Good behaviour earns miles of rewards for students at Pool Academy

Good behaviour could see students travel miles thanks to a new reward system at Pool Academy.

Youngsters with dreams of visiting far off places during school activities week could be jetting off to other countries if they clock up enough achievement points.

Each point awarded, for strong progress and good behaviour such as punctuality and attendance, will be converted into a mile.

Students will also be awarded for extra-curricular activities such as Duke of Edinburgh Awards and afterschool sports clubs.

At the end of term the miles will be added up. If a student wants to go on a trip 200 miles away then they will have to collect 200 achievement points.

Mrs Katrina Boyall, Vice Principal at Pool Academy, said every student who has earned enough miles will be able to go on their chosen trip.

She said: “We want to make sure we are rewarding students.

“The aim of the scheme is to encourage students to try their best in all aspects of school life and promote pride in Pool Academy’s community.

“If they have achieved the miles we will work with the students to help them to take part in any trip they wish to attend. This could include setting up car-washing or bag-packing days etc.

 “If they get the miles to go then they will go.”

Mrs Boyall said the reward scheme does not include field trips as students will still need to go on curricular excursions to help their studies. The system is for extra-curricular events.

She believes the new reward system will be a success.

She said: “The scheme helps to promote equal opportunities for all students regardless of background.”