Pool Academy gardening club plan to grow Pumpkins for Halloween

Pool Academy students are planning to grow an allotment full of pumpkins for a Halloween competition.

After successfully harvesting a plentiful crop of tomatoes the youngsters are now looking to plant Pumpkins.

It’s hoped if they can grow enough of them they can introduce a carving competition for Year 7s in 2018.

Pumpkins need to be planted in April or May so in the meantime they will be looking into planting other vegetables too.

Mr Williams, a teacher at Pool Academy and helper at the gardening club, said: “We want to grow some outdoor vegetables including potatoes, carrots and green vegetables. We would also like to put in some market vegetables such as lettuce and courgette.

“We are also planning to grow pumpkins. We want to grow enough pumpkins to hold a carving competition. We will need eight decent size ones so that there will be enough for each of the tutor groups.”

Mr Williams said he was also looking for vegetables that grow quick enough to be harvested before the summer holidays arrived.

The tomatoes were planted in the greenhouse in March last year and have grown so well they have managed to collect large pots of them to take home.