We are committed to ensuring every student has access to technology to support their learning.

We introduced our 1:1 iPad program so that every student can benefit from having a dedicated device to use at school & home.

Important warning on screen damage

Please DO NOT use the iPad with a broken screen or protector. If the iPad screen appears to have a crack please bring it to IT immediately. It is usually just the screen protector that has cracked, this can easily be replaced in just a few minutes at no charge.

A broken screen or protector could lead to injury with glass fragments becoming loose, additionally the iPad is no longer being fully protected which could lead to permanent damage.

New iPads 2019
We are updating our student iPads in September. It has been three years since our last upgrade and significant improvements have been made in these devices, the apps we install & the software used to manage them. We will also be using this refresh to fit new cases and screen protectors to make sure they are even better protected. As part of this, we will need to collect your child’s existing iPad;

Years 7,8 & 9
This will happen in the week beginning Monday 17th June (the week before CEW/Work experience). The iPads will be collected during tutor time throughout the week.

Year 10
We will be collecting these after the mock exams & advise you of the date shortly.

Year 11
This will happen on the day of their last exam. Please ensure they bring the iPad with them where our technicians will collect the device before they go in to the examination room.

If there are any issues around this or if the iPad has become lost or broken, please contact the IT department as soon as possible.


How do I backup my iPad?
We recommend saving your work to the cloud. That means using Google Drive, Sheets, Docs or Showbie. Pages & Keynote can also be saved to the cloud by signing in to iCloud and turning on iCloud backup for those apps. You can also use Google Photos to backup all of your photos to your school Google account

What safeguards do you have on my child's use of the iPad?
We use advanced, industry standard filtering specifically designed for education. This enables us to filter the internet at home and at school.

Who owns the iPad?
The iPad is the property of Pool Academy

What happens if I break or lose my iPad?
Please report any breakages or loss to the school immediately so that we can repair the device with the minimum of disruption

Replacement leads & chargers
We provide high quality, branded replacement chargers that are a fraction of the cost of Apple original products.

If your charger/lead is faulty please bring it to IT where we will issue you a replacement at no cost. If you have lost your charger/lead or are unable to provide one you will be charged for its replacement.