A robot practising Tai Chi promotes engineering to students


A robot practising Tai Chi at an engineering roadshow offered students a different view of life in the forces.

BAE Systems in partnership with the RAF and the Royal Navy brought a roadshow to Pool Academy for Year 7 and Year 8 recently.

The aim of the event was to inspire students in becoming the next generation of scientists and engineers.

During the day students were invited to explore the world of drones and learn about the technology behind them.

There was also a workshop focussing on computing and control systems in modern technology.

The robot practising Tai Chi

The robot practising Tai Chi

The sessions were designed to be creative and fun with a number of demonstrations such as meeting a robot and giving it commands.

David Buckingham, Science teacher at Pool Academy, said this was the third year the roadshow had visited the school.

“The students loved taking part in the roadshow,” he said. “They got to see a fully functional robot taking commands and doing Tai Chi.

“A couple of students got to talk to the robot and discovered when it was pushed over it was able to get back up again, which was really cool.

“It was a really successful day. The students learned a lot and it gave them food for thought about careers in engineering. It showed them there are all sorts of topics and technology involved in engineering.

“In Cornwall a lot of students join the forces, the roadshow illustrated that it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a soldier and fight, there are also engineering opportunities.

“The roadshow will definitely be coming back next year.”

Mr Buckingham said the roadshow organisers complimented the students and were pleased to see how engaged and polite they were.

Christiana Richardson