Pool Academy invites primary school children to be adventurous at workshops

Pool Academy invited primary school children to be adventurous at their inspired workshops.

About 100 children have been arriving at the Academy on Saturdays for a morning of activities.

A number of interactive workshops were run using the themes; Be Adventurous, Be Inspired, Be Inventive and Be Healthy.

Natalie Ellis, art teacher at Pool Academy, ran a ‘wax resist’ workshop where youngsters made marks with oil pastels and then pained over them.

She said: “Students showed lots of creativity and we had some very imaginative ideas.”

Some of the art work produced at a Primary Saturday workshop

Some of the art work produced at a Primary Saturday workshop

Jack Jones, Science teacher, ran a workshop designing and constructing bridges and towers.

He said: “There was a catch however, students could only use spaghetti and mini marshmallows.

“Students demonstrated sky-scraping skill, copious amounts of creativity and fierce determination.”

Lisa Mckune ran an Egg Drop Challenge.

Sam Strana helped students to create pizzas with toppings they had never used before.

She said: “All students showed an impressive level of confidence and independence.”

Jenny Smith saw students inventing marshmallow minions and monsters. 

Mr Webb, Pool Academy Assistant Principal, said: “The children have enjoyed taking part in lots of fun workshops. They were really interactive and also offered the pupils a chance to meet children from other primary schools. “

The events were held for those in Years 5 and 6 and ran from 9am until 12pm.

Mr Webb said the events were ‘so successful’ and thanked all those who took part and those who helped.

Primary school pupils have also been arriving at Pool Academy recently to take part in a number of morning sessions, during school time, in the IT department. They have been learning design programs on the computers.