Pool Academy students learn essential lifesaving skills

Pool Academy students have been learning essential lifesaving skills to help in an emergency.

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The charity Little Lifesavers held a workshop at the school recently to help children to recognise choking, cardiac arrests, put people in the recovery position and perform CPR.

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Students from Year 8 were invited to take part. As part of the workshop they were split into groups to have a go at practising the learned first aid, with an instructor, using mannequins.

Jenny Smith, Pool Academy teacher, said the students came away with a lot of new skills.

She said: “The Year 8 students involved in the workshop were taught how to approach a patient with breathing difficulties, different situations where a medical emergency might take place, basic CPR skills and how to place someone into the recovery position. Students worked in small groups and rotated around different stations dealing with casualties.

“They really liked the workshop and we also made time to discussed it afterwards.”

Little Lifesavers is a charity set up by Dr Barbara Stanley, a consultant anaesthetist to create a ‘nation of lifesavers’.

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Hour sessions are run by medical students or NHS workers and include a demonstration from instructors.

The charity, which has a branch in Truro, teaches first aid and basic life support training to children over the age of 10 years.

To find out more visit www.littlelifesavers.org