New app created to record student achievements

A new app has been created by Pool Academy to help students keep a track of their well-earned achievements.

Phil Jones, IT Manager at the school, has created the new computer programme to be used on students’ iPads.

It took a week for him to construct with the help of Claire Meakin, Principal, who provided the data needed.

Phil said: “It is a simple app that shows students their achievement points, attendance, their lates and their behaviour.

“The students can access their own data.

“It took a week for me to design this app with the help of Miss Meakin. We hope to update it in the future and add different things such as assessment reports.

“We are expecting it to be a successful app.”

The app is a new way for students to monitor their achievement points. Each point awarded, for strong progress and good behaviour such as punctuality and attendance, are also converted into a mile.

At the end of term the miles are added up. If a student wants to go on a trip 200 miles away, then they have to collect 200 achievement points.

Miss Meakin said she was pleased to see the new app added to students iPads.

She said: “This is a great new tool for students to use. It will help them keep a track of their achievement points and successes.

“We hope all students will find this a useful app and be inspired to keep up the good work and score more points to go towards future miles.”

Christiana Richardson