Cornwall Councillor offers grant money to help inspire students

A Cornwall Councillor has pledged to give a grant to help launch Pool Academy’s career support network initiative.

Student Viki with Councillor Desmonde

Student Viki with Councillor Desmonde

Philip Desmonde, Councillor for Pool and Tehidy, visited the school on Children in Need day to find out more about the academy’s Specialist Careers Support Network. The scheme is soon to be launched to help as part of the children’s transition into the GCSE options at the end of Key Stage 3.  

Councillor Desmonde offered to supply a grant to support the initiative which will see students and local business working closely. Its hoped this will give children insight into the real world of work and help them with future choices.

Student Olli with Councillor Desmonde

Student Olli with Councillor Desmonde

Councillor Desmonde said: “For over 20 years I have been a keen supporter of workplace experience for young people, preparing for employment and possible careers in my sector of architecture and structural engineering.

“For many years I have taken on students who have shown an aptitude for the type of workplace activities we provide and assisted them with further education.”

Councillor Desmonde said he found his recent visit and conversations with students ‘inspirational’.

He said: “I found the student population to be respectful, attentive in their class environment and many demonstrated a confident outlook. The experience was, for me, quite inspirational.

“I have seen pupils discover an outstanding capability with computer aided design and from the practical route of a modern-day draughtsman, become so enthused in what we and they a do.”

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Clive Bramley, Chair of Governors at Pool Academy, said: “The academy looks forward to working with Councillor Desmonde in the future.”

Students taking part in the non-uniform day for Children in Need helped to raise £657.10 for the charity.

Christiana Richardson