Christmas card competition deadline extended


Students have been given extra time to create a winning design thanks to a Christmas card competition deadline being extended.

Staff at the Pool Academy are looking for someone to create the school’s official 2017 Christmas card which will be sent out to governors and other officials.

Organisers have now agreed to extend the deadline so students now have until Friday, November 10, to hand in their winning designs.

Everyone is invited to take part and submit ideas on how they think this year’s card should look. All entries will be judged by Principal Miss Meakin.

All entries are welcome and can range from anything such as a painting or a sculpture to a photograph or a poem.

The competition is being run by Pool Academy’s art teacher Mrs Ellis.

She said: “We have extended the deadline of the competition until next Friday.

“We have already got some good designs and are looking forward to receiving some more top designs.

“Every entry will win students an achievement point and Miss Meakin will be picking the winner.

“I am looking forward to seeing some more high standard designs being entered.”

The designs need to be handed into the art department by November 10. There will be a collection box for all entries.

Some of the entries already handed in for the competition

Some of the entries already handed in for the competition

Christiana Richardson