Students clock up the miles with their good behaviour

Students at Pool Academy are clocking up the miles as their good behaviour is rewarded.

Teachers have been handing out achievement points to well behaved children at the school all term.

These points were added up before the end of half term and Fire House took the lead with 20,737 points. Water House came second with 19,216 points.

A year 10 student was also given the title of Top Achieving Student with 293 points.

Everyone’s points will be transformed into miles which will go towards the distance they can travel for Curriculum Enrichment Week.

Miss Timmis has been adding up the scores.

She said: “Up until October 13 Water House were winning with 15,580 achievement points.”

Previously Mrs Boyall, Pool Academy Vice Principal, said every student who has earned achievement points will have them turned into miles for a trip. She said if they have enough miles they will go on the trip.

She said: “If they have achieved the miles we will work with the students to help them to take part in any trip they wish to attend.

 “If they get the miles to go then they will go.”

Mrs Boyall said the reward scheme did not include field trips as students still need to go on curricular excursions to help with their studies. The system is for extra-curricular events.


Christiana Richardson