Pool Academy students think about the future thanks to the Barbican Theatre

Pool Academy students have been inspired to think about their future after a visit from the Barbican Theatre.

Three members of the theatre company performed a piece called ‘Why Would You?’ which told the story of young people thinking about going into higher education.


It was put on for the school’s Year 10 in the main hall. The aim of the production was to help students start thinking about their own situations and their future options.

A spokesperson for the play said: “It is a story, like all good pieces of theatre are, of three children who are at a point in their lives, 17 years of age, where they are trying to make decisions about what to do next after school.”

Leah, Year 10, said: "The performance was really good. It really made me think."

Matt said: "It was good. I liked the part where the characters used crisps as money."


Tyler said: "I thought it was quite good. I liked it that they all had different stories. It made me think."

Mrs Grenfell, Careers Advisor at Pool Academy, said: "The performance was amazing. The characters were really relatable.

“I think they put the point across really well that going on to higher education is not something you have to do straight away. You can take time out to think about it.

“They showed it doesn't matter what your background is, higher education is something that is available to everyone. I think this is something students from our area need to know – it is possible to achieve whatever you want to achieve. There are no barriers.

“I think the students who watched the performance really benefited from it.”

After the play a group of students were invited to take part in an hour’s workshop.

The Barbican is an independent theatre based in Plymouth.

Christiana Richardson