Gaming expert visits Pool Academy

A gaming expert visited Pool Academy to help students dream up their own creative designs.

A BAFTA representative arrived at the school recently to run an hour and a half workshop with a group of Year 10s.

They were given pens and paper to note down new concepts for computer games.

Pool Academy dreaming up new games.

Pool Academy dreaming up new games.

The workshop was run to help launch The BAFTA Young Game Designers Competition and Pool Academy students were being inspired to enter.

Tim Bareham, IT Teacher at Pool Academy, said this was the first time a lot of the students had thought about creating their own games. He said they discovered there were a lot of different elements involved in creating one.

“The workshop ties in with the BAFTA competition which starts next year," he said. "Students taking part were asked to think about the design of the games, the different elements and come up with ideas.

“They came up with their own concepts and reasons why they had designed it that way.

“There was quite a lot of thinking involved and a lot of it was paper based, creating designs and looking at the design stages of game making.

“It opened up the students’ eyes to what is involved in game making."

Students are being encouraged to enter the BAFTA Young Game Designers Competition which is open to young people aged between 10 and 18 years old.

There are two awards as part of the competition; Game Making Award or Game Concept Award. Entrants chosen as a finalist could see their ideas turned into a real game as well as win other prizes.

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Christiana Richardson