A new adventure

I’m going down a mine!

I’ve travelled high into space twice but I’ve never gone deep underground before…. until now.


I have been invited to go down a mine near Perranporth.

Next week I will be meeting up with experts to discuss the opportunity of exploring some of the deeper mines in the county – and our discussion will be held down a mine!

Pool Academy’s Principal Miss Meakin, Phil Jones and I will be travelling to Perranporth to carry out a risk assessment on one of the easier mines to see if it is possible.

If I manage that one ok, then maybe I’ll be allowed to travel down others too.

I will of course need a hard hat and ropes to keep me safe so it’ll be a totally different experience to going up in the air.

I don’t know if my 360 camera will work down there as it could be even darker than space.

The deepest and largest mine in Cornwall is thought to be Dolcoath Mine, in Camborne, reaching 3,300 feet or 1,000 meters. It produced tin and copper but closed in 1920 so I’m not sure I’ll be going down there.

But keep watching this space to find out more.

Christiana Richardson