Students crack codes as part of national challenge  

Pool Academy students have been deciphering codes in a national challenge to unravel the mystery of Rome’s Lost Legion.

The national online codebreaking competition is running until January 4, 2018, and Year 9 to 11s are taking part.


Students have signed up as teams or individuals with the aim to decipher messages released every Thursday at 3pm.

Points are awarded for speed and accuracy and those taking part so far have a day or two to try and get top marks. As the challenge progresses the speed in completing the messages will become more important.

After each stage is completed students will be awarded certificates which record their success.

Lisa Warwicker, Pool Academy Maths teacher, said: “This is a new competition. It is run by the University of Southampton.

“I am running it for Y9 to 11 although younger students can take part too.

“New coded messages come out every Thursday at 3pm.

“My Year 10 extension Maths set are looking at the new code.

“They did well the first week but not so good week two, however, the codes do get progressively harder.

“I wish them all luck in getting to the final round and discovering the mystery of Rome’s lost Legion.”

Christiana Richardson