Student hopes of becoming a chef

A Year 7 student at Pool Academy enjoys cooking and hopes to become a chef when she is older.


A Year 7 student at Pool Academy enjoys cooking and hopes to become a chef when she is older.

Lacey has moved up to the academy from Treloweth Primary School. Her favourite subject is English and she likes her teacher Mrs McKune.

She said: “I like reading in my spare time. At the moment I am reading Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.

“I want to be a chef when I am older. I enjoy cooking at home and sometimes I cook tea for the family.

“I made a nice spaghetti Bolognese

“In DT I did some baking and made carrot cupcakes.”

Banger racing student shows off his trophies

A keen banger racer from Pool Academy has had a large collection of trophies awarded to him for his driving skills.

Harvie, in Year 8, has his own red, white and blue mini which he races at events around the country.

He says his large collection of trophies includes one his younger brother picked up at an event.


Harvie said: “I got into banger racing when I was 11. My grandad started when he was 11 too. He inspired my younger brother and I to get into it and it progressed from there.”

The 13 year-old started to learn the basics when he was younger, in a friend’s field, and just progressed from there.

He said: “There is a race track in St Day where I go as well.”

Harvie travels far and wide for his sport and the farthest to date was an event in Scotland where he was also awarded a cup.

He is proud of his large trophy collection and the biggest one he owns was handed to him for the Best Presentation of Car, Best Race and First in finals. it was given to him after he went racing in Devon.

He takes part in the 11 to 16 year-old category races.

He added: “I have a race on June 30th in Bristol. It is the first one I have had there. I am excited. It is quite a hilly one so I am going to be practising hills a lot.”

He said the events take place through rain, snow and ice, although he has not raced in these conditions.

He has never broken any bones racing although he was once quite sore after an incident when his car was pushed into a fence.

Anti-bullying all ‘rapped’ up

Students have been working on their rhymes as part of an anti-bullying rap competition.

Year 7 through to Year 10 took part and the winners were announced at the end of last week and awarded with a pizza party.

anti-b rap year 8.JPG

The idea was to raise awareness, throughout the school, of all the things staff and students do to help combat bullying. This includes the iPad’s Red Button app and the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors trained by The Diana Award.

The rap competition was organised by a group of students including Billy and Ted, in Year 10, who also helped to judge the entries submitted by tutor groups.

The winners were announced as 7CJA, 8KF, 9JSM and 10LW.

anti-b rap yr 7.JPG

Ted said the project was ‘for the whole school to get involved in an Anti-bullying rap to promote a bully-free society throughout the school’.

Billy said: “Most people listen to rap and it is a great way to express how you feel about bullying.

“Everyone made their rap, wrote it down, rehearsed it, filmed it and sent it to us to judge.

“Everyone was eager to do raps and record it. They were enthusiastic about the event and we were really excited to see how it went.”

Claire Meakin said: “It was wonderful to see everyone getting involved. Their enthusiasm and creativity was inspiring.

“Congratulations to the winners.”

MI5 aspirations


A Pool Academy student who aspires to work for the MI5 when they are older enjoys PE and art lessons.

Former Illogan Primary School pupil Riley hopes his dream of working for the national security service could help him see the world.

His favourite subjects at Pool Academy are PE, DT and Art.

He added: “I like football, painting and woodwork. I like making things and I made a box in DT.

“I would like to see the world. When I am older I would like to be in MI5 and I might be able to see many places.”

Dancer working towards competition


A dancer from Pool Academy is working towards a competition taking place in the South West later this year.

Anya, a former Pencoys Primary School pupil, has lessons at BlackLight Academy of Music and Performance.

She started dancing there last year and her favourite genres are Street and Pop although she also takes part in Contemporary and Ballet.

Anya said she will be taking part in a competition around Christmas this year.

“I am excited and nervous,” she said. “I like dance as I get to meet new people. I like the music too.

“Last Christmas I took part in a show at the Regal Theatre which I enjoyed.

“I would like to carry on dancing when I am older.”

Anya says she is enjoying life at Pool Academy and wants to have a career in engineering when she is older.

Tennis fan enjoys school

Reuben Daniel.JPG

A former Lanner Primary School pupil is enjoying learning new things at Pool Academy.

Reuben, who is in Year 7, has two favourite sports and both are on offer at the academy.

He says he also has four favourite subjects at school.

“My favourite sport is football and my second favourite is tennis,” he said. “I play tennis at school and I play football at home with my brother.

“My favourite subjects at school are Drama, Science, English and History.

