Science teacher gets nominated as top Pool Academy tutor

A science teacher from Pool Academy was heralded a top tutor on World Teacher day.

Nominations from students were collected on October 5 as part of the vote for the school’s favourite teacher.

Jack Jones, science teacher, received the most votes and was handed a bottle of wine to celebrate the recognition.

Claire Giles, Science teacher, came in second place and third place was given to Jamie Best, Drama teacher.

Mr Jones said students told him he ‘explains complex things in an understandable way’, ‘makes learning fun, and was ‘caring’ and that was why they had nominated him.

He said: “I was very surprised to have won. It’s awesome to hear such positive feedback from students.

“It makes the long hours and workload worthwhile.”

Mr Best said: “I am honoured. It is nice to be appreciated by the students I see every day.”

Miss Giles said: "I was shocked to be in the top three and it was great to hear students enjoying their learning in my classroom."

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Christiana Richardson