We are committed to ensuring every student has access to technology to support their learning.
We introduced our 1:1 iPad program so that every student can benefit from having a dedicated device to use at school & home. They are an important part of the required school equipment & students are expected to have it with them, ready for learning at all times.

If your child needs any help with the ipad they can visit IT support where we will be happy to help.

You can also email itsupport@poolacademy.co.uk for any issues

Acceptable Use Policy for Mobile Digital Devices including iPads

Once your child has been issued with an iPad there are a few steps they need to complete as follows;

  • Set your passcode

  • Open the email app and sign in to Google

  • Setup your Apple ID - You have been sent an email with instructions

    • Note the sign-in used for your Apple ID is different to your school one «username»@appleid.poolacademy.co.uk

  • Open settings & click ‘sign in to your iPad’ using your Apple ID

  • Sign in to the apps Google Drive/Photos/Classroom

  • Setup your Tootoot account - You have been sent an email with instructions

When using the iPad at home your child will need to sign-in using the connect app once you have connected it to your wi-fi.

Accidents with the iPad are inevitable, we appreciate your support to help minimise damage by encouraging your child to care for it well

It is very important that the iPad always remains in its case, there is no reason why it should ever be removed.

When students put the ipad in their bag;

  • Ensure water bottles have a tight lid/seal so they don’t leak

  • Watch out for studded boots, these can easily crack the screen

  • Don’t cram it in very tightly

  • Try and place the iPad with its screen facing against a book or something soft

Our iPad rules

  • Bring it to school every day with at least 50% charge

  • Under no circumstances should the ipad be removed from its case

  • Never remove the screen protector, if broken bring it to IT to be replaced

  • Report any loss, damage, or fault to the IT dept immediately

  • Look after the iPad - Be careful to avoid damage or loss to the ipad and case

  • Transport it with care - Keep it safely in your bag, don’t use it whilst walking

  • Store it securely

  • Do not draw or graffiti on the iPad or case - This includes applying stickers

  • Do not take pictures of students, staff or visitors without permission

Important warning on damage & screen protectors

DO NOT use the iPad with any damage or a broken screen or protector. If the iPad screen appears to have a crack please bring it to IT immediately. It is usually just the screen protector that has cracked, this can easily be replaced in just a few minutes at no charge. A broken screen or protector could lead to injury with glass fragments becoming loose, additionally the iPad is no longer being fully protected which could lead to permanent damage.

How do I backup my iPad?
Make sure you have signed into the iPad with the Apple account we have provided. This account provides 200GB of storage, ensuring all your work is safely backed up to the cloud when you plug it in to charge overnight. Also ensure you sign into the Google photos app, this will backup all your photos to your school Google account.

What safeguards do you have on my child's use of the iPad?
We use advanced, industry standard filtering specifically designed for education. This enables us to filter the internet at home and at school no matter what network it is connected to.

Who owns the iPad?
The iPad is the property of Pool Academy

What happens if I break or lose my iPad?
Please report any breakages or loss to the school immediately so that we can repair the device with the minimum of disruption

Replacement leads & chargers
We provide high quality, branded replacement chargers that are a fraction of the cost of Apple original products. If your charger/lead is faulty please bring it to IT where we will issue you a replacement at no cost. If you have lost your charger/lead or are unable to provide one you will be charged for its replacement.