Exploring a Cornish mine



Well, here I am back in the office sitting at Phil’s desk writing my blog. Life has been a bit of an adventure lately. As I sit here typing I can see my once-grubby shirt drying nicely on the line outside in the sunshine.

What have I been up to? Well, last Saturday I went somewhere that was very dark, quite dirty and very deep, deep, deep.

Buzz wearing his hard hat and admiring the blue walls.

Buzz wearing his hard hat and admiring the blue walls.

After last year’s space adventures I visited a lot of primary schools in the area. Some of the children suggested that since I had been up to the edges of space maybe I should go down into the depths of the earth – down a Cornish mine.

Well, we all thought it was a good idea but we also knew it would be a very dangerous thing to do on my own.

But thanks to Cornwall Search and Rescue Mines Team I got to visit a mine.

One of the team going down the mine.

One of the team going down the mine.

The team took me to one hidden in a secret and private location. The team made me a special hard hat because they said if a falling rock hit me without one it could do some terrible damage.

We climbed down long ladders to get there. Luckily there were no falling rocks this time as I explored the tunnels.


Do you know some of the walls were blue! What a surprise. But it was so beautiful. Gary Parrott, who was with me, is an Ex Miner of Geevor Tin Mine. He said the walls were blue because of something called Langanite which is caused by copper leaching through the ground from above.

The mine I was in, called The Blue Mine, was thought to have started in at least 1700 or maybe earlier.

We saw a ladder down there that was probably about 160 years old!

It’s thought most of the material mined from here was copper.

Phil and I would like to say a massive thank you to the Cornwall Mine Search and Rescue Team for taking me to the mine with them and turning the primary school’s suggestion into a reality.

I think I need a bit more rest now until my next adventure…which Phil is already plotting…..