Pool Academy student invited on Mission to Mars

A Pool Academy student has been invited to help out on a Mission to Mars project in Redruth.

Neve, Year 10, will be taking part in a four-day programme to help Bert and Ernie, Mars rover robots, travel across alien terrain in search for extra-terrestrial life.

The event, hosted by Software Cornwall, is for those over 14 years old at the Business Centre in Barncoose near Redruth.

Neve with her invite

Neve with her invite

On the last day of the event groups will be given the chance to present their work to local employers and developers. They will also be able to talk to them about businesses, jobs, career opportunities and how to work in the software industry.

To be selected for the Mission to Mars event youngsters had to prove they were enthusiastic, able to work with others and alone, able to deal with different tasks and have an interest in computer science and software engineering.

Neve said: “I had to apply to get on the Mission to Mars programme and send in certain things. I told them I am part of the student leadership team, I am a science leader and I help out with Pool Academy primary school events when it is about science. I am also a science ambassador.

"I like science very much.

“The event was recommended to me by my computer science teacher.

 “This is a great opportunity. It is going to be interesting.

“I am very excited about going. The company works with a lot of national clients which might be good

for me in the future. I am hoping to use this as a good way to get contacts later in life.”