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"You can't learn without being creative, and you can't be creative without learning"

Theatre has been a huge part of culture since the earliest forms of man and this is why we see it as essential component of a child's education. The Drama department at Pool strongly believes that every child should have the opportunity to reach their creative potential. Our aim as a department is to inspire and to encourage pupils through both our teaching as well as our extracurricular experiences including workshops and theatre trips.

We believe that Drama is an immensely powerful social tool. We teach pupils the skills required to be better thinkers, betters listeners and better speakers. We teach confidence and independence. We allow pupils to explore a range of social, moral and cultural issues in a safe and creative environment. As well as delivering lessons within our normal school timetable our creative writing club has been created to help our upcoming playwrights reach their full potential. Each year we produce a school production, allowing pupils to showcase their talents to the wider community.

We are able to offer the Arts Award – a nationally recognised qualification that encourages the students to be active participants of the arts community, helping them to become arts leaders and inspire others around them.

We seek to do more than inspire tomorrow's generations of actors and actresses, we want to instill in our students that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

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