I made it!

My second mission into space has been a success.

I wasn't able to access my blog when I was flying in the air but today I will hope to post my adventures of the past few days....

Thursday was so exciting and it was so lovely to have so many of you come and watch me take off.

The launch area was based in the school's MUGA and it took Phil and his team more than half an hour to set everything up.

I was so happy to see so many children come to cheer me on. As my helium balloon was being filled up I could hear enthusiastic voices calling out ‘where’s Buzz?’ ‘there he is’.

After a while they were cheering ‘three, two, one, Go BUZZ GO’.

It had been a beautiful day all day but as I was preparing to go it started to drizzle. Everyone got a little wet but we were still determined to go up. It was 6pm and after a countdown I was off…for a moment I thought it was all over as I got caught on a light, everyone gasped. But I managed to free myself and I was off again.

Once in the air the me, the balloon and the equipment were tracked on a computer to see where the wind would take him.

Up there it was a bit cold and windy but the views are amazing.

I heard the camera clicking away capturing the amazing sights that I am looking at.

An hour and a half later, at 7.30pm, the balloon landed and I found I had travelled further than the first attempt. I had landed in a field near to Bideford.

Mr Jones said: “We were worried about the weather a few weeks ago but after a day of sunshine we were ready to launch

“I think getting him up in the air was a success. It wasn’t quite the weather we were expecting but he still managed to fly a great distance – further than the first time.”

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “Launching Buzz in the air was always going to be exciting but this launch was even more exciting after it was caught for a few seconds on the flood lights. But it is great to discover he has travelled even further this time.

“Thank you to all the primary school pupils who helped with the launch mission and to everyone who came to watch at our successful open evening.”

Christiana Richardson