventures of the past few days....

Thursday was so exciting and it was so lovely to have so many of you come and watch me take off.

The launch area was based in the school's MUGA and it took Phil and his team more than half an hour to set everything up.

I was so happy to see so many children come to cheer me on. As my helium balloon was being filled up I could hear enthusiastic voices calling out ‘where’s Buzz?’ ‘there he is’.

After a while they were cheering ‘three, two, one, Go BUZZ GO’.

It had been a beautiful day all day but as I was preparing to go it started to drizzle. Everyone got a little wet but we were still determined to go up. It was 6pm and after a countdown I was off…for a moment I thought it was all over as I got caught on a light, everyone gasped. But I managed to free myself and I was off again.

Once in the air the me, the balloon and the equipment were tracked on a computer to see where the wind would take him.

Up there it was a bit cold and windy but the views are amazing.

I heard the camera clicking away capturing the amazing sights that I am looking at.

An hour and a half later, at 7.30pm, the balloon landed and I found I had travelled further than the first attempt. I had landed in a field near to Bideford.

Mr Jones said: “We were worried about the weather a few weeks ago but after a day of sunshine we were ready to launch

“I think getting him up in the air was a success. It wasn’t quite the weather we were expecting but he still managed to fly a great distance – further than the first time.”

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “Launching Buzz in the air was always going to be exciting but this launch was even more exciting after it was caught for a few seconds on the flood lights. But it is great to discover he has travelled even further this time.

“Thank you to all the primary school pupils who helped with the launch mission and to everyone who came to watch at our successful open evening.”

It was lovely to meet all the competition winners yesterday


Yesterday was a hive of activity at Pool Academy.

We invited winners from the six primary schools who entered my competition to spend the day working on tonight’s launch.

The children took part in a variety of workshops. I saw some creating t-shirts with experts from Trophy Textiles, some writing newspaper reports, some designing gadgets to go on my box and others standing in front of a camera presenting news about the launch.

I was so excited to see them all working so hard together and it was lovely to meet them all too.

I spoke to Sharon Teague from Rosemellin Primary School who had brought some children along.

She said the whole day very fascinating.

 “It was really well organised,” she said. “It was one of the best things I have brought the children to.”

She said they were hoping to come back tonight to see me fly up to space.

Pool Academy Principal Claire Meakin told me she thought it had been a great day too.

She said: “The pupils were all so excited and had a lovely day.”

Phil Jones, Pool Academy’s Head Geek, said: “It was a great day with our Buzz competition winners from our partner primaries.

“Their work will be on display at mission control tomorrow when Buzz takes flight.”

The day started at 10am and lasted until 2pm.  We waved good bye to all the hard working children and I let them all take home a little bear that looks just like me.

Things are looking quite positive about the take-off tonight, although I’m a bit worried about the wind. Hopefully it doesn’t get to blustery for me. But don’t worry, we’re going to give it a go. I’ll be ready at 6pm for lift off.


We are hoping to see you all again this evening.

Until then…………..

Counting down the days

Well, we’ve been checking the weather and things are looking positive for my launch on Thursday (Sept 28).

We are drawing up final plans and if all goes well I will be going up into space at 6pm.

I’m a little nervous about it all but I am also very, very excited.

This time round I have better equipment and more experience so I am sure my next adventure will have even better results.

Phil Jones, Head Geek at Pool Academy, has told me there could be lots of children coming along to wave me good bye. It would be so wonderful to have a big crowd to see me off.

I hope you all can come.

Thank you to everyone who entered my competition. Just reading all those entries gives me hope that I will be in safe hands.

I look forward to meeting the winners Miss Meakin picked too.

See you soon.

Buzz the Bear taking it easy in the grounds of Pool Academy before Thursday's launch

Buzz the Bear taking it easy in the grounds of Pool Academy before Thursday's launch

Things are revving up for my launch next week….

Buzz in pocket.jpg

The competition winners have been selected (although I’m keeping names under my hat for now) and all winners will be given a stunning Certificate of Excellence.

The winning engineers will be invited to Pool Academy on Wednesday from 10am until 2pm and the winning presenters will also be invited in at the same time to record their reports.

T-shirt designers and reporters will also be invited to the school on Thursday for some activities.

All winners are welcome to come to our school from 3.30pm on September 28th in time for the final countdown before I fly up and away.

It’s a tough job…

Well, this afternoon I have been looking through all the competition entries and they are amazing!

Buzz sifting through all the competition entries.

Buzz sifting through all the competition entries.

There were hundreds and I have looked at every single one.

I have seen so many great ideas from you guys. Some included putting planets and rocket ships on my t-shirt. The engineering check lists were fab and they had items such as a tracker, rope and a spare set of clothes.

Principal Miss Meakin and Head Geek Phil helping me look through all the competition entries.

Principal Miss Meakin and Head Geek Phil helping me look through all the competition entries.

I also think Cornwall is the place to be if you are a budding reporter or presenter. There is so much talent here.

Well, I now feel safe in the knowledge that I am going to have an excellent team behind me during my next mission.

Pool Academy’s Principal Claire Meakin will now be contacting the primary schools to let them know who the winners are.

I hope to see you all come and support me at my launch on September 28th. It would be lovely to see a big crowd as I wave goodbye to planet earth to go on my mission.

I wonder where I will land this time….?

Thank you everyone!

Wow. What a lot of wonderful entries to my competition.

For the last couple of weeks I have been searching for people to help me with my next space mission on September 28th.

I have been asking children to send me ideas on how to design my t-shirt, to show me their reporting skills and their engineering talents so I can select my new team of helpers.

I have been amazed by the amount of entries that have been sent in. They are such a high standard that I am going to find it really hard to choose the winners.

I am planning to look through all entries this afternoon so watch this space to see if you are the lucky winners……



Exciting trip to Pencoys School.

What a brilliant way to end the week!

Mrs Hutchinson, Headteacher at Pencoys, invited me to lead the whole school assembly this afternoon.



I was a bit nervous that there would be so many children but they were super lovely to me.  I loved hearing them sing their school song and I hope I can visit again soon so I can learn the words and sing along too.

Phil told all the children about my last adventure and said he was really hoping that they would enter the competition and be part of my next launch team.


There were lots and lots of questions at the end of the assembly.  One student asked whether Phil could find me a jetpack.  I think that’s a great idea although I will need lots of training to make sure I’m safe using it – maybe I need to save that for the next mission.

Mrs Hutchinson said she really hoped lots of children entered the competition.  She is really proud of all Pencoys students and knows they would be a great addition to my launch team.  She wished all of them lots of luck.