Students urged to start adventurous Duke of Edinburgh activities

Students at Pool Academy have been urged to take part in adventurous Duke of Edinburgh activities this academic year.

Parents and children attended a meeting last week (Sept 25) to find out more about taking part in the youth achievement programme run at the school.

Sarah Jackson, Learning Facilitator at Pool Academy, gave a brief introduction to the course before asking youngsters to sign up.

She said it was an internationally known award and many companies looking for employees are impressed by seeing the award appear on CVs. She said it proved self-motivation and the ability to work unprompted.

The award is given after students complete tasks in four different sections; skills, volunteering, physical and expedition.

She advised people to start off by completing the Bronze before going on to take part in the Silver.

She said: “Duke of Edinburgh assessors love it when they come to Pool Academy. They say that is because the students here are so well trained. They all started with Bronze and then did Silver. It’s harder to train on the Silver if you haven’t completed the Bronze.”

If anyone is interested in taking part this year they have been asked to write down what they hope to achieve in the different areas of the award.

Extra information about the Duke of Edinburgh Award activities will be placed on the notice board near the gym changing rooms.