Big quiz fundraiser planned to revamp ageing instruments

 A Pool Academy music teacher is on a mission to revamp ageing instruments to fill hallways with ‘beautiful melodies.’

A fundraising quiz will be taking place on November 29 to help raise cash to replace or retune old pianos at the school.

Teacher Emily Cromey, Head of Music, said current equipment is ‘ageing’ and she hopes to bring the instruments back into the 21st century.

Mrs Cromey said: “Pool Academy is teaming with eager young musicians and I am so impressed with the levels of enthusiasm and standard of musicianship.

“We are fortunate to have a fantastic space in which to perform, compose and listen to music. However, at times the listening can be a bit difficult and the singers can get stuck due to the out of tune equipment.

“Members of Pool Academy Music Department are now on a mission to improve the facilities.

“To begin with we are looking to replace and tune our lovely pianos so that the hallway can once again be filled with beautiful melodies and harmonies from our young singers and performers.

Pool Academy student playing a school piano.

Pool Academy student playing a school piano.

“We are holding a fundraising event to raise money to tune or replace the aging musical equipment and bring us into the 21st Century.

“We hope as many parents and friends of the school in the local community will come and support us in our bid to raise music making in the Academy to the best levels it can be.”

The quiz is open to everyone and teams of both students and adults are being encouraged to sign up.

It will take place on November 29 from 7pm-9pm at the school.  

Students have been asked to help come up with some tough questions for the event to help bamboozle the adults.

During the quiz night there will be a big raffle to raise cash for the school’s upcoming production of School of Rock – due to take place in December.

Christiana Richardson