Visiting Roskear School


I have had a very interesting few days. Instead of helping Pool Academy’s IT support team I have been going on tour around local primary schools.

Today I was whisked off to Roskear Primary School because Mr Riches had invited me to speak to Year 5 who are learning about space. It was my first time visiting the school and it was wonderful to meet so many children there.


They loved hearing about my space adventures and watching me flying thousands of metres into the sky on a big screen during their lesson.

I could see so many of them were excited about taking part in my competition.
Miss Meakin, our Principal, said we needed as many children as possible to enter the competition. 
She said she was searching to find someone to design me a new t-shirt to wear on the next space launch. If not I may have to go to space naked!! Oh dear, I really hope not because the higher you fly into space the colder it gets. I was very grateful for my warm t-shirt last time I went up.

Luckily Mr Walsh, headteacher at Roskear Primary School, said: “Buzz's adventures are so exciting. We are looking forward to entering the competition and can't wait to see him launch on the 28th!"

Tomorrow I will be visiting Rosemellin Primary School and Portreath Primary School. So maybe I’ll see you there….

Phil Jones