My visit to Illogan Primary School




I was given a lovely welcome from the children at Illogan Primary School today.

I arrived a little early for their assembly so was able to spend some time browsing their books.

Before I knew it the pupils were all filing into assembly so quietly. 


Our Principal Claire Meakin said hello to the children and then Phil, who was one of the people running my Project Infinity space mission, introduced me.

He showed them all a film of my journey.

It was fun to see their faces light up with excitement as they watched me lift off the ground. They all laughed with amazement as they saw me flying over roads and fields. I even heard one little boy whisper: “That is awesome.”

Yes, he was right, it was.

Another child wondered if I felt sick when the helium balloon popped and sent me spiralling to the ground.

Miss Meakin told the Illogan Primary School pupils all about our competition.

She said Phil only had two weeks to get me back up into space and so we needed all the help we could get.

She told them: “Buzz is not going to be able to go back into space without your help.”

Well, that’s made me a little worried so please children, please enter the competition today…

Ros Powers, acting head at Illogan Primary School, said: "I think the competition is going to be excellent. The children are very excited and we are looking forward to being part of it."

Christiana Richardson