Students get an adventure out of this world at Pool Academy

A large space dome appeared at Pool Academy giving a ‘breath-taking’ experience that was out of this world.

Students and visiting primary school pupils were invited to enter into the large, portable space dome with three dimensional, 360 projections.

The Space Dome

The Space Dome

Simon Ould, a science teacher and Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, was the visiting presenter who spoke about atoms, the stars and life.

He said: “About 70 people can fit inside the dome which has 3D, 360 projections. The presentation covers Biology, Chemistry and Physics.”

The giant space dome was put up in the school gym on October 4 and 5.

Caiden, Year 9 triple Science student at Pool Academy, said: “It was brilliant. I found it really good. It was about the formation of atoms, how everything started. It was fascinating.

“It was a lot different to a normal science class.

“If I was to give it a star rating I'd give it 9 out of 10 but only because I don’t give anyone 10 out of 10.”

Billy, also a Year 9 triple Science student, said: “It was breath-taking and really magical the way it projected in the dome. I've never seen anything like that before. I learnt a lot.”


Jason Webb, Pool Academy Teacher, said: “The educational dome was set up in school for children to go on a virtual journey through space.

"We had hundreds of children take part in the experience over the two days and they all seemed to really enjoy the experience.

"It was an exciting way to learn science."

It was set up for children from primary schools in the area as well as Pool Academy students. On Wednesday Treloweth Primary School and Pencoys Primary School visited. On Thursday Portreath Community Primary School and Pool Academy staff were invited to take part.