Rosemellin Primary School visit.

This morning I visited Rosemellin Primary School.


It was exciting to meet Mrs Finn in her new school. We had a chat as we waited outside the assembly hall.

Mrs Finn with Buzz at Rosemellin Primary School

Mrs Finn with Buzz at Rosemellin Primary School

I looked through the glass windows and saw children singing ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands’. It sounded very good.

I was having a quick peek at the trophy cabinet when I met Mr Rice who asked if he was allowed to go into space with me. Unfortunately, I think he is probably a bit too tall to fit in my spaceship.


We watched as the next classes all filed into the assembly hall before Phil spoke to them about my space mission and the competition.

He also brought a 360 camera with him to show the children. This is a new piece of equipment I will be taking into space with me.  It will take videos and photographs and will show all you lot back on the ground what I will be seeing when I am in the air.

The children seemed excited about taking part in the competition and some wanted to get started straight away.

Ellie and Senara, from Year 6, said they might work together to make a new logo which could end up on my t-shirt.

Ellie said: “It was exciting to see Buzz and we want to do the designing competition.”

Ellie and Senara with Buzz

Ellie and Senara with Buzz

Senara said: “I really want to design Buzz’s t-shirt. It would be cool to see our design on the t-shirt.

Mr Rice told the pupils: “I want to see the launch. I need some of you guys to win the competition so I can get a minibus and take you. I want to be there so I need you guys to enter.”

He told me afterwards he was looking forward to dropping off lots of entries from pupils when he comes to visit Pool Academy on Monday to see our 3D printer.

Mr Rice was excited to see Buzz

Mr Rice was excited to see Buzz

Christiana Richardson