Pool Academy’s Ethos and Vision

At Pool Academy our Ethos is captured in our core values of:

  • Aspiration, challenge and inspire each other to do our very best.

  • Belonging, accept everyone and value them as part of our community.

  • Respect, appreciate other learners, adults, our community, ourselves and also our environment.

To deliver our ethos our Vision is to:

  • have the best possible teaching, support, care and guidance.

  • deliver a curriculum and wider school activities to enable all learners to become resilient, creative, resourceful, independent thinkers with the skills to be undaunted by their future learning and life challenges.

  • offer a welcoming, safe, healthy, inclusive and technologically advanced environment to all.

  • provide the best resources and facilities to support the learning of our students.

  • ensure our students will be happy, confident, caring, and therefore successful and high achieving.

  • equip them with clear aspirations and a desire to succeed so that they leave as skilled, motivated individuals.

The Vision for Pool Academy is delivered through:

  • the implementation of a broad curriculum that offers opportunity to all the students. The learning is delivered in a well resourced environment by educators who are passionate and stimulating and who are able to identify individual needs within the teaching groups and can provide the necessary and suitable challenge to ensure the highest attainment is achieved by every student.

  • the support and guidance provided by the passionate school team for the effective spiritual, moral, social and cultural development which promotes the British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect so that the students grow to become responsible citizens prepared for life in Modern Britain.

  • providing a well structured curriculum that is delivered in an environment that is respectful to all students and educators, that has at its core respect for each other that is underpinned by a behaviour and discipline policy that is proportionate, robust and enforced.

  • listening by the Senior Leadership Team (CLT) and the Academy Governors to the views of the students through the school council and prefects, through engagement with the community and parents and carers at numerous events, and through encouraging direct contact with the school with an open door policy. By seeking peer review and comment on the Academy and reflecting on that comment with the CLT and Academy Governors. With robust and structured Self Evaluation and open and honest challenge provided from students to Governors and everyone involved with the Academy.