“I like science because I like the practical side of it and learning the different scientific chemicals.”

Expedition preparations

Students are preparing for a Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition due to take place later this month.


The group have been taking part in training for the event which, once completed, will see them awarded Bronze.

The expedition will see them walking between three to six hours a day. They will also be carrying out litter picks along the way around Fourlanes, Carnkie and the Great Flat Lode.

Their most recent training involved learning how to use the Trangias to make their own lunch while they are away.

Jenny Smith, a teacher from Pool Academy, is helping the students on the Duke of Edinburgh course.

She said: “I am proud of their hard work. They have completed nearly ten hours of training so far, including camp craft, cooking meals on a Trangia, first aid and map skills.

“They will gain the bronze award when expedition is completed.”

Living and Learning Together project launched

The Living and Learning Together project at Pool Academy has been launched with the help of some community members.

live and learn1.JPG

Students from Year 7, 8 and 9 will be involved with the project which will see people from the school connect with others who live in the area.

The launch event took place last Wednesday at Trevenson Parish Church, located near to the school.

The session, which lasted around an hour and a half, saw two generations making connections.

Nick Hamblin, from Pool Academy, said: “The aim of this time together was to forge bonds between two very different age groups, where both could interact around crafts, games, reading and discussions.

“We started by learning some History about the Church and local area, before going into the Hall to have an interactive session.

“The photographs show the creative fun of learning in this way, when bringing our community together.”

Footballers raise over £100 for charity

Three Year 7 boys have raised more than £100 for charity after holding a day-long football event.

Dylan, Ned and Lewis organised and ran a seven-hour football day in aid of the Children’s Hospice South West.

They charged people £1 to take part. They also gave students the chance to pay 50p to swap their normal PE lessons for football on the MUGA.

The event was a success and the boys believe they have raised nearly £180 but it could be more as they also used sponsor forms.

Dylan said: “The day went really well. There were lots of people taking part. It was a hot and sunny day and really successful.

“We are impressed by how much we have raised and it all goes to a good cause.”

Lewis said: “There were a lot of people there and some of the teachers paid for all their students to take part. In the first lesson there were a lot of Year 11s who swapped their PE lesson to take part in the fundraiser.”

Mark Fuller, from Pool Academy, works to help organise footballing events at the school including days with Plymouth Argyle members.

He said: “The fundraiser organised by the Year 7 boys went amazingly well with lots of students and teachers showing support.
“It lasted from 8.50am until 2.55pm - without stopping. Throughout the day there were approximately 100 students taking part.

“I was amazingly impressed at how the day was run and that we managed to raise some money for a worthy charity.”

Sharon Bright, teacher at Pool Academy, said: “I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who supported the football fundraiser, especially the amazing Mark Fuller who motivated and kept the students on task all day.”

Parkour and mathematics


A student who loves learning maths at Pool Academy has revealed she is being taught Parkour during her spare time.

Alisha, a member of Year 7, started learning the gymnastic-style sport at West Coast Academy last November.

She practises every Tuesday and has found it a great way of making new friends.

She said: “I like taking part in Parkour classes. It is like gymnastics and flips.

“I was with a group of friends and they told me about it and I went to try out a class. It was really fun so l carried on.

“I like meeting new friends there and it keeps me fit. It is something different to do too.”

The former Pencoys Primary School pupil says she is enjoying her time at Pool Academy.

She added: “At school I like drama, PE and maths. I like drama because you can do a lot of practical session, entertain people and get to do things in groups.”

Students help tackle period poverty

Two students from Pool Academy spent hours during half term creating beautiful bags to help tackle period poverty in schools.

period poverty.JPG

Emily and Melissa, along with their nan, spent days cutting and sewing 40 material bags, each containing a pair of pants and two sanitary towels.  Each unique bag is made with a different patterned design and its contents come in a range of sizes.

Emily put on the clasps and her sister Melissa cut the material and filled the bags. Their nan helped to stitch them together. She also donated the materials, pants and sanitary towels.

Melissa said: “We made them because we didn’t want people to miss out on their school work. They are in case you don’t have enough money or if you haven’t started yet.

“It took us a couple of days to make them with nan helping.”

Karan England, from Pool Academy, said: “The bags they have made are absolutely amazing.

“It is an amazing idea and the girls who are given one are allowed to keep them and carry them in their school bags. It is something Melissa and Emily’s gran started as she wanted to make sure all girls had something discrete to have.

“They are in size order and are lovely.”

The girls’ mother told Mrs England: “I am very proud of them.”

Mrs England said it’s planned to put them in the medical room along with the Red Box.

Student celebrated with football award

A student is celebrating after being handed an award for her efforts during the football season.


Rolanda, Year 10, has been playing football all her life and is excited to have been awarded the Black Hawks Manger’s Player shield.

She said she was given the award on Sunday after playing a walking football match.

Rolanda said: “It was a walking football match in Troon and I am in the youth team.

rolanda (1).JPG

 “I was given the Black Hawks Manager’s Player award for the season. I am pretty proud of it.

“I like playing football, it is fun. I make friends there as well.

“I have been playing football my whole life. My dad is a goal keeper and he is a coach.”

Emily Cromey, Head of Faculty for PE, Music, Art and Drama, said: “Well done Rolanda for getting the award. It is so wonderful to hear about our students being given recognition for activities they take part in outside of school life. Keep up the good work.”

Student with high hopes

A Year 7 student has high hopes of becoming a flight attendant and seeing the world when she is older.


Caitlin joined Pool Academy from Portreath Primary School and loves to read books in her spare time, particularly The Twilight series.

She enjoys maths and art and is enjoying her time at the academy. She has also made new friends.

She said: “I would like to become a flight attendant and my mum thinks I would like it. I would get to go abroad. I have never been abroad but I would love to visit New York as it is a big city. I would also like to go to Spain as it is hot there.”

Pool Academy welcomes students from Holland


Students from Holland visited Pool Academy recently as part of their cultural trip to Devon and Cornwall.

There was much excitement in the academy as students greeted members of the Montessori High School from Friesland, in the Netherlands, before half term.

The visiting group included about 37 children from Year 10, and three teachers.

During the day they were given a tour of the academy. They then helped lead an art class and took part in sports on the school’s Multi Use Games Area.

The students from Holland said they were impressed by Pool Academy’s ‘beautiful grounds’ and thought it was a big school. They were also amazed by the range of subjects taught at Pool Academy.


Yteke Goudberg, teacher at the Montessori High School, said: “Our students were really impressed by how beautiful the school is and how big everything is. They were impressed by the sports facilities and after school club activities.

“Some said they wished they could spend a whole week at the school.”

On the day a student commented: “This is a nice school.”

Another student, Shandra, said: “We had a good day. It was really fun and a new experience.

“The school also has a lot of classrooms. Our school is a single level.”

Student Laura said: “This is my first time visiting England. I had a good time. The people here are very nice. They are good to talk to. I enjoyed the art class.”

During their cultural trip the group visited Dartmoor National Park, a beach and Torquay.

Student dance triumph

Well done Erin

Well done Erin

A Year 7 student is celebrating after getting a merit in her ballet exam – and a chocolate bar from her school Principal.

Erin Lyall-Venables has been taking part in ballet since she was three years old and loves the freedom of dance.

She recently took part in her grade three exam where she was awarded a high merit.

During the exam she had to dance in front of two examiners.  She said she was really nervous before it began.

She said: “I love ballet as it is a way to express yourself.

“Everyone was proud of me when they heard I had got a merit.”

Claire Meakin, Principal of Pool Academy, was so impressed with her dance exam results that she congratulated her with a bar of chocolate.

She said: “Erin has done incredibly well to be awarded a high merit in her grade three exam.  I am so proud of her and it shows that commitment and dedication certainly pays off.”

The former Treloweth Primary School pupil, goes to the Bev-Lyn School at the Gold Centre for dance lessons. She is now practising for a tap exam in a few months’ time.

Erin has been dancing since she was three years old.

Erin has been dancing since she was three years old.

She also enjoys gymnastics.

At Pool Academy she is an Anti-bullying Ambassador to help others around her.

She hopes to carry on with her dancing for a long time.

New Head Boy and Head Girl selected

A new Head Boy and Head Girl have been selected to work with students in the next academic year.

Head Boy Aleksander

Head Boy Aleksander

Katie Parrott and Aleksander Ignaciuk are looking forward to taking on the new roles alongside their deputies Eve, Izzy, Alex and Revan.

At Pool Academy Head Boy and Head Girl are expected to lead the prefect team, run prefect meetings, represent the school at public and community events, mentor younger students, speak at assemblies, awards evenings, parents’ evenings and meet and greet any visitors to school.

Katie said she was very happy to be given the title Head Girl.

Head Girl Katie

Head Girl Katie

She said: “I didn’t think I would get it. I am surprised. I really want to help Year 7 and the new Year 6 coming up to Pool Academy to have a smooth start into Pool Academy and help Year 11 in the exam season.”

Aleksander, Head Boy, said: “I am excited. I didn’t know I would get it. I am prepared for the role. I think my main goal is to try to make communication between the main groups more fluid.

“I have definitely got some ideas for the year.”

Eve said she was looking forward to supporting Katie and Aleksander.

She said: “I am excited about being a deputy and am looking forward to helping in the future.”

Alex said: “I am looking forward to my role as deputy. The Head Boy and Head Girl are my friends and I think they will do a good job.”

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “Congratulations to Aleksander and Katie on their appointment as Head Boy and Head Girl.  They are fantastic ambassadors for the school, along with their deputies.”

Live feedback to start in Maths lessons

A new way of marking has been launched in Maths lessons to give students instant feedback.

Alastair James, Head of Faculty for Maths, Geography and History, said the original marking system saw students handing in their coursework every two weeks for marking.  He believes this new system will see them getting immediate feedback on what they are studying.

It will also help teachers to see which topics need extra teaching and revision time.

Mr James said teachers have abandoned their red and green marking pens and are now using highlighters. The ‘pink for think’ colour will show students areas to improve or better present their work.

He said: “We have moved to the idea of live marking. There will be live feedback from teachers walking around the room. They will be talking and marking all the time during the lessons instead of collecting students’ books in at the end.

“This also means students’ books will be looked at about four or five times in a fortnight rather than once every two weeks. Students will then be able to react immediately rather than waiting two weeks for the teachers to get back to them. We will be talking to the student there and then so there can be immediate improvements in work. This will help learning and progress.”

Mr James said every half term, students will sit exam papers and the data from these will be put on a system to illustrate how the whole class is doing question by question. This will then be colour coded so teachers can easily see which areas need improvement.

Students will also have access to their own results and will be given links to internet sites which will help them learn how to answer the question correctly.

The system is in place for Years 7 through to 11.

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “I am incredibly excited about this new way of assessing students and believe it will help to improve their grades and confidence in Maths.”

Student is a remote control car racer


A racing fan from Pool Academy has been handed a trophy for coming first in season in his remote control car racing club.

Kieran, a former Treloweth Primary School, heads down to Helston with his dad when he can to take part in his favourite hobby.

He said: “I do remote control car racing in Helston. I have been doing it for a couple of years now. I have three cars. I race them with my dad.

“I was given a trophy for coming first in the season a couple of weeks ago. I beat 10 others to get it. My dad was really proud of me.”

Kieran says he takes part in racing every Sunday.

He said: “I race against adults and children my age. It is on a proper track with jumps.”

At school he enjoys taking part in PE lessons.

“I like the things we do like football and rugby.”

Students practise listening skills

Students who have been practising their listening skills during a three-day course have been awarded a certificate for their efforts.

The Ripple effect is a training programme created by RJ Working for people in Year 9 and 10. Representatives came to Pool Academy lately and held a number of workshops.

One skill they practised was listening. They were taught to make eye contact, have open body language, show empathy and more. They then practised these techniques on each other in role play scenarios.

They were presented with their certificates

Karan England, who helped to co-ordinate the workshops said: “Congratulations on completing the three-day training course. Everybody participated well and get to move forward using the techniques they have learnt.”

Over the three days the students also learned about improving their health and well being.

rippleMay (3) (1).JPG

Thank you to Redruth Charity Trust

Teachers and students are celebrating after a Redruth charity donated kit for junior hockey players.

Redruth Charity Trust members held their Youth Sports Award evening recently where they made the donation to the students.

They handed over a set of Junior Hockey Goalkeeping kit which included hockey bibs and goalkeeping pads.

Anna Oliver, Trustee, Redruth Charity Trust, said: “The Trust awarded Pool Academy a set of hockey bibs and goalkeeping pads.”

This year a record number of clubs applied to the Trust and 2,400 members in the Redruth district benefited.

During the evening more than 300 club representatives attended and James Milliner-Woodcock gave the opening speech and presented the awards.

Emily Cromey, Head of Faculty for PE, Music, Art and Drama, said: "We are really grateful to Redruth Charity Trust for their generous donation.

"Our hockey team are delighted to receive the new kit and can't wait to get out and play."

Chris Hailey, Chair of Redruth Charity Trust, said: “The Youth Sports Awards support 22 clubs to do what they do best, but behind every club is a team of incredible volunteers. Their valuable contribution can’t be underestimated, and we thank them for making a difference to our young people, the future of our town.